This is a detailed guide on ways to promote your music in Nigeria, read to the end to gain more insight.

The aim of every musician is to make their songs popular in order to get everyone to listen to them or sing regularly.

Making music is not as difficult as promoting the music and getting recognized and that is why many artists have fallen out of their music careers.

Many artists are lucky to be signed to top record labels like Marvin, Starboy, DMW, YBNL Nation, Chocolate city, etc., where their music is effortlessly promoted.

Moreover, many artists do not have the privilege to be signed to a record label, so they promote their music by themselves.

However, if you are an artist or an upcoming artist and you would want to know how to successfully promote your music, then read this article on ways to promote your business in Nigeria to gain more insight.

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Ways To Promote Your Music In Nigeria

Every artist wants to make it big in the music industry and the only way to fulfill this dream is to get their music promoted and well-known among the people.

It is important to note that if your music is good but the publicity is poor, you might end up getting frustrated because it might not reach a wider audience.

However, if your music is bad and the publicity is good, the music might reach a wider audience despite the content, so everything depends on the quality of publicity.

Moreover, before you venture into the music industry, you need to know the genre of music you want to venture into, your target audience, and how you plan to promote your music.

By knowing all these, you would be able to take your music career to an enviable height.

Nigerians love good music, and one of the ways to get into their hearts and remain loved is by always releasing good and reasonable music.

However, below are the ways to promote your music in Nigeria.

1. Know Your Target Audience

All music is not for everybody and the earlier you understand this the better for you. To promote your music in Nigeria, you must, first of all, identify your target audience.

Your target audience is a group of people that will be interested in your music, and likely to listen to your music.

You need to create a profile of your targeted audience, taking note of their age, gender, occupation, location, groups, and the social media platforms they are most likely to be seen.

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When you know all these, you will be able to promote your music in the right places, and to the right set of people who will applaud your effort especially if your music is good.

2. Promote Your Music On Social Media

Social media is one of the ways you can efficiently promote your music in Nigeria because of the tons of people that are on the platform.

If you know how to utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others, you will be able to successfully promote your music there.

One thing about promoting your business on social media platforms is that people will share your music on different platforms and groups and make it popular especially if it is interesting and pleasant to the ear.

However, to achieve this, you need to optimize your social media bio perfectly because your bio is what attracts potential sponsors and brands, and also makes you appear professional.

To optimize your bio, you need to add your area of specialization, it is very important because anybody that looks at your bio will immediately know the services you render.

Also, add your email so that your potential sponsors and clients can easily contact you.

Moreover, include a strong call to action in your bio, it can be a link to your youtube channel or your website.

When you release a new song, it is advisable to make a lyric video or a graphic animated video that would entice people.

Also, make a video of you and other people singing your song, you can also reach out to popular artists to make a video of themselves singing your songs, this will make people eager to listen to your songs and also get to know you.

3. Collaborate With Other Musicians

Collaborating with other well-known musicians is a great way to promote your music in Nigeria and grow your fan base.

It is a powerful tool for music promotion and the fastest way to promote your music because you will have the opportunity to present your music to a group of new people.

However, when you collaborate with well-known artists, people will embrace your music immediately because of the influence of popular artists.

You must be good at singing, and also make good music to attract the favor of popular musicians and get them to collaborate with you.

Moreover, endeavor to collaborate with artists in the same genre of music as you to avoid creating confusion.

4. Endeavour To Attend Concerts

Every concert you are invited to is an opportunity to promote your music and show the world how talented and unique you are.

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Moreover, when you start performing in concerts, money shouldn’t be your priority, because the organizers of the concert might not pay you well based on your unpopularity.

Whenever you have the opportunity to perform in a concert, endeavor to sing your songs especially if they are good and pleasing to the ear, and you will see how people will go online searching for the song to download.

Moreover, if you are not given an opportunity to perform at the concert, you can submit your songs to the DJ and encourage him to play them.

If your songs are interesting, the DJ will not hesitate to play them at the concert and other concerts he would attend.

Also, when you attend concerts, you meet and connect with new people who may likely be of help in promoting your music.

Get acquainted with event organizers and encourage them to enlist you as one of the performers even when they are not willing to pay you.

5. Organize Street Concerts

Another most powerful way to promote your music in Nigeria is to organize a street concert. This street concert will attract people who will either dance to the song or sing with you.

Also, many people will make short videos of your concert and post them on social media and people will get to know you through watching the video.

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6. Promote Your Music On Music Blogs

Music blogs are the best ways to promote your music in Nigeria. They are blogs that are exclusively for the promotion of music alone and nothing else.

These blogs promote the latest released songs in the Nigerian music industry and they include,  Naijaloaded, Midistack, NotjustOk, etc.

You can upload your songs on these promotional sites, gathered followers, and expand your fan base.

However, some music blogs in Nigeria organize interviews for new artists, and also offer to promote their music on social media, if you find such blogs, then you can pay a token to get featured.

Moreover, a promotional site like SoundCloud and youtube also helps in the promotion of music, you can upload your songs and invite people to go and view them for free.

7. Promote Your Songs On Radio Stations

Promoting your music on radio stations is another best way to promote your music in Nigeria.

There are many radio stations that are focused on the success of new artists by helping to promote their songs.

They do this by playing the artists’ songs on the radio continuously and also talking about them.

If you know that your song is interesting and worth listening to, you can go to the radio stations close to you and submit your songs, they will gladly accept them and play them over the radio.

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Moreover, they might charge a little token but that would be nothing compared to the publicity your music will get and the sponsorship you will get.

However, when two or three radio stations are having your songs on their playlist, there is no how people will not reach out to you or go to your youtube channel to listen to more.

8. Create an Artist’s Website

Creating an artist’s website is another way to promote your music in Nigeria.

When you have a personal website, you can easily refer people to your website to download your songs outrightly, and you would also be able to sell your music right from there too.

Moreover, having your website will help you save the cost of promoting your songs on music blogs.

9. Make Use Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is another powerful way to promote your music in Nigeria. Promoting your music through email will make your fans know when you have released new songs especially if they had signed up for your email list.

You can make your fans enter their email address on a sign-up sheet at live shows, or you can ask for email addresses when fans ask for a free download online, especially if you have a website.

However, you can use emails to promote your website by adding a link to your website on every email you send out.

You should also endeavor to get reviews for your songs and display them on your website, by doing this people will get motivated to listen to your songs after reading wonderful reviews.

10. Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to success, if you are not consistent in your music career, you will end up releasing an album and not have a reasonable audience to stream it.

Numerous musicians are emerging on daily basis, if you are not consistent, you might be lost in the crowd and your fans will forget about you and your songs.

Moreover, you should endeavor to produce high-quality songs, so that your audience will continue to be interested in your songs whenever you release them.

Consistency and the quality of your songs will enable you to promote your songs effortlessly and also increase your fan base and income.

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That’s all on ways to promote your music in Nigeria, I hope it helps you take your music career to a greater height.