May 21, 2024
Top 10 Most Expensive Private Universities In Nigeria

This article is tailored specifically to enlist the Top 10 Most Expensive Private Universities In Nigeria for interested students.

Apparently, tertiary or higher learning have long grown from a few Federal owned institutions serving each state or two to privately owned citadel of higher studies with a state of the art facilities among other benefits.

Also, private universities like most Federal universities follow and meet the national and international standard of tertiary tutelage that equip graduates from these Universities to be well grounded in both theoretical and practical knowledge like their colleagues from other universities.

As expected, just as every private school from crèche, to primary and secondary schools pay higher tuition fees than the state or federally-owned schools. Private Universities are no exception.

We live in the era of private universities in Nigeria and with more emerging annually. it is important to ensure that you are spending your high tuition fee at a tertiary institute that can give you your desired value for your money.

Private universities in Nigeria are well known to be expensive and most usually the tuition increases with course of study and most usually only wealthy parents in the society can afford to enroll their kids as students in a strive to give them quality education.

Though, private universities are expensive some probably ridiculously expensive it is with good reason. Most Private universities are very dedicated to providing students with a very serene study and research.

Students have unlimited access to as much academic resources as is necessary for their studies and they are exposed to highly successful and learned professors in different fields as direct guides to help them gain their desired grade and ultimately live therir dreams.

Another interesting about private universities is the small class size, which gives lecturers an holistic view of their students, as such can help a student’s weakness a lot more individually than a large class size permits, if at all.

Healthy competitive learning, teamwork etc. is the type of environment private universities guarantee and if you have the means to pay for these schools then why wait, you can be assured of getting quality education, timely completion of program without strikes etc.

Which of course is usually better than you will get at any public or state-owned universities in Nigeria.

Still, you may want to know just what private universities is best for you as many people seem to validate the price of a thing to its quality. Hence, this article brings you the top 10 most expensive private universities in Nigeria.

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List of Top 10 Most Expensive Private Universities In Nigeria

Here is a rundown of 10 most expensive private universities in Nigeria

1. PAMO University of Medical Sciences (PUMS)

PAMO University of Medical Sciences (PUMS) is about the most expensive of the top 10 most expensive private universities in Nigeria. It is as the name registers a medical university situated in Port Harcourt of Rivers State, Nigeria.

PAMO relies on the ethos of utilization of evidence-based scientific knowledge that provoke the generation of critical questions and forms the basis of quality medical care in the utmost serene and yet dynamic environment equipped to inspire a passion for learning, humaneness, proffering solution, innovative thinking, discipline, creativity, hygiene and ethical conduct in the medical and health sciences as replicated on a world-class professionalism.

In this institute the average tuition fee for beginners falls at 3,000,000.00 (2020/2021)

200 level to 400 level students pay between 3,000,000.004,000,000.00

Though, tuition fee covers students accommodation, feeding and laundry services.

Pamo University (PUMS) School Fees Schedule 2022/2023 Academic Session has though stated an increment in its tuition fees for 400 level MBBS students to N5,000,000.00 (five million naira only) only for students who have successfully completed their 2nd MB exams.

The school has several Faculties of Medical sciences as well as departments such as:

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

  • Medical Lab Science
  • Nursing Science
  • Radiography and Radiation Science

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

  • Anatomy
  • Biochemistry
  • Pharmacology
  • Physiology

Faculty of Clinical Sciences

MBBS – Medicine and Surgery

2. The Nile University of Nigeria

The Nile University of Nigeria founded in 2009 in Abuja is probably the second of the top 10 most expensive private universities in Nigeria, approved by the Nigerian university commission after it establishment.

Fee Per Semester for 12 semesters/ 6 years Medicine & Surgery is ₦2,875,000 and  ₦5,750,000 per session

For Human Anatomy with a duration of 8 semesters/ 4 years students tuition is ₦1,200,000 and ₦2,400,000 per session.

Human Physiology also with 8 semesters/ 4 years, students tuition stands at ₦1,200,000 and ₦2,400,000 per session.

It is well-known and commonly referred tagged as a school for the wealthy because of its expensive tuition unaccommodating to an average Nigerian. 

The University’s course spans across various departments like Law, Medicine, Engineering, Science and Technology. Admission into The Nile University is not competitive, as there are only a few out of thousands of Nigerians who can afford to enroll.

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3. Pan-Atlantic University

The Pan-Atlantic University is one of the top 10 most expensive private universities in Nigeria. Originally known as the Lagos Business School, it has a well-deserved reputation as a global institution offering quality and top-notch education.

The school fees in this institute currently stand at a sum of 2.5 Million naira.

Students from this university are exposed to standard and quality learning environment and this school seem to also provide its students with better opportunity at graduation or other forms of research based trainings and industrial attachments which could open up their career path quite early. 

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4. Baze University

Baze University is a private university located in Abuja and one of the top 10 most expensive private universities in Nigeria. It was established by Yusuf Datti-Baba Ahmed in 2011.

This university aims at providing university education with British standards in Nigeria at half the cost it takes abroad. Hence, the tuition fee is about N 1,663,750 (Per Semester) and N 3,327,500 (Per Session). But some course of study cost way higher.

Baze delivers quality through experienced local and international staff, superb teaching equipment, as well overseas external examiners, and ultra-modern buildings to guarantee standards.

Baze University has lots of its graduates as influential people including a good number of young politicians.

5. American University Of Nigeria

The American University of Nigeria is a private University in Nigeria, and Africa’s first development university. It is also one of the top 10 most expensive private universities in Nigeria offering an American-style liberal arts higher education with both international graduate and undergraduate programs.

It was founded in 2004 by Atiku Abubakar, a former Vice President of Nigeria, and is accredited by the Nigerian National Universities Commission. In fifth Place, the American University of Nigeria charges 2 Million Naira as school fees.

6. Afe Babalola University Ado-Ekiti

Afe Babalola or ABUAD as popularly called is a private university located in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State.

This institute of higher learning was established by Aare Afe Babalola, a renowned Nigerian lawyer and philanthropist,  in 2009, and it is one of top 10 most expensive private universities in Nigeria.

The school offers academic programs in six colleges: Medicine and Health Sciences, Law, Engineering, Sciences, Social and Management Sciences, and Post-Graduate studies.

Students of ABUAD pay a tuition fee of about 2.5 Million Naira depending on the course it could be more or less and accommodation is inclusive.

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7. Bowen University

Bowen University is also one of the top 10 most expensive private universities in Nigeria. The university is a private Baptist Christian University owned and managed by the Nigerian Baptist Convention.

It is located in Iwo, Osun State. It is regarded as the first-ever Baptist institution in Africa and founded in 2001, by the Nigerian Baptist Convention.

Regarded among the most expensive tertiary institutions in Nigeria, the University school fees is 950,000 approximately for Accounting and finance courses and lower for architecture and other courses.

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8. Covenant University

Listed as one of the best Universities in Nigeria, and also one of the top 10 most expensive private universities in Nigeria. Covenant University is a private Christian University with fees ranging from N800,000 – N900,000 and a student population of about 8,000 students with well over 2,000 staff.

CU offers admission into about 36 Departments including engineering, managements, science and technology, social sciences etc.

They belong to the NUC, the association of commonwealth universities, and the living faith church across various parts of the world. 

9. Babcock University

Founded by the Seventh Day Adventist church in Nigeria and ranked eighth on our list of top 10 most expensive private universities in Nigeria, Babcock University is a private Christian co-ed university. 

Babcock had its first set of graduates from the Ben Carson School of Medicine and was named after an American Missionary, David C. Babcock.

The tuition fee in this institute is approximately 750,000 Naira.

10. Lead City University

The Lead City University assumes 10 place on our list of top 10 most expensive private universities in Nigeria but is definitely not to be considered least in any context at all especially in quality education.

The University was established in 2005 by Tunji Olaopa and it is located in Ibadan.

The school fees for students here is currently at 625, 000 Naira per session.


Overall, this article on the top 10 most expensive private universities in Nigeria is essential for both parents and students looking to get quality education in Nigeria and prompt completion among other societal benefits and experience of higher learning.

A popular adage says, “if you feel education  is expensive, try ignorance”. Which is why no amount is too expensive to gain quality education and they are lots of perks at private universities that y and you won’t find at public universities.

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