20 Fun and Exciting Hobbies for Nigerian Ladies

This article is resourced to capture expressly 20 Fun and Exciting Hobbies for Nigerian Ladies.

We all have hobbies and sometimes we get to discover some more as we advance and engage in various activities and capacities around us both socially and religiously.

For ladies in general, having a hobby is very important and interestingly, you can have more than one hobby without the other suffering at the expense of one. This is because, hobbies are all about what you love to do, and anything fueled by passion is usually fulfilling and not considered a job, that can be tasking or carried out under duress.

Since this is true of hobbies, Nigerian women all the more should be encouraged to have as many hobby as possibly can for the purpose of self-discovery, relaxation, time efficiency, productivity and satisfaction among other benefits.

Creative hobbies for women are good ways to help women relax, kill boredom while staying engaged and fulfilled.

Some hobbies eventually grow into passive income and sometimes a main income source over a time period which serve as financial support to themselves and their families.

Are you in need of creative hobbies that you can engage in without feeling absolutely worked up? A hobby that is fulfilling and can boost your relevance, as well as does not require too much resource to get started?

Then you are reading from the right blog, this article provides you with 20 Fun and Exciting Hobbies for Nigerian Ladies. They promise to be easy, DIY projects that can be engaged in from the comfort of your couch.

Doing what you love in your leisure time can provide immediate stress relief, as well as lower anxiety and depression in the longer term and also empowers your mental alertness.

This shows how important having a cool hobby is, and having more than one is even cooler as many research studies supports it.

List of 20 Fun and Exciting Hobbies for Nigerian Ladies

Here are cool leisure activities options to consider. All of which you can develop and does not need any special requirement than a level of talent, and some practice.

1. Writing: Are you a lover of novels, do you like to scribble? Short stories, poems, more sensitive topics as you discover new ideas? If you love to do this, how about you turn that into a more consistent hobby? There you go with writing as first of our 20 Fun and Exciting Hobbies for Nigerian Ladies.

You can create your own pieces of writing as a form of art, express your thoughts, feelings, and insights on a subject matter both as an experience or as a professional. Writing remains one of the best and comfortable ways to express your feelings. It also help communicate to all categories of persons what you wish to but may originally not be able to vocalize it for any reason.

Put down your words on paper as coherently as possible and who knows, you may eventually be so good at it that you become a published author someday.

2. Scrapbooking: This is another hobby and of course one of our 20 Fun and Exciting Hobbies for Nigerian Ladies particularly stay at home moms. In this digital era, where hardcopy photos have almost nearly fade out, you may want to preserve memories by starting a scrapbook away from online cloud storage. With it you can save the memories you have created for the next generation.

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Scrapbooking does not require much as it is all about preserving, presenting and arranging personal and family history using a book, a box or card.

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3. Painting: Personally, I love painting as a hobby for tons of reasons. One of which is you get to transform your living space by yourself, a task that before now was associated with men alone. Today, more and more women are getting it done beautifully, and giving their living space their desired look without spending on a company’s or individual’s service.

Also, another aspect of paintings is artistry, where women who have a talent in painting, do it for leisure. You can take your time and create beautiful simple paintings, though this may likely require some professionalism and guidance.

Women can also make simple drawings and improve with practice and consistency. Drawing and painting helps you see the world through the eyes of an artist. With it you can explore your artistic side by painting out you emotions, convictions, etc. Drawing and painting is quite beneficial as a hobby and goes beyond just putting ink and a blend of colors on paper, it helps boost your creativity; as well as also serve as an outlet to open up your feelings, share your thoughts or create the story you wish others to listen to.

4. Photography: When talking about the 20 Fun and Exciting Hobbies for Nigerian Ladies, you cannot overemphasize snapping. Ladies generally and naturally love to snap and having a good Smartphone ensures that most ladies have a camera within their at all times.

But turning the love for the camera into a hobby is only just a little different, you will likely begin to give more thoughts to angles, lightings, etc. Photography is much fun and just by playing with your camera you improve on taking good shots.

Also, editing features on phones can ease your work and make photography a rewarding hobby, even if you stick to using the camera on your phone. What can you snap? Just about anything, plants, insects, animals, landscape, waterfalls, vegetation, interior decor, name them. Even more fascinating, you can transform all this into into your home décor piece or have them uploaded on a portfolio or your website for visitors who could pay to purchase them.

5. Jewellery: Jewellery making is one of 20 Fun and Exciting Hobbies for Nigerian Ladies with many benefits, one of which is being lucrative.

With making jewelry you will need to purchase a few items coupled with some creativity to make diverse designs,. You can show off your work online, or to your friends and social circle and you may end up making good money from it.

Making jewellery is also a great way to spend one’s time and it is not cumbersome or hectic, so you can relax while doing something worthwhile. You may start by using inexpensive materials to create your jewellery, and you can gift some out to help in advertising as they wear them.

6. Knitting: Knitting is a wonderful hobby and probably one of the best of 20 Fun and Exciting Hobbies for Nigerian Ladies as well as home moms.

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Knitting is so comfortable, fun and maybe time consuming but not sweaty. You can knit almost anywhere, in front of your TV, in waiting rooms, on public transit, even at your office leisure time, making it a very versatile hobby.

Knitting ceases to be difficult once you understand how it works. Test your patience and dare yourself to do something different. If you do not know how to start knitting, ask a friend to show you the ropes or subscribe to one of a thousand instructions and tutorials available on the internet.

7. Volunteering: If you want your time to be well spent on valuable things, then you should consider volunteering. Volunteering gives you a sense of self-fulfilment and belongingness. This is one of the best free time activities because, in the process of volunteering, you make the world a better place.

8. Flower Arrangement: Let your flower arranging skills bloom. Bring the outside in by learning how to arrange flowers. Making your own bouquets will save you lots of money, and you can show off your personality on your table.

9. Acting: Acting is expressly one of the 20 Fun and Exciting Hobbies for Nigerian Ladies. Always wanted to act but have other responsibilities that make full-time acting impossible for you? Well, that does not mean that you should give up on your dream. There are various theatre companies that are involved in this art either for fun, to promote it, or for money. Whatever your reason is for starting the hobby, find an acting group, and live your dream.

10. Candle making: You can learn how to make scented candles for your personal use and for your loved ones. Candle making is also a good way to earn some extra income for yourself.

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11. Blogging: Blogging is simply what made your view of this article possible and this is basically what it entails, you will have to be keen on sharing your thoughts and musings with the world through publishing articles.

Depending on the niche your blog seeks to address you may need to be a professional in a certain field to give good guidance and advice to your consumers. Start a blog and schedule your writing and post days so you can properly maintain it. Also, blogging can grow and you can earn money in the long-run.

12. Wine tasting: This is an uncommon but fantastic hobby and as one of our 20 Fun and Exciting Hobbies for Nigerian Ladies.

We recommend that you scour for local wine stores that offer wine tasting sessions, or check for spots you can volunteer and perhaps earn some form of commission to taste wines or ask your friends to buy several kinds of wine and you can try  them and make some form of review from the comfort of your home.

13. Sewing: Sewing is one of the 20 Fun and Exciting Hobbies for Nigerian Ladies. Learning to sew your own clothes is a fabulous feel and allows you to tailor your wardrobe to your specific needs.

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Sewing has gone from the stuff of grandmothers or mothers to everyone’s thing, as fashion sense is constantly changing, and people like to keep up with trends and various sewing machines have come a long way to make that possible.

You can get yourself a noiseless portable sewing machine that you use in your home easily with just a little amount of money to get started.

14. Singing: Singing stimulates the release of endorphins and oxytocin in your body. Endorphin is the hormone associated with pleasure, while oxytocin is the hormone that alleviates stress and anxiety.

15. Dancing: Dancing is not only good for leisure but also good for your health. It boosts the production of endorphins and helps you burn excess fat. Freetime hobbies are also great leisure activities for women. However, they are more time consuming than other leisure activities. Therefore, ladies, if you have enough time on your hands, these hobbies are perfect for you.

16. Puzzles Making: Puzzles are not for kids only; they can help keep your mind sharp as well. They also make a fun, affordable activity to do with friends and family. Whether jigsaw or crossword, puzzles are great stress-relievers. You do not need to spend any amount of money to make puzzle games, all you need are your writing materials.

17. Cooking: Cooking doesn’t have to be seen as a difficult chore, in short on the contrary it is one of the 20 Fun and Exciting Hobbies for Nigerian Ladies with the right approach.

Apparently in Nigeria, women are known to love and master the art of cooking different meal types and it can actually be viewed as a natural hobby for most women. Cooking is great as it helps you to have access to eating only well-prepared home meals and cook can uplift your mood, and confidence as well. Plus, your loved ones get to enjoy the delicious meals, which can grow from just a hobby to a food vendor business.

18. Start a collection: This hobby will cost you some money depending on the amount you wish to use. Collecting valuable items is fun but you must be careful not to overspend when purchasing collector’s items.

19. Take up a sport: You can learn a sport, like basketball, figure skating, etc. Hobbies for women are supposed to be fun and stress-free. You should not choose something that will just add stress to your life. Choose something enjoyable, and get busy relaxing.

20. Learn Origami: The Japanese art of folding paper into whimsical shapes isn’t just for children. It is a great activity that helps maintain manual dexterity, and you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. The only thing you will spend money on is the paper. You do not have to worry about how much you will pay to learn the art as there are many free Origami teaching videos online.

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