With this article you can now be fully aware of the 10 highest paid Art Courses In Nigeria to help you make a better informed decision about your course of study.

Art is a significant part of live, it is also all around us and above all. Art gives our world essence, life and colour, without which will be absolutely vague.

Therefore, it is very important that we support and guide individuals who will like to contribute, preserve and uphold our arts through their research, works and life dedications over decades or centuries to other generations unborn.

At such, are you from Nigeria and keen on arts forms and which to be a student who wants to study as well as have a lucrative career with your artistry and this drive  spurs you to wonder what art courses can help you achieve this dream.

Are you a talented person who have an eye for art in any category and will like to turn your talents into a passive or main stream of income?

Then, it may interest you to know that this article on the 10 highest paid Art Courses In Nigeria.

On a broader scale, it is important that we mention that having a career in art is very lucrative, always has been and more and more young people are venturing into the field daily.

As a person and a student, the course you study or career you look forward to make a living from should be chosen smartly as they are core determinants to many futuristic events in your academics and life as a whole.

Why? Because in a country like Nigeria where sadly its citizens are largely struggling with ends meet and unemployment with a very indefinite time as to when things will improve for a much better life, you certainly do not want to study a course that cannot give you a financially secured future.

Our point? All courses are important and contribute a lot to the society but some pay higher and more readily than others, specifically owing to a very dynamic world.

Hence, providing more potential of job securities than some. So, choosing a good art course is essential for an average Nigerian student.

So, if you are an art student, or look to build a life career in arts here are recommendation on the 10 highest paid Art Courses In Nigeria that guarantee fast employment.

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List of 10 Highest Paid Art Courses in Nigeria

  1. Law
  2. Fine Arts and Applied Arts
  3. English Language
  4. Mass communication
  5. Music
  6. Criminology and Security Studies
  7. Theatre Arts
  8. International Relations
  9. Linguistics
  10. Political sciences

1. Law

Law is one of the 10 highest paid Art Courses In Nigeria and one that is highly sought-after year in-year out and for some reasons enjoys respect abroad and even in Nigeria.

This is a very lucrative field you can excel in when you have your onions at what you do it has the potentials to set you on a path to a successful legal career.

In studying Law, you are surrounded with a wide range of fields to choose a career from.

Some of the fields are Criminal Litigation, Civil Litigation, Corporate Law & Practice, Immigration Law, Property Law and Law in Practice (Ethics & Skills), Legal Analyst, and many more.

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With this numerous choice at your disposal you can pick one that fits into your passion and whichever field you choose, they are so many sectors and opportunities you can work as a legal professional.

2. Fine and Applied Arts

Fine and Applied Arts is another one of the 10 highest paid Art Courses In Nigeria to study, especially if you have a passion for fine arts. It is also highly appreciated by even non-art individuals and the society at large as such it is a degree that can equip you with all you need for a successful career.

With fine and applied arts, you do not necessarily need to wait and sough for art firms to sign you up a contract or hand you a job opportunity, you can confidently open up your own art studio and put your work out there and grow your brand, which may infact recruit staff as well as train other youngsters who show interest in learning the intricacies of arts.

Most graduates of Fine and Applied Arts are self-employed and are doing great for themselves. Some have been contacted by firms and handed contracts which provide them with multiple streams of income.

However, there are different careers in this field, and you can choose the one that fits best.

Some common careers are Art Education, Art History, Ceramics, Fashion Design, Illustrator, Animation, Drawing and many more.

3. English Language

Make no mistake you cannot really talk about the 10 highest paid Art Courses In Nigeria without listing English Language. Getting a degree in English Language as an art student is one of the beautiful and industrious career in art.

Nigeria is an English speaking country, with somewhere between 79M and 100M speakers, with statistics showing about 53% of the entire population speaking a form of English language which interprets that an even way lesser percentage actually speak fluent English language.

Which is why studying English language is a lucrative course to equip you with good communication and research skills.

And yes, job opportunities for English language graduates are always on demand, so you cannot be lost.

Some common careers in this field are Reporters, presenters, public speaker, writers, editors, public relations specialist, English school teachers, lecturers and more.

English language graduates are usually paid well in most establishments and always sought after. Which makes a good course for anyone passionate in writing and communication.

Fluent English speaking is also an additional advantage outside Nigeria to fill in positions open for English speakers.

4. Mass Communication

Mass Communication is one of the most popular of the 10 highest paid Art Courses In Nigeria you can study. Also, this knowledge seems to be widely known, due to the number of students that are usually found in the department of mass communication in most Nigerian Universities.

As one of the arts field that is highly taken advantage of by  most art students, when you gain a degree from its department you are automatically opened to a wide range of communication fields.

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As an interdisciplinary field of study you will be equipped with media skills, that can help you fit into many media related organizations both spoken and written such as journalism, public relations, publishing and broadcasting, marketing, government organizations, and advertising agencies.

This discipline is also keen with theatric display roles such as acting, movie production etc., including research skills, and many more.

If your artistic passion is drawn to the media life then studying mass communication is the best choice for you.

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5. Music

Another fast-growing industry and one of 10 highest paid Art Courses In Nigeria is Music. On this particular course, we do not need to say much ass it is very glaring, with the Nigerian music industry producing music stars on a weekly basis.

Each time you listen to a popular Nigerian artist, I bet you think music and if you have a talent in this area then you should consider pursuing it professionally and having a degree in it will expose you to specific professional ways different type of music are made and groom you with what you need to make yours.

However, not all music students seek to be an an artiste, some can be music producers, song writers, composers, arrangers, Recording Engineer, Artist Managers, booking agents, tour Managers, Instrumentalist, Orchestrator, Concertmaster, Music Publicist, Teachers and more.

In music, you mostly hear about the on-screen voice characters but hardly about the roles that harmonize those you view. It is important to know, that all the people who work behind the scene matter, just as much as those who are on display and earn lots of money too just by making one hit song. So, think of several hit songs, which is why music is a win-win career for both musicians and non-musicians.

Many youngsters that understand that music is no doubt one of the 10 highest paid Art Courses In Nigeria and its dynamics are rising in the industry today, and many more still will.

A degree in Music is important and will give you a huge advantage over those who do music without going through school and depend only on their natural talent, especially those who do not have the privilege or interest to attend school.

6. Criminology and Security Studies

Criminology and Security Studies  as the name implies speaks for itself, its demeanor betrays it relevance and it is increasingly being studied by more and more people due to the high demand of its skills and also due to the attractive salary it offers to people in this career path and making it one of the 10 highest paid Art Courses In Nigeria on our list.

Apparently. we cannot downplay the current state of insecurity in Nigeria on a daily basis, the security industry is not only fast growing but embracing more cutting-edge technologies to fight crimes and young people who are freshly equipped and are more easily exposed to these programming are of a higher advantage and demand.

There are great job opportunities in the field, and graduates become assets to both themselves and the country at large.

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So, with this degree, your relevant services are needed in any facility of crime occurrence e.g government agencies, schools, universities, banks, health care institutions, manufacturing companies, and research firms.

7. Theatre Arts

Another popular of the 10 highest paid Art Courses In Nigeria is the Theatre Arts industry which is also one of the fastest-growing industries in Nigeria.

Also, Theatre Arts has a wide range of career fields for its graduate to choose such as script or play writer, choreographer, acting, theatre director, Broadcaster, Casting stage manager, acting coach, Writers, costume designer, lighting technician, and many more.

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8. International Relations

International Relations is also one of the 10 highest paid Art Courses In Nigeria you should consider studying study as an art student if you need a lucrative and challenging career with many advantages.

Studying International Relations is on its own an interesting research and informative career path that will help you stay on top of the latest affairs and having deeper understanding of global issues.

As an International Relations garduates your potential job rles pans across

  • Policy officer
  • International aid/development worker
  • Communication Specialist
  • Public affairs consultant
  • Government social research officer
  • Intelligence analyst
  • Civil Service fast streamer
  • Lobbyist,
  • Diplomat
  • Political risk analyst

With this career your knowledge is enormous and you can be smiling that you studied one of the 10 highest paid Art Courses In Nigeria

9. Linguistics

Also, linguistics is another one one of the 10 highest paid Art Courses In Nigeria to study by any student at the university.

Linguistics is a very exciting field that exposes you to understanding various international and local languages.

Due to its wide tentacles it has an affiliation and gains from the knowledge of ICT, philosophy, English languages, psychology, artificial intelligence, and many more.

Some lucrative careers in Linguistics are Linguist, Speech Therapist, Translator, Copywriter and Editor, Foreign Language Instructor, Technical writer, Public Relations Officer, Language specialist, proofreader, and so on.

Also, some of these job opportunities are available for graduates in this field, both online and offline.

10. Political Science

Political Science is tenth on our list of the 10 highest paid Art Courses In Nigeria for students to study at the university.

It is no news that studying politics in Nigeria before actually building and venturing into having a career in it will do Nigeria as a country a lot of good.

With it we can raise better and learned leaders for the country, who understand the use of power from domestic, international, and comparative perspectives.

Moreover, with a political science degree, you can work as a Public Relation Specialist, Press Secretary, Campaign Manager. Special Interest Advocacy, Intelligence Analyst, Political Consultant, Lobbyist, Policy Analyst, Speech Writer, Legislative or Congressional Aide and Activist.

You can agree that our list of the 10 highest paid Art Courses In Nigeria is very rich and will help you get value for spending four-five years in school with great job opportunity for you.

With this you have more potential and job opportunities than other art courses.