10 Best Virtual Cards In Nigeria 2023

This is a detailed guide on the best virtual cards in Nigeria.

If you are someone who buys a lot of things online, you would agree with me that sometimes you have difficulties paying for the goods you buy because of one setback or the other.

That can be very frustrating especially if you need the goods immediately.

However, there is good news, with the help of a virtual card, you can make online payments faster with dollars instead of naira.

This development has made a lot of people who desisted from shopping online return immediately. I believe you will enjoy shopping with a virtual card when you finally read about how it works.

About A Virtual Card

A virtual card is not a physical card, Instead, it is a set of numbers similar to a credit card number together with a CVV code that is randomly generated using some applications.

These cards are provided by fintech for the purpose of easily making online payments in Naira.

Virtual cards can be either credit or debit cards.

Virtual debit cards are randomly generated numbers that are linked to an underlying debit account. The virtual numbers can be used to make purchases online, but they cannot be used to make physical purchases.

When payments are made using the virtual debit card number, the money is subtracted from the account linked to the card.

Moreover, nobody uses these numbers to defraud you as nobody can trace it back to your account or illegally access your money with them.

Furthermore, a virtual credit card is a set of 16 digits that are randomly generated together with a CVV code that you can use to make purchases of goods and services online.

This virtual card is linked to your original credit card, and when you purchase anything, the charges are routed to the original credit card number.

The good thing is that the virtual number cannot be traced back to your original card as it remains useless after the purchase.

Using a virtual card to make payments online is very safe and reliable, hackers who steal the generated numbers will not be able to use them.

The generated number becomes useless if you used them to make payments and nobody would be allowed to have access to your accounts or track back the transaction to your company.

If you are a business owner with an online presence or a consumer who prefers to shop online, it would be safe to use virtual credit and debit cards to prevent fraud and also get your transaction done speedily.

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You are in control of the virtual card as you can choose to set an expiration date to allow purchases for a couple of days and restrict their use to particular merchants.

10 Best Virtual Cards In Nigeria

There are many virtual cards in Nigeria, but below are the best virtual cards in Nigeria.

1. Barter

Barter is owned by Flutterwave, It is used to generate one of the best virtual cards in Nigeria.

It is used by thousands of people to send and receive money from different parts of Africa for free, receive money from abroad, create virtual cards for online shopping, pay bills, and make instant payments online.

You can establish a virtual dollar card once you have money in your account, and it must be at least $5 in your account.

Each virtual card costs $2, with a $1 monthly fee. To get the app, go to Google PlayStore, install the app, create an account, request a card, and fund your newly created account.

2. Virtual Dollar Card

The ALAT Virtual Dollar Card is one of the best virtual cards in Nigeria.

It enables Nigerians to make fast and uninterrupted payments online without being affected by ever-fluctuating exchange rates or Naira debit card limits.

This Card is a prepaid card and can be used to purchase goods and services on all websites and applications that accept master cards or visa dollar cards.

3. Wallet Africa Virtual Dollar Card

Wallet Africa Virtual Dollar Card is one of the best virtual cards in Nigeria.

When you have a wallet account, you can do anything online including sending and receiving money in Nigeria, making international transfers to Ghana and Kenya, getting a virtual dollar card for your International transactions, etc.

To generate a virtual dollar card, you have to create your account and fund it.  You can put up to $20,000 on your card directly from your Naira balance.

You can use this virtual card to buy anything you want from different vendors easily.

4. Bitsika Virtual Visa Dollar Card

Bitsika virtual visa dollar card is one of the best virtual cards in Nigeria.

Bitsika is the app you can use to instantly create virtual VISA shopping cards in Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Kenya, and Uganda using Mobile Money or globally using crypto.

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Apart from creating virtual cards from this app, you can send money and crypto across African countries including Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Kenya, and Uganda.

5. Kuda Bank Virtual Dollar Card.

Kuda bank virtual dollar card is one of the best virtual cards in Nigeria.

You can use this virtual card to pay everywhere naira Visa cards are accepted online, and you won’t be charged for your first virtual card.

To create your virtual card,

1. Download the Kuda app and get registered.

2. Open Kuda and tap Card on the menu at the bottom of your screen.

3. Tap Request A Card.

4. Tap Get A Virtual Card.

5. Confirm with your transaction PIN, fingerprint, or Face ID.

6. Create a PIN for your virtual card, confirm it then tap on Next.

7. Tap Okay.

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6. Fundall Virtual Dollar Card

Fundall Virtual Dollar Card is one of the best virtual cards in Nigeria.

You can use this virtual card to shop on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and other online shopping portals.

All you need to do is simply go to the payment gateway, enter your card information, and pay instantly, without any transaction limit.

You can create multiple cards on your Fundall account – for Netflix subscriptions, Facebook Ads, Apple Music, and everything you need to do with cards.

To get Fundall virtual dollar card, all you need to do is to download and sign up on the app, and if you have an existing account, sign in to your account and follow the steps below

1. Click on the ‘Spend’ feature.

2. Select the ‘Cards’ option.

3. Select ‘Add new card’.

4. Choose the ‘Virtual US Dollar Card’ option.

5. Customize your card by adding a label and your preferred billing address.

6. Fund your card with an amount as low as 5$ and check the naira equivalent.

7. Once you fund your Virtual US Dollar card, click on ‘Fund Card’ to complete your card creation process

7. Payday Virtual Dollar Card

Payday Virtual Dollar Card is one of the best virtual cards in Nigeria.

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This virtual card allows you to make online payments without having to reveal your personal banking information.

With this virtual card, you can carry out secure and borderless transactions, no matter where you are in the world.

8. Chipper Cash Visa Virtual

The Chipper USD Virtual Card is one of the best virtual cards in Nigeria.

These cards can be used for international online transactions, and it is funded right from your Chipper wallet.

Moreover,  the Chipper USD virtual card is available for international transactions on platforms such as Netflix, Apple, Spotify, Google, Ali Express, Alibaba, Amazon, Fashion Nova, Shein, etc.

9. CashBuddy Virtual Dollar Card

CashBuddy Virtual Dollar Card is one of the best virtual cards in Nigeria.

You can use these card to pay for the products and services you purchase online and it also works with Instagram, Facebook, Aliexpress, Amazon, Google, Apple, etc.

With the CashBuddy virtual card, you can receive payment for services rendered or pay for online services you purchase from any African country.

10. The Grey virtual card

The Grey virtual card is a digital USD Mastercard that allows you to make payments online right from your USD balance.

If you don’t have a Dollar account on Grey, you can simply swap your local currency for the USD equivalent and it will instantly reflect in your USD balance.

You can fund your Grey virtual card with Dollars and spend in any currency, and you can also use it online wherever Mastercards are accepted.

You can use this card to pay for an online course or streaming services like HBO, book a flight, pay for your Shopify store, or splurge on ASOS, Zara, etc.

To create your Grey Virtual Card, simply follow the steps below.

1. Log in to your Grey app

2. Tap on virtual cards

3. Under this section, tap on ‘create card’

That is all on the best virtual cards in Nigeria, I hope it helps you.

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