Top 10 Television Brands In Nigeria

This is a detailed guide on the top 10 television brands in Nigeria.

Purchasing a new television can be challenging especially with so many different models and brands in the market.

The most challenging part is when you don’t have any brand or model in mind or you are not conversant with electronics, you can end up buying substandard products.

However, This article reveals the top 10 television brands in Nigeria.

It also reveals how to recognize and buy the best television for your viewing pleasure.

Read on so you don’t make mistakes most people make when shopping for televisions.

Things To Look Out For When Buying A Television

Buying a television is not something one should make a hasty decision about.

It is better to make thorough research and ask relevant questions to be sure that you are not making a grave mistake.

There is more to television than the outward aesthetic.

The internal features of television are very important that is why it is advisable to engage the services of someone well vested in the knowledge of television to guide you.

Moreover, most people patronize prominent TV brands, forgetting that it doesn’t necessarily mean they are better than the rest because they are well-known.

However, If you are interested in purchasing a good and enjoyable television, you must be ready to spend money because good money buys good things.

Presently, to buy a television with good and adequate features, you must budget enough money for it.

There are different television models and sizes, it is better you sacrifice the money once and for all than paying a constant visit to a repairer or electronic market.

It is also advisable to buy from an authorized dealer.

Furthermore, it is better to choose a television with either LED or OLED panel technology for your viewing pleasure.

Although OLED is the world’s best display panel, LED also offers a spectacular viewing experience.

When buying a television, choose your Television resolution wisely.

The image resolution is the number of pixels in the picture that is being sent to the television and as a general rule, the more pixels a screen has, the sharper and more real the picture will be.

It is very crucial to buy a television with a good refresh rate.

A refresh rate is the number of times per second a television refreshes its pictures. It is often written in hertz or Hz.

A higher refresh rate gives smoother motion for movies, shows, live sports, and gaming.

Refresh rate is the number of times per second (written in hertz, or Hz) a TV refreshes its images.

A good refresh rate for television is 60 Hz or 120 Hz. 60 Hz is good but 120 Hz is better especially for gamers as it allows for higher frame rates.

HDR is a must-have feature in television for brighter and more unique images and real colors.

It is not just enough to buy a television with HDR but the ones that give good HDR performance.

Above all, it is better to buy a good television brand and that’s why we’ve come up with the top 10 television brands in Nigeria to ease the process

Top 10 Television Brands In Nigeria.

The different brands of television have distinctive features that set them apart from one another.

These features encompass stunning designs to creative features, affordability, sharp pictures, sound quality, and above all durability.

These television brands are durable and long-lasting, and their spare parts and repair experts are readily accessible.

There are numerous television brands in Nigeria, but we recommend these top 10 television brands in Nigeria anywhere and anytime.

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LG is certainly one of the top 10 television brands in Nigeria.

The name resounds in the ear of every Nigerian as most people believe that the brand has the best electronics in the market.

It is a South Korean multinational electronics company headquartered in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, South Korea.

However, LG works so hard to keep modifying and developing new television models for viewing pleasure.

The most astonishing thing is that LG has something for every class of people, they make life good for everybody.

LG keeps reforming and coming up with eye-itching products laced with new technology.

Presently, you can watch your favorite television shows, movies, and live sport in new degrees of detail and depth with LG 4K TVs including OLED, NanoCell, and Ultra HD.

LG continues to work with industry leaders to bring out the best in every of their development.

Patented technologies and innovative features allow their LED & OLED televisions to deliver unbeatable detail, color, and contrast, and high-resolution picture quality with lasting detail.

The varieties of television they manufacture are ;

  • 7Rollable
  • MiniLED TVs
  • NanoCell TV
  • Ultra Large TVs
  • 8K TVs
  • UHD 4K TVs
  • FHD Smart TVs
  • LED TVs

You can get your questions answered about product setup, use, care, repair, and maintenance issues by calling their toll-free number at 080098115454.

Learn more about the LG TV range 

Also see: List of LG offices in Nigeria


Panasonic inarguably tops the list of the top 10 television brands in Nigeria.

It is the main brand name of the Japanese electronics manufacturer Panasonic Corporation.

The company sells a wide range of products under the brand worldwide, including plasma and LCD televisions, DVD and Blu-ray Disc recorders and players, camcorders, telephones, etc.

Panasonic has become a household name in Nigeria because it is one of the world’s most trusted brands with numerous creations that are loved and purchased by customers.

Panasonic keeps on bringing new features into their television for viewers’ pleasure.

They developed the Android TV which makes it easy to get more from your TV.

You can choose from 400,000+ movies and shows from across streaming services.

Panasonic brings a better life and a better world as they keep on bringing quality into the electronic industry.

Their OLED TV, 4K TV, FHD TV LED TV, Smart TV, and Android TV invoke an unbeatable viewing experience for people.

Learn more about Panasonic products 


Sony is a television brand that has been in existence for 75 years now.

It is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

The list of the top 10 television brands in Nigeria will not be complete without Sony in it.

Sony, from its inception, has not failed to keep introducing quality products in the electronic industry.

It still operates as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of consumer and professional electronic products, the largest video game console company, and the largest video game publisher.

Sony was featured in the world’s first LED-backlit LCD televisions and in 2013 launched a new line of television with superior technology which integrates quantum dots in the backlight system.

Presently they’ve created television with LED and OLED panel technology which delivers remarkable black, contrast, and color.

Their televisions have unprecedented picture quality and top-notch sound quality that will give you a memorable moment.

The unique features they incorporate in their televisions will give you real-life experiences.

You can’t purchase the original Sony television and regret ever doing it. Click here to see the many products they have to offer.

There are many things to learn about the Sony television brand here

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Samsung cannot be absent from the list of the top 10 television brands in Nigeria as it dedicates its talent and technology to create outstanding products for the betterment of society.

Almost everybody in Nigeria is aware of the top-notch electronics developed by Samsung.

Due to its constant creation of quality electronics, Samsung has been acknowledged globally as an industry leader in technology and is now ranked as a top 10 global brand.

Samsung has not failed to incorporate outstanding features in their televisions to give you a satisfying moment.

It gives you everything you desire in television including a wide range of contrast in cinematic scale, brilliant and long-lasting color with Quantum Dot, powerful picture quality, crisp and vivid color expression, smarter and faster 4K processor, and superb sound quality.

All the features are present in their Neo QLED, QLED, 8K TVs, 4K TVs, Crystal UHD, and Full HD/HD TVs.

Samsung television brand has more to offer here


Hisense is one of the top 10 television brands in Nigeria that was established in 1969 in Qingdao, China.

The television brand from its inception has been developing innovative, quality, and affordable electronics that improve the lives of consumers.

Hisense is trusted by many to offer high-quality and cutting-edge TVs and home appliances.

Through Hisense television, life is made simpler, better, and more entertaining because of the improved features incorporated in their television.

Their 4K UHD TVs have four times the resolution of conventional 1080p high-definition TVs making them have a top-notch picture quality that looks real.

Their Android TV makes it easy to access your choice movies, TV shows, music, and games and watch them with ease. Hisense Roku TV makes watching television enjoyable.

It provides an option for search where you can search by title, actor, or director to stream your favorite movie for free or at the lowest cost across thousands of channels.

Hisense XClass TV comes with a pause and continues option, you can quickly pick up from where you left off with your recently viewed programs.

You can also access numerous movies and TV shows with just one click.

Learn more about the Hisense television brand here


Polystar’s brand of television may not be known by everybody in Nigeria, but it is known by most people.

It is, however, one of the top brand names in the electronics sub-sector of the Nigerian market.

The Polystar brand has over time carved a niche for itself in the electronic sector by providing superior quality and affordable televisions.

Their televisions have all the essential features a modern television has and they are more accessible to customers.

Polystar brands are but are not restricted to these ranges: LCD, LED, 3D, and Smart Televisions.

The distinctive features of Polystar televisions are amazing—clear picture quality, USB high speed, HDMI and Nature Light, energy-saving, and eye protection.

Since its beginning of operation in 1990, the company has grown to become one of the outstanding names in electronics and household appliances in Nigeria with numerous branches spread across the major cities in Nigeria.

It is undoubtedly one of the top 10 television brands in Nigeria.

View more of Polystar products here


Apple is another television brand that has gained prominence in Nigeria.

It occupies a significant place in the list of the top 10 television brands in Nigeria.

Almost everybody wishes to own one of the brand’s products because of what it represents—quality.

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Their televisions are topnotch, laced with essential features to give viewers an enjoyable moment.

Apple televisions have a Broadband internet connection that enables you to browse any site you deem fit but with applicable fees.

Apple 4K TV delivers a truly cinematic experience to your screen — whether you’re watching sports or a film.

It also comes with a Dolby Vision-compatible HDMI cable for 4K HDR streaming.

Every Apple TV comes with rewarding telephone technical support within 90 days of your Apple TV purchase.

In addition, Apple TV is covered against defects for one year from the original purchase date by a limited hardware warranty.

Visit  Apple Store and purchase your television or you can get expert advice and friendly face-to-face support for your Apple TV.

View more of Apple products here


Scanfrost is another television brand that has continuously maintained its place in the list of top 10 television brands in Nigeria.

With over 35 years of nationwide experience, Scanfrost has won the appraisal and acknowledgment of Nigerian consumers for the incredible design that fits smoothly into consumers’ lives.

One incredible thing about Scanfrost is that they are always improving.

Each of their newly released television brands is improved by exclusive features and innovation.

Televisions from Scanfrost are stylishly designed to suit your taste.

They have a Premium Brushed Metallic Finish Frame, 4K UHD HDR display, Original Android, Fast Cast, Smart View, Pure Sound Proprietary Technology, USB 3.0, Google Assistant, and their edge are as thin as iPhone.

They delight in customers’ feedback as they use it to improve their products for customers’ satisfaction.

This has made them stand out as a trusted brand and earn brand recognition for excellence and satisfaction.

Know more about Scanfrost


Amani is a television brand that is climbing the ladder of popularity in Nigeria as its 43-inch TV model is fast selling.

Amani television is quality, durable and affordable based on customers’ reviews and the television has good graphics which makes them ideal for gaming.

Amani’s 43-inch TV has great quality sound and is amazing with PS4.

It is a LED TV and so the picture quality is impressive, the display is brilliant and crystal clear.

It also comes with a wide viewing angle you can comfortably watch from any angle of the room without noticing any color wash or screen fading.

With all the amazing reviews by its customers, it is proper to give it a place in the list of the top 10 television brands in Nigeria.

Rite Tek

Rite Tek is a television brand that is distinct from all other brands.

It is this distinctiveness that gives it a place in the list of top 10 television brands in Nigeria.

Its distinctiveness is seen in the simplicity of their televisions, they are weightless but still of top quality.

An outstanding feature of Rite Tek TVs is the true color enhancer.

This gives television excellent picture quality and clarity for viewers’ satisfaction.

Their 40-inch Android Smart LED TV is furnished with super full HD resolution and color enhancer for remarkable color production, image quality, wide viewing angles, and stunning clarity.

That’s all on the top 10 television brands in Nigeria, I hope it helps.

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