How To Buy Any Smartphone and Pay Monthly in Nigeria in 2023

Do you wish to learn how to buy any smartphone and pay monthly in Nigeria?

This article is a guide on how to buy any smartphone and pay monthly in Nigeria.

“Where can I buy a phone and pay monthly in Nigeria?” is one very question a lot of folks have been asking on the internet.

There are certain times when you need a phone badly, but currently out of cash to purchase one.

It even gets worse when you are the type that always needs to be online because of the nature of your job or business, but it turns out your phone is faulty, stolen, or dead.

What do you do in such a situation?

In Nigeria, considering the current economic situation of the country, not every person will be able to replace or buy a new smartphone immediately when they have an issue, or the need arises.

What if I told you that you could actually get that smartphone or iPhone of your dream on credit, and be able to pay later?

Would you believe it? Yes, you can buy phone on credit in Nigeria, and in this article, I will show you where to buy phone on credit and pay later in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are not many shops that you can easily walk in to buy a phone and pay in installments.

However, there are a few buy now pay later stores and platforms in Nigeria that you can easily walk-in to purchase your dream phone and pay in installments.

They include:

  1. EasyBuy Mobile Device Financing
  2. SLOT Nigeria
  3. Jumia Nigeria
  4. SparNigeria

Let’s now consider them one after the other.

1. EasyBuy Mobile Device Financing

If you are looking for where to buy phone and pay later in Nigeria, Easy buy phones online is one of your best options.

Easybuy mobile device financing is a great buy now pay later platform where individuals can easily buy phones from top brands and pay later.

EasyBuy mobile is a recently launched platform in Nigeria that sells phones and tablets on credit.

With Easy buy, you can buy any phone or tablet of your choice, simply by making a 30% down payment of the amount of the phone.

You can buy Tecno phones on Easybuy or any other popular brands like Infinix, iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

Easybuy mobile device financing platform has 2 payment plans: 3 months and 6 months payment plans respectively, with an interest rate of about 0.2% per day amounting to a total of 6% per month.

Their interest rate are not static, hence, you might want to confirm from them before acquiring any phone on loan.

Also, you are required to make an initial 30% deposit of the total amount of the phone you want to buy.

EasyBuy Mobile Requirements

To qualify to buy phone on loan with EasyBuy mobile device financing, you will need the following items:

  • Valid ATM Card (Activated For Online Use)
  • BVN
  • Any Valid Identity Proof (i.e. Driving License, Voter Card, Passport, or National ID Card.).

In addition to the following requirement, you will tell them of your monthly financial income.

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This is to enable them to ascertain if you will be able to make the installment payment for the phone.

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How To Buy a Phone on Credit on EasyBuy

You can buy any phone on credit and pay later, simply by visiting any of the Easy buy partner stores close to you.

To get any smartphone device of your choice on credit and pay later from EasyBuy partner stores, simply follow the steps below.

1. Visit any of the EasyBuy Partner stores close to you, and locate an EasyBuy agent.

If you are not sure where an EasyBuy partner store is in your location, simply visit any major phone store in your locality, you will find Easybuy agents there.

EasyBuy agents are usually dressed in EasyBuy shirt with the EasyBuy logo on them.

Alternatively, you can contact the EasyBuy customer representative via their Facebook page or contact details below for proper guidance.

2. Choose your preferred smartphone device (all brands of Smartphones are eligible for this service).

3. Next, fill the registration form that you will be given and choose your preferred one.

4. Pay the 30% initial deposit for the phone, and you are good to go.

How To Pay the Monthly Installment for the Phone You Purchased on Easy Buy?

After getting your desired phone on credit from EasyBuy, you will have to be paying the balance monthly, or based on your agreement with them.

Good news, you don’t need to be going to their stores every month just to go make your monthly installment payment.

You can now do that from the comfort of your home with the EasyBuy mobile application.

Easybuy currently has an official mobile app that customers can use to make payments for the phones they purchased from them.

Just follow the process below to make your payment any time you are ready.

1. From your Android mobile device, locate and launch your Google Play Store app, then search for EasyBuy. Alternatively, simply click here to take you directly to the EasyBuy mobile app.

2. Install the app that is from Easybuy publisher.

3. Now launch the app and login with your personal details. This will take you to the EasyBuy app homepage.

4. Inside the mobile app, you will find 2 main tabs. Click on the Details tab to show your current Easybuy phone loan.

5. Now, select the repayment or installment option, and click on Pay.

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6. Verify the payment information, and make your payment using your Debit Card or any other payment option listed there.

How To Contact EasyBuy Customer Care Representatives

If you encounter any issue or would like to enquire more on EasyBuy mobile device financing, you can simply contact them via any of their contact details.

Below are EasyBuy contact details.

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Easybuy Nigeria website:

Easybuy contact number: +01-8888188

Easybuy Email:

Easybuy loans Facebook page:


2. SLOT Nigeria

SLOT  is one of the largest and oldest mobile phone retailers in Nigeria.

They sell any type of mobile device and consumer electronics that you can think of; currently, they have over 60 stores spread across 18 states in Nigeria.

Slot Nigeria also has an online shop like Jumia and Konga, where customers can buy any device of their choice online, and have them shipped to their location.

Slot currently have a payment plan where customers can buy phones on installments. This means you can buy phones on credit in Slot.

The department in charge of Slot installmental payment is the SLOT corporate sales department.  Slot has a 3 and 6 months payment plan for any smartphone of your choice.

How To Buy Phone and Pay Later in Slot

To buy any device on installment from Slot Nigeria, simply visit any of the SLOT store or branch closes to you and enquire about the device of your choice.

Alternatively, contact any of the SLOT corporate sales department personnel, and you will be told what to do.

Please click on this link for the names and contact details of Slot representatives who will help you get your choice phone on credit.

3. Jumia Nigeria

One of the stores or platforms that you can buy a smartphone on credit and pay later is Jumia Nigeria.

Jumia Nigeria currently runs a buy now pay later offer known as Jumia Flex: Buy Now & Pay Small Small.

This offer allows individuals to buy new devices, or upgrade their current devices for high-end one like Samsung S9+, iPhone X, MacBook Pro Retina, etc, and in installments.

The Jumia Flex: Buy Now & Pay Small Small offers both a 3 months and 6 months plan. You are at liberty to choose any monthly payment plan of your choice.

This offer is only available for customers that reside in Lagos. Also, you will be required to make an initial deposit for the device of your choice.

Jumia Flex Requirements

You are required to make available the following documents when applying for the Jumia flex offer.

  1. Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  2. Bank Statement from last 6 months (in PDF)
  3. A valid ID card (National ID card, International passport, Voters Card, or Driver’s license)

How To Buy a Device on Credit and Pay Later with Jumia Flex

To buy and pay later with Jumia Flex, follow the procedure below:

1. On your mobile or computer web browser, visit

2. Select the device of your choice and fill the application form.

3. Within 3 days of applying, if your application is approved, Jumia will contact directing you to pay the initial deposit for the device of your choice with your bank account or card online.

4. After you successfully make the initial deposit, within a few days, your device will be available for you to pick up in person from Jumia Experience Center in Yaba, Lagos.

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Please Note: The Jumia Flex offer is currently not available. We will keep you updated as soon as it is available.

4. ParktelOnline

Another retail store that offers installment payment for phones in Nigeria is Parketonline.

Parktelonline only deals with the sales of mobile phones and accessories.

ParktelOnline understands that sometimes, it might be difficult for some persons to pay for a phone instantly, hence, they launched their buy now pay later financing plan.

With this plan, Nigerians can now buy phone and pay in installments.

How To Buy Phone and Pay Later with Parktelonline

To buy phone on installment on Parktelonline, please follow the procedure below.

1. On your mobile or computer web browser, visit the Parktelonline buy now, pay later website page on

2. Download the online application form from the page, fill and submit it back to Parktelonline.

Alternatively, you can visit any of the Parktelonline stores in Lagos and Abuja, or contact them for further assistance.

5. SparNigeria

Another place where you can buy a phone and pay monthly in Nigeria is SparNigeria, through their Pay Easy Plan.

With the Spar Nigeria Pay Easy plan, customers can now buy any phone, laptop, and electronics of their choice and pay monthly.

SPAR Nigeria Pay Easy Now enjoy the flexible Easy Monthly Payment Scheme for purchase of Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, Laptops, Printers, and many more.

The Spar monthly installment scheme allows customers to choose from a 3-month plan, up to a 1-year payment plan.

Who is Eligible to Apply for the SparNigeria Easy Pay Plan

To be able to buy a phone, laptop or electronics from Spar, and pay monthly, you must meet the following criteria.

  1. Age above 22 years
  2. Minimum of 1 year paid Employment or Self Employed or SME
  3. Own a Domiciled salary account with a Nigerian commercial bank

How To Buy Phone and Pay Later with SparNigeria

You must provide the following details to get a phone or electronics of your choice.

  1. A Duly completed application form
  2. A 6-month bank account statement from your bank were you receive your salary.
  3. 6 Month payment slip or letter of employment
  4. Your BVN registration details.
  5. Post-dated cheques for the period for current account holders
  6. Direct debit facility for customers without a checkbook.

For more details and inquiry, contact SparNigeria on

That’s all on How To Buy Any Smartphone and Pay Monthly in Nigeria. We will keep updating this list, as more companies come up.

If you wish to get a loan to get your desired phone or take care of other needs? Check out the top 15 platforms that give quick loans without collateral in Nigeria.

I hope this article on how to buy any smartphone and pay monthly in Nigeria helps?

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