May 21, 2024
best ebook reader app for Android

This article is a detailed guide on the best ebook reader app for Android phones, the best ebook reader app for iPhone, the best ebook reader app for iPad, and the best ebook reader app for Windows phone.

I know you might have tried many ebook reader apps before now, and wondering which ebook reader app is the best for Android phones.

This guide will help. At the end of this guide, you will know best ebook reader apps for Android phones, iPhones, and Windows phones.

I will also show you the best fonts for each of the top ebook reader apps across all platforms, including the best eReaders for people with macular degeneration.

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It’s no longer news that the people are now more comfortable reading digital books than from hard copy.

Thanks to Technology, all the things that used to be done on papers are now easily done electronically via devices such as Android, iPad, windows, etc.

No wonder the search for the best ebook reader apps for Android, iOS and Windows devices have been on the increase.

Hence, I am here to show some of the best ebook reader apps that you can download for free, for both Android and iOS phones.

Best Ebook Reader App For Android Phones

The Android Operating System (OS) is the most versatile operating system in the world with tons of apps and flexibility.

Hence, android has a lot of ebook reader apps, of which some of them may not really give you the reading utility you may rather expect.

Hence, from the hundreds of ebook readers for android OS, below is the ones that have made it among the list of the best ebook readers for Android. Read on to find out more:

1. Amazon Kindle

When it comes to varieties of reading materials, kindle often comes out among the best, as it’s loaded with tons of books, magazines, newspapers, etc, all for your reading pleasure.

That is the most reason that endears kindle to its millions of fans globally.

Kindle reading app has an inbuilt dictionary that can help you know the meaning of words as you read your ebooks.

With this amazing option, you don’t need to carry your dictionary alone whenever you want to read your books.

With kindle reading app, you can always start from where you stopped in your last reading session, add bookmarks, and even highlight words for easier references.

Also, synchronization is made so easy as all your books are automatically synchronized across your devices.

Also integrated in the Kindle reading app is Wikipedia and google search, so that you can always connect on the go, without quitting your reading.

From all the said point, it has become so clear that with kindly, you can never run out of options.

Dowload Amazon Kindle here.

2. Google Play Books

The Google ebook reader as expected comes with lots of interesting features that will surely make your e-reading experience worth it.

You can use it across many platforms like Android, Google Chrome extension, and even on iPhone.

With this ebook reader, you have all the basic features that any ebook reader should have plus lots more, the peculiar features that you don’t find on other platforms.

It also has a synchronization feature that allows you to synchronize your downloaded books across your different devices.

With the use of this synchronize functionality, you can pause your reading in one device, later to continue reading from that same point in another device.

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This feature is obviously one of the main reasons for its popular acceptance among the community of scholars and readers.

Below are the download links for Google PlayBook.

3. Aldiko Ebook Reader

Aldiko is definitely a very good and vibrant ebook reader that is loved by many. Boasting of over 30 million active users worldwide, Aldiko enjoys the status of being one of the oldest ebook readers on the internet today.

For those that don’t like looking at a bright screen at night, Aldiko has a night mode feature that enables you to reduce the brightness of the screen to the barest minimum.

Also among the features is the import and export function, which generally enhances your overall experience.

4. Moon+ Reader

When it comes to a user interface, moon+ ebook reader ranks top as it presents it, users, with this beautiful and easy to understand.

With this ebook reader, you can easily import different ebook formats and read them on the go.

Perhaps one of the most amazing features of this app is its ability to present you with the statistics of all that you have read, the amount that is yet to be read, as well as its ability to warn you when you read a lot of pages at once.

This is amazing, right?

And lastly, with this ebook reader, you don’t only have to assess the books that you have downloaded on your device, but also, it allows you to have access to thousands of books online because it connects to other ebook libraries online.

Download Moon+ Reader For Android

The Best Ebook Reader App For iPad

iPad can be a lot of things for a lot of folks. However, the major reason why people go for an iPad is for the purpose of reading ebooks.

This reason explains why Apple has devoted a lot of time in making amazing ebook readers for this amazing device.

Below is the list of best ebook readers for iPad.

1. iBook Reader

iBook is the most popular ebook reader for iPad. Being owned by apple, iBook became an instant success, owing to the fact that it came with tons of interesting features that will surely give you the best of reading experience.

Even when this iBook has often been criticized as having a great look, much more than its real functionalities, the fact still remains that it’s still a wonderful ebook reader, with all the features that one would rather need in an ebook.

Download iBook here

2. BlueFire Reader

Bluefire reader appears to be the people’s choice when it comes to reading of ebooks. With this ebook for iPad, you are no longer limited to reading your ebooks from one source like iBooks, no.

You can easily download your books from any source and read them on the go.

The most amazing feature of this ebook reader is that it uses the famous Adobe Digital Edition DRM.

By implication, it means that you can use this app to read all PDF and ePUB files which have been protected by DRM. That makes it a very flexible reader if you ask me.

With Bluefire, you are not limited to one view, as it allows you the opportunity of customizing the look of the app.

Such areas like fonts, pagination, line spacing, etc can all be changed to suit your preferences. This feature makes it so endeared to a lot of users globally.

Download BlueFire Reader here.

3. Amazon Kindle Reader

Amazon Kindle reader is obviously the first ebook reader to be. The set the pace that others followed.

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With this app, users can quickly have access to over 1 million ebooks on Amazon, making the experience both easy and seamless.

Just as expected, the app comes with great features that will surely turn you into a great reader of books quickly.

However, it is seen that the app over depends on Amazon store.

Also, there is no way in which a user can directly purchase an ebook from the app, without going through Amazon store itself. Overall, it is a great ebook reader for iPad. I’m sure you will definitely enjoy using it.

Download Kindle For iPad here.

4. Google Ebook Reader

Google ebook-reader may be relatively new in comparison to the other great ebook readers highlighted above, hence it is not by any means less in functionality. Google books boast of over 3million books.

With this app, you are not limited to the use of the internet, as it has an offline mode where you can read your books without any internet connection.

Google books equally offer its users the ability to view their ebooks in night mode. This feature is particularly great for people that cannot look at a bright screen for a long time, especially at night.

With the option to customize the layout of the screen and the app settings, this app is really one of the best out there, and I personally use it a lot.

Download Google Books here.

Best Ebook Reader App For Windows

You should note that ebooks generally come in two major formats; PDF and ePUB.

While you can easily open the pdf ebooks, ePUB requires special programs to open.

However, your major problem should not be on how to open ebooks on your Windows PC, but how to read them in style using the best ebook readers.

Below is the list of best ebook readers for windows PC, feel free to explore them:

1. Sumatra Reader

Sumatra reader is one of the most popular ebook readers ever built for Windows PC. It does not only support  PDF ePUB file formats but also, MOBI CBR and all other ebook file extensions.

Hence, with this program, you don’t need to worry about some ebook formats not opening on your system.

Sumatra reader is lightweight and also completely free of charge. With this, you wouldn’t expect it to score %100 in all things.

With few weaknesses here and there, Sumatra reader still remains one of the best ebook readers for windows. You need to give it a try and return with a testimony.

Download Sumatra Reader here.

2. Icecream Ebook Reader

This ebook reader is equally very popular with interesting features to keep you glued to your ebook.

However, the free version does not contain all these amazing features. It supports all the popular ebook formats from pdf to ePUB, to mobile and the rest.

Even with the free version, you can always keep track of your reading history, as it presents you with a track record of all that you have read and the ones that are yet to be read.

Download Icecream Reader here.

3. Bookvisa Ebook Reader

If you are talking about the best of the bests, then I will say that book visa is the best of the best ebook reader for windows.

You know why, this ebook reader has all the modern tools you could possibly need in any windows ebook reader, ranging from bookmarks, adding some notes, changing fonts to your taste and much more.

Actually, this is the ebook reader that I have installed on my windows 10 PC. Honestly, I strongly recommend this particular ebook reader to other ones that we have discussed above.

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Download Bookvisa Ebook Reader here.

4. Caliber Ebook Reader

With caliber ebook reader, you can easily manage all your ebook readers on the go. It’s lightweight and free to use.

The most unique thing about this reader is that you can use it across different platforms like in windows, mac OS, and Linux. I’m sure you will enjoy using it, due to its dynamism.

Download Caliber ebook here.

The Best Font For Ebook Readers

When it comes to ebook readers, fonts play a very big role in the overall appearance of the app to give you the best reading experience.

Studies have reviewed that the type of font one chooses to apply on his ebook reader can either maximize the reading experience or drastically reduce it.

From the standpoint of Anna Thompson, Robert Slimbatch, and Mark Wilson, all authorities in the book publishing industries, the best font for ebook readers is Baskerville.

According to them, this ebook font looks classy, beautiful and smart, as it generally enhances your reading experience. This is one of the  best ebook readers for all devices

However, the font may not really work well on all platforms and displays, like in smartphones. Hence, because of this, they recommended font for smartphone ebook readers is Palatino. 

However, if you want to a font that will give you that experience as though you are reading a hard copied material, then Anna Thompson recommends Georgia. It works well across all platforms, from windows to smartphones, to iPads and iPhones, etc.

The Best Ebook Readers For Those With Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is a vision loss in people who are over 60 years old. This situation happens when a particular section of the retina, which is called macula deteriorates, hence leading to poor eyesight.

As a way of helping those who are suffering from this macular degeneration, there have been some specialized devices that were built with features that these ones can use to make the most of electronic reading.

We will attempt to review the best of them presently.

1. Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle paperwhite is actually among the best ebook readers out there for those with macular degeneration.

It comes with a 6 inches reading screen with the kind of backlight that provides the best reading experience with people with low vision.

You can actually read with this ebook reader for a very long time without pains in your eyes, as it comes with adjustable screen brightness, which you can easily adjust according to your peculiar circumstance.

Even when you can easily navigate through, audiobooks can not be listened to with this ebook.

Download Kindle Whitepaper here.

2. Kindle Fire

If you want an all in one reader for those who have macular degeneration, then this app is for you.

Kindle fire provides you with the feature you can use to listen to audio messages, read your emails, watch movies online, and lots more.

Another great feature of this app is its colors. It gives you the ability to read great content in full colors.

It also comes in different screen sizes, of which 10 is the largest.

Most people that own kindle fire also own kindle paperwhite. Ask me, and I will tell you that its worth your while.

That’s all on the best ebook reader app for Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

I hope this guide on the best ebook reader app for Android was helpful?

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