How To Upload Music To Spotify

This is a detailed guide to upload music to Spotify.

Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. Spotify was launched in 2008 and has grown to become a big gun in music industry internationally.

Spotify is certainly the place to get your music on to gain international recognition.

If you are one of those searching for how to upload music to Spotify for free, or how to upload to Spotify as an artist, this guide will help.

In this guide, I will show you some of the benefits to upload music to Spotify, and also how to put any song on Spotify.

Benefits To Upload Music To Spotify

You may be wondering why you need to upload your songs on Spotify as an artist?

It will interest you to know that there are many benefits to upload your song on Spotify as an artist. Below are some of the benefits of uploading your song on Spotify.

First, Spotify is important because of its influence. With Spotify, your music can reach millions of listeners across many countries. It will give you a wide range of audiences.

Second, apart from the global exposure you will get when you upload music to Spotify, you get to earn as this great number of global audience stream your songs.

So, you get to expand your fan base and earn from the songs at the same time.

Again, there are lots of artists on Spotify and their songs are really going viral.

Another good thing is that as popular as Spotify is, its growth is still in progress as it continues to grow with time.

Take note that before a record label or producer will choose to work with you as an artist, your Spotify statistics will be considered. Learn how to start a record label here.

How well your songs are doing on Spotify will be a huge determinant of how successful you can be in the music industry.

How Do I Get My Songs On Spotify?

Getting your songs on Spotify is an easy thing, but it is not so direct.

Yes! It is not direct. But you will learn how to do it here.

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In 2018, Spotify earlier launched a trial version that enables artists to upload their music directly to Spotify. But this ended in the following year.

When a fan streams a music on Spotify, the artist was paid. And they also receive reports on how much earnings their streams make.

And this is enjoyed by artists for free regardless of how much music they Produce.

But like I said earlier, this feature is no more valid, but Spotify is still very fortified for profit.

You can get your music on Spotify through existing music distribution companies that work with Spotify.

As an artist, you need to know what a distribution company is.

Distribution companies sign deals with record labels or artists which then gives them the right to sell their music to shops.

Music Distribution could be physical or digital. But with Spotify, you will work with digital music distribution companies.

Distribution services exist to get artist’s music out to audiences.

A Music distribution company would act as the middleman between artists and streaming platforms.

Talking of digital music distribution now.

The number of tracks being added to Spotify through digital music distributors on a daily basis has risen above 40,000 and still growing.

What this means is that your song will have to compete with millions of songs considering the number of songs that have been added earlier.

Therefore, aside you producing quality, you need the best digital music distribution companies to get ahead in the game.

Hence, artists have work to do in getting their music on Spotify.

Although it is not a tedious or demanding task.

As an artist, you can upload your songs to Spotify by using a Digital Service Provider (DSP). This is because Spotify has no upload button or option.

So these Service Providers will push your music to Spotify through their own platforms.

Quickly, A DSP is a platform that deals with the distribution of media to streaming platforms.

There are many platforms these service Providers work with. Some of which are Apple Music, Pandora, and of course, our subject of discussion “Spotify.”

These Digital Service Providers will be acting as digital music distributors between you and Spotify.

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Artists are required to sign up to an online platform where they will submit their music via local files. Then the music will be served to Spotify.

List Of Digital Service Providers To Help Upload Music To Spotify

Many major record labels today handle and ensure their artists’ music is played on Spotify and that way they play the role of the Digital Service Provider (DSP).

We’ve got a list of the right digital service provider that is just right for you.

These digital service providers will help you get through and stay ahead in the music industry.

Below is a list of some of the best digital service providers that will get your music to Spotify.

1. Music Gateway

Music gateway is the first Service provider I will mention.

Music Gateway is a free Music Distribution service and Sync Licensing to help artists get their music on streaming platforms like Spotify and others.

After an artist submits their songs, Music Gateway has a creative team that works directly with music supervisors placing music to media.

Music Gateway gets your songs on major and popular streaming platforms globally for free.

Visit the Music Gateway website here.


LANDR is a trusted platform that will upload your music to Spotify. LANDR has several great services that you will enjoy.

This includes their mastering service, where they help you prepare your music for it to be distributed.

On this DSP, you get to pay a monthly premium as a subscription charge.

When you pay for the right package, you get to upload contents to your satisfaction.

LANDR has three different subscription package you can choose from, and you wouldn’t regret their services.

Visit LANDR website here.

3. RouteNote

RouteNote is another distribution service provider that enables you to upload your music to Spotify for free. You get to enjoy their high-flying service for free.

Aside from posting your music on Spotify, RouteNote DSP will also post your music to over fifteen other platforms, which includes the popular iTunes and DEEZER.

RouteNote has a long list of platforms they will upload your music to all for free.

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Although RouteNote will not charge you, they will charge your earnings, which is actually not bad by the way.

So you will only receive 85% of the profits each track makes and they take the remaining 15%.

The deal remains fair, as your earnings are unlimited with each track, you wouldn’t feel any percentage is being deducted.

Visit the RouteNote site here.

4. TuneCore

TuneCore is another great and efficient Digital Service provider is TuneCore.

Although, unlike RouteNote you are required to make payments before you can enjoy their services.

But the music distribution fee is very cheap and affordable.

TuneCore has different packages and subscription plans for different categories of artists.

It depends on your desired reach and your capability.

Visit the TuneCore website here.

How To Earn On Spotify As An Artist

On every streaming platform, when a song is played, the artist gets paid in return as royalties. And this payment is based on the number of streams a track has.

Streaming Payout is in three categories.

1. Mechanical Royalties: These are paid to songwriters and their publishers for the right to reproduce the music.

2. Public Performance Royalties: These are also paid to songwriters and their publishers. However, in this case, it is paid for the right to perform their music publicly.

Please note that every streaming is considered a Public performance.

3. Payout To Recording Owners: This payment is the amount of the payout that goes to record labels and distributors who own the copyrighted music.

The actual Price Spotify pays for a stream is not constant. It depends on many factors but revolves around $0.008  to $0.90 per stream.

Get on Spotify today and increase your Fan base, your music reach most importantly, and your earnings.

That’s all on how to upload music to Spotify.

I hope this helps?

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