10 Platforms To Get Virtual Cards In Nigeria (Including Virtual Dollar Cards)

This is a detailed guide on the platforms to get virtual cards in Nigeria.

One of the challenges of shopping online in Nigeria is making payments for the products you intend to buy, especially if you want to buy from online foreign international platforms like Alibaba, Aliexpress, Amazon, etc.

While there are various other payment methods on some of these foreign online shopping platforms, you can agree with me that the easiest and fastest way to pay is with your Master or Visa Credit or Debit Card.

While that might come as a relief, sadly, not every debit card is accepted on some of these foreign online platforms.

Sometimes, you might urgently need a debit card to quickly pay for a product online, without having the time or even wanting to go to the bank to get a new card.

This is where virtual cards in Nigeria come in.

The virtual card is the same as the physical card, except that it is a digital card, and can only be used for online shopping and payments.

One advantage of a virtual card is that you can easily get it, and make your online payment, right from the comfort of your home, without having to visit the bank to obtain it.

There are many financial platforms to get virtual cards in Nigeria, and in this guide, I will be showing you some of the banks that give out virtual cards in Nigeria and other platforms where you can also get a virtual dollar card in Nigeria.

What Is A Virtual Card?

 A virtual card is a digital card that is meant primarily to shop online. This virtual card is linked to your actual physical card or bank account.

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It is a set of sixteen digits similar to your card number along with a Card Verification Value (C.V.V) number generated using banking software. These numbers can be used for online payment, but can’t be used for any physical transaction.

Important Features Of A Virtual Card

Below are some of the benefits of using a Virtual Card in Nigeria.

1. It Protects Your Banking Details

When you do transactions with a virtual card, be rest assured that your transaction is safe. Your details can never be shared with third parties and the details can’t be traced by the third parties either.

It is also not a physical card, so it can’t be stolen and used by someone else.

2. You Can Limit Your Spending With A Virtual Card

Sometimes, shopping using your card could become excessive and make you become an addict.

However, unlike most physical cards, with a virtual card, you can set a limit to your spending. This limit is set at the point the card is issued to you and can be changed throughout the terms of the agreement.

Like your physical card, it is also important to read the terms and conditions when the card is being issued to you.

3. It Is Globally Accepted

The use of virtual cards is fast becoming a trend among shoppers online. With this, more businesses are beginning to trust virtual cards. All popular shopping platforms welcome the use of virtual cards.

The Downsides Of Using A Virtual Card

Below are some of the disadvantages of using a virtual card in Nigeria.

1. It Is Temporary

Most virtual cards sometimes expire in under a year, unlike physical cards which could last for 3 to 4 years.

2. It Can’t Be Used For Physical Verification

Imagine a scenario where you made a booking online and you are then required to verify your card physically. This would be a very disappointing situation.

3. Issues Could Arise When Dealing With Small Scale Businesses

Virtual cards are accepted by lots of businesses, but most small-scale businesses do not accept virtual cards. This means virtual card owners are forced to patronize businesses that accept their cards.

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3 Banks That Issue Virtual Cards In Nigeria

Not every bank issues virtual cards in Nigeria. Here is a compilation of the list of banks you can get a virtual card for online payment in Nigeria.

1. Guaranty Trust Bank Plc (GTBank)

GTB is one of the banks that issue virtual cards in Nigeria. The GTBank virtual MasterCard is issued to online shoppers as an alternative to the physical plastic card.

It is also designed for customers who lost their cards and need to make an urgent purchase. It is issued instantly when requested via their online banking platform.

How To Apply For The GTBank Virtual MasterCard

To apply for GTB virtual card, follow the steps below.

1. Log in to the Internet Banking platform

2. Select ‘cards‘ on the panel on the left-hand side, click on the virtual card request menu and fill the form

3. Click the ‘New Request’ button to initiate your request for a new virtual card.

4. Select the account to be debited for the charges

5. Check the ‘Terms and Conditions’ box and click on ‘Account To Link’

6. Answer your secret question and click ‘Continue’

7. Next, the confirmation button is displayed

8. Generate a 6-digit code from your hardware token device, and input the 6-digit code on the confirmation page, then click on the ‘submit’ button.

Once your request is successful, the following will be displayed

  • PAN (The Card Number)
  • Expiry date
  • Activation Code
  • CVV

2. First Bank of Nigeria Plc

Another bank to get virtual cards in Nigeria is the First Bank of Nigeria. The First Bank virtual card is a representation of the physical card. It is a Naira denominated debit card linked to the customer’s bank or wallet account.

The FirstBank virtual card is a Visa card, hence, is accepted in every foreign platform, just like the GTB Master Card.

You can request for the First Bank virtual card on the FirstMobile or FirstMonie Wallet apps which are available on Google Playstore for Android OS and IOS Store for IOS.

How To Apply For The First Bank Virtual MasterCard

To get your FirstBank of Nigeria virtual card, follow the steps below.

1. Open and login to your FirstBank mobile application.

2. Tap on the Menu option on the left, and select the Card Services option.

3. Now select the Virtual Cards option on the list, and create your virtual.

3. Zenith Bank PLC

Zenith bank is another platform to get virtual cards in Nigeria. The Zenith Bank virtual card is issued for online transactions and can be used for local or international online shopping.

It can also be used to pay bills and for subscriptions. To request for the Zenith Bank virtual card, you don’t need to visit a bank branch.

You just need to request for the virtual card on the Zenith Bank online platform or dial *966*2273# and follow the prompts.

Virtual Dollar Cards In Nigeria

A virtual Dollar card is a dollar-denominated non-physical card used to make an online payment and they work where Naira-denominated cards from Nigerian banks fail.

Sometimes it could be hard for Nigerians to pay for services like Netflix, Spotify, and Facebook ads, but with a virtual Dollar card, these payments are easy to make.

If you are actively involved in the mini importation business like me, you must have realized by now that as per the CBN’s policy, you can’t make more than $100 payment in a month for any foreign online transaction with 1 bank card (by bank card, I am referring to the Master or Visa Card).

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Learn How To Start A Mini Importation Business In Nigeria

Hence, if you must make purchases worth more than $100 within a month, you will be needing a lot of different Visa or Master Cards.

I tried this method, I opened as many bank accounts as possible, and applied for many virtual cards as possible. The logic behind it is that, if I could have up to 11 Master or Visa Cards, I could make up to $1000 transactions within a month.

But even that shortly become less effective, as the cards were not even enough for the amount of payment I needed monthly.  Also, given the way things are in Nigeria, I didn’t like the fact that I had too many ATM cards.

This gave rise to seeking a permanent lasting solution, which is the use of a Dollar Card for making payment. With a dollar card, there is no limit as to the amount you will have to pay monthly for any transaction.

However, to have a dollar card with any Nigerian commercial bank, you will need a domiciliary account. This is a very good option.

However, the stress involved in opening a dorm account in Nigeria, and even the stress involved in funding the account each time you want to make an online payment, discouraged me from opting for this option, so, I decided to settle for virtual dollar cards issued out by some financial platforms in Nigeria.

Hence, if you too need a dollar virtual card without any limit for foreign online transactions, this section is worth paying attention to, as I will be listing 7 platforms to get a virtual dollar card in Nigeria

7 Platforms To Get A Virtual Dollar Card In Nigeria

Below are some of the financial platforms that issue out virtual dollar cards in Nigeria.

1. ALAT by Wema

ALAT is a digital bank owned by Wema bank, a leading commercial bank in Nigeria. It was launched in 2017 and it gives customers the ability to manage their bank accounts without going to a bank branch.

Once you have an ALAT account, you can create your own virtual Dollar card. With ALAT, you can also create a free physical card.

How To Create A Virtual Dollar Card With ALAT

To create a dollar virtual card with Alat, follow the steps below.

  • Download the ALAT app on Google Playstore or IOS store or visit the ALAT website: www.alat.ng.
  • Register for an account and log in to your account.
  • On the main menu, click on ‘card’.
  • Click on ‘ALAT Dollar Cards’.
  • Then click on ‘Create a new card’.
  • Fill in the required information and proceed.

2. Wallet Africa

Wallet is another platform to create virtual Dollar cards in Nigeria. Its mobile app has other features like instant account statements and physical cards.

Unlike ALAT, creating a physical Dollar card with Wallet will cost you back NGN 1,500.

How To Create A Virtual Dollar Card With Wallet

To create a dollar virtual card with Wallet, follow the steps below.

  • Download the Wallet mobile app and open an account.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Add money to your wallet using your physical ATM card or bank transfer. The least amount you can add to your wallet is 10 Dollars.
  • On your dashboard, click on ‘Cards’.
  • Then select ‘create a virtual Dollar card’.

3. Barter by Flutterwave

Launched in 2019, Barter is owned by Flutterwave. Barter provides virtual Dollar cards that are acceptable everywhere for online shopping and payment of bills.

How To Create A Virtual Dollar Card With Barter

To create a dollar virtual card with Barter, follow the steps below.

  • Download the Barter app from your mobile store and sign up.
  • Complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) and verification stage.
  • Fund your Barter account.
  • Click on ‘create new card’.
  • You can create a multi-function card which can be used for all your online payments or a platform-specific card for specific purposes like Netflix or Amazon.
  • Fund your Dollar card and click ‘continue’.
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4. Eyowo

Eyowo is one of the best online platforms to create a virtual Dollar card in Nigeria. It is well-known among owners of small and medium businesses because it allows you to fund your virtual Dollar card with as low as 1 dollar.

How To Create A Virtual Dollar Card With Eyowo

To create a dollar virtual card with Eyowo, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the Eyowo official website eyowo.com or download the Eyowo mobile app on Google Play Store.
  • Click on ‘register’ and input your phone number.
  • Provide the necessary information and complete the registration.
  • On your dashboard, click on the ‘more’ and select ‘Eyowo Dollar cards’.
  • Enter the name to be displayed on the card and enter the amount you want to fund your virtual Dollar card with.
  • Click on ‘create card’.

5. Eversend

Another platform to get Virtual Dollar Master Cards in Nigeria is from Eversend. With Eversend, you will experience smooth usage of your virtual Dollar card to shop and pay bills online.

How To Create A Virtual Dollar Card With Eversend

Follow the steps below to create a virtual dollar card with Eversend.

  • Download the Eversend mobile app, register, and log in.
  • Click on ‘cards’ at the bottom of the app on the homepage.
  • Click on ‘create new card’.
  • Enter the amount you want to add to your account. The minimum amount is 5 dollars.
  • Enter your PIN.
  • When you want to fund the card, use the ‘add money’ feature.

6. SpectroCard

SpectroCard is another platform for creating a virtual Dollar card in Nigeria.

How To Create A Virtual Dollar Card With SpectroCard

Follow the steps below to create a virtual dollar card with SpectroCard.

  • Create an account with SpectroCard.
  • A verification email will be sent to you; use it to verify your account.
  • Update your account with all necessary information.
  • Fund your account.
  • Create your virtual Dollar card.


Another platform to get a Virtual dollar card in Nigeria is FXKUDI. With FXKUDI, owners of virtual Dollar cards can send and receive money from anywhere with no charges.

How To Create A Virtual Dollar Card With FXKUDI

Follow the steps below to create a virtual dollar card with FXKUDI.

  • Visit the FXKUDI official website www.fxkudi.com or download the FXKUDI app from Google Playstore or IOS app store and register.
  • Verify your account via the email you used to register.
  • Update your account with the necessary information.
  • Fund your account.
  • Create your virtual Dollar card.

That’s all on the 7 platforms to get a virtual dollar card in Nigeria. Currently, I can’t point out the best virtual dollar card in nigeria, as each of the issuing virtual dollar card platform has its own features and policies that make them unique.

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That’s all on the platforms to get virtual dollar cards and virtual cards in Nigeria.

I hope this guide helps.

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