How To Cancel Home Chef Subscription

This is a detailed guide on how to cancel home chef subscription.

Home Chef is a service company that delivers food items and cooking ingredients alongside instructions on how to prepare a meal with the packaged food items in boxes to their customers.

This service company has several dispatch places in various cities of the United States Of America like Los Angeles, Georgia and so on, where they package these food items and meals in small boxes and then deliver them to their customers on order.

They make the service so comfortable for their customers that they provide a good number of meal options for customers to make a convenient choice on the meal to order.

The meal patterns they present to customers include Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Desserts, Juice, etc.

Making use of the Home Chef delivery service would require a certain subscription to the various kinds of meal plans they offer which are grouped in order of persons.

The meal plan can be for two people, four people and so on, depending on the customer’s choice and these meal plans attract different fees.

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The Home Chef delivery service company has earned a great reputation amongst their peers in the same meal delivery business and this is as a result of their quality service, good meals and prompt delivery of orders to customers.

If for some reasons you decide you no longer want to keep getting deliveries from the Home chef company, the subscription made initially can be cancelled by you and it is quite simple.

In this guide, I will quickly show you how to cancel your home chef subscription.

Possible Reasons For Cancelling a Home Chef Subscription.

1. One of the major reasons why people may choose to cancel their Home Chef subscriptions is in a bid to save cash.

When an initial meal plan subscription was made for an entire family or a group of friends living together and certain changes occur in their budget, they may decide to cancel their subscription.

Although changing your subscription to fit your budget is also advisable.

2. Another reason why one may decide to cancel his/her Home Chef Subscription is a change in diet.

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This change in diet may be due to health reasons or medical guidelines and the required meals may not be in the list of Home Chef meals.

3. One may decide to cancel his/her Home Chef subscription due to relocation.

When a person moves to a new city or country without access to the Home Chef services, he/she is then forced to cancel the initial subscription with Home Chef.

How To Cancel Home Chef Subscription

It is quite simple to cancel a Home chef subscription whenever you feel the need to.

All you need to do is follow the simple guidelines on cancelling a Home Chef subscription.

Meanwhile, in a situation whereby you want to reactivate your Home chef subscription for any reason, it is also quite easy by logging back into your Home chef account.

Below are the steps to cancel Home Chef subscription.

  1. On your web browser, navigate to homechef website via
  2. Go to My Account and click the Account Information tab
  3. Click on Pause Your Subscription under Delivery Details
  4. Choose a reason why you are pausing your Home Chef subscription on the next page
  5. Click on Pause My Subscription on the next screen
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By following the above steps, you have successfully cancelled your Home Chef subscription and an email would be sent to you confirming your Home Chef subscription cancellation, stating that you would no longer receive any more deliveries.

Take note that the cancellation of your Home Chef subscription has no effect on an already processed order but only future orders after that particular already processed order.

This means that for every order you made that is been processed before you decided to cancel your Home chef subscription, would not be cancelled.

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That’s all on how to cancel home chef subscription. I hope this guide helps?

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