Top 10 Recruitment Agencies In Nigeria

This article contains a list of the top 10 recruitment agencies in Nigeria.

With a population of about 206.1 million people by the end of October 2020, Nigeria is said to have an unemployment rate of about 6.9 percent which is an alarming rate.

It has become a norm for most graduates in Nigeria to end up without a job after years of graduation. This situation has been helped by the worsening state of the country’s economy which has forced many companies to totally shut down or cut costs by relieving workers of their jobs.

With a large, underutilized labor force, the number of unemployed Nigerians keeps increasing as time passes.

Sometimes, job seekers find it hard to find vacancies in their area of expertise or they find vacancies that request for a certain level of experience they have not gained yet.

However, with the help of recruitment agencies in Nigeria, getting a job is no longer that difficult.

What Are Recruitment Agencies?

Recruitment agencies can be referred to as ‘middle-men or ‘intermediaries’ between companies looking to hire people and job seekers.

These recruitment agencies are chosen by the companies looking to hire because most companies do not want to go through a process like checking all the CVs of applicants.

It is the job of the recruitment agencies to go through these job applications, choose suitable candidates for the job and conduct a ‘pre-interview.

This process filters candidates for the job and reduces the stress companies go through when searching for new employees.

The importance of recruitment agencies to companies can never be overemphasized. Companies watch out for recruitment agencies that have a good track record, especially on the recommendation of other companies.

They also expect quality, and these recruitment agencies must be able to screen candidates thoroughly. The best recruitment agencies have in-depth knowledge of the companies that make use of their services.

Recruitment agencies in Nigeria have a database of job seekers. This means even if you don’t qualify for a job, the recruitment agency could help find another one that would fit your application.

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Top Recruitment Agencies In Nigeria

With the increasing unemployment rate in Nigeria, the need for recruitment agencies has increased and there are numerous recruitment agencies ready to meet the needs of job seekers. It is important to employ the services of a good, trusted recruitment agency.

Below are some of the top recruitment agencies in Nigeria and how to contact them.

1. IRIS Consulting

IRIS Consulting was founded in 2002 to help African companies rise to standards that match the standards of their counterparts all around the world.

One notable service they offer in achieving this is helping these companies employ job seekers with the qualifications to execute jobs perfectly.

Iris consulting is no doubt one of the top recruitment agencies in Nigeria.

Address: 16th Floor, Reinsurance House, 46 Marina Steet, Lagos

Phone: +234 1 471 4639; Fax: +234 270 1662.


2. BBC Consulting Limited

BBC consulting is one of the top recruitment agencies in Nigeria. Founded in 1969, BBC Consulting Limited is a recruitment agency that also offers accounting and auditing services to its agents. With so many years of experience in the Nigerian market, it is trusted by various oil and gas companies, banks, and ICT companies.

Address: Charter House, 199, Ikorodu Road, Obanikoro Lagos

Phone: +234 1 4977941-4


3. Change Management Associates (C.M.A) Limited

With Change Management Associates Limited, various job-seeking Nigerians have been exposed to job openings in reputable companies in Nigeria. Change Management Associates Limited was established in 1990 and is currently one of the top consulting agencies in Nigeria.

Address: Societe Bancaire Building (2nd Fl), Plot 1683, Sanusi Fafunwa Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Phone: +234 1 618177-8, 2625059


4. Pandora Services

Pandora is another recruitment agency in Nigerian that provides a wide variety of jobs for job seekers and connects them with top companies from all over Nigeria.

Address: Briscoe Ford bldg, 2nd floor; Providence Road, Lekki phase 1Lagos, Nigeria

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Phone: + 234 810 534 1222


5. PG Consulting

Another top consulting agency in Nigeria is PG consulting. PG Consulting gives the best Human Resources (H.R) services to companies that are willing to employ people.

They ensure these companies do not have a hard time finding suicide candidates for their job openings. PG Consulting also does a good job in preparing candidates for the job before they are finally employed. With their reputation, companies turn to them when they need qualified staff to employ.

Address: 79, Bode Thomas Street Surulere Lagos

Phone: +234 1 4702309, 5851614 Fax: 01-5847730


6. Phillips Consulting

Many top companies in Nigeria trust Phillips Consulting because of the reputation they have gained over the years.

This reputation has been established after years of acting as the bridge that connects the companies with candidates who are well qualified for their vacancies.

Phillips consulting is no doubt one of the top recruitment agencies in Nigeria.

Address: 4th Floor, UBA House, 57 Marina, Lagos.

Phone: +234 1 266 5469, 266 5363; Fax: +234 1 266 5325.


7. Chase Executive Services

Chase Executive Services was founded in June 2000 and has provided reliable recruitment services for companies in Nigeria. They also offer companies other services like setting up and maintaining offices.

Address: 9th Floor, Fortune Towers, 27/29 Adeyemo Alakija Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Phone: +234 1 270 3371, 320 0194; Fax: +234 1 270 3372


8. EA Consultants Limited

EA Consultants Limited is known for giving top-notch consultancy services to companies all around Nigeria. While giving consultancy services, they also help these companies in employing qualified candidates for their job vacancies.

Address: 3rd Fl 27/29 King George V Road Onikan Lagos

Phone: +234 1 2645044


9. Consulting and Management Services

Address: 26 Michael Adekoya Street, Ilupeju Bye Pass, Lagos State

Phone: 01 – 4961721, 08034465388


Renowned for the wide range of services they offer to companies, Consulting and Management Services also helps in making their employment process run smoothly. They are no doubt one of the top consulting agencies in Nigeria.

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10. People Temp Recruitment Agency Nigeria

People Temp is known to offer companies quality placement and management of full-time, part-time contract workers. Job seekers benefit from their wide range of contacts from several sectors including oil and gas, telecommunication, and banking.

Address: 56B Isaac John Street, GRA Ikeja Lagos.

Phone: +234 1 7911639, 4960569


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Benefits Of Recruitment Agencies in Nigeria

  • Recruitment agencies know a lot about companies and they share this knowledge with you. This would help you settle in quickly if you get the job. They also answer any questions you might have to ask about the company.
  • Recruitment agencies grant interviews and ask the kind of questions the company looking to hire you would ask. These questions would give you more confidence going into the real company interview.
  • Recruitment agencies have access to exclusive job openings that are not available on the jobs market. With this access, you are sure to get good jobs from good companies.
  • After you have been employed, the recruitment agency could help you with further negotiations like salary, working hours, working days and bonuses.
  • Recruitment agencies could place you on temporary assignments which you would carry out until you are prepared to take up a permanent role.

That’s all on the top 10 recruitment agencies in Nigeria.

If you are a job seeker, it would be a good idea to visit their websites, submit your CVs and subscribe to their email alerts to be notified when there is a new job opening.

I hope this guide helps?

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