May 21, 2024
Short Certificate Programs That Pay Well

In this era, many people are in constant search of what will increase their finances and better their lives.

Gone are the days people focus on one career, these days, many people pursue more than one career to amass wealth for themselves.

There are numerous career options people can pursue based on their education, financial needs, values, training, interest, and skills.

Presently, people do not need to be enrolled in schools to pursue their dream careers, they now enroll in short certificate programs to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge needed to excel in their careers.

In this article, we have listed short certificate programs that pay well, read to the end to gain more insight.

Short Certificate Programs That Pay Well

There are numerous short certificate programs that pay well from accredited institutions. At the completion of these short certificate programs, you can gain more knowledge, start a new career, and boost your income.

However, these short certificate programs that pay well differ in the time of completion and manner of enrolment.

Some short certificate programs are carried out online while some are done in a physical classroom.

Moreover, some short certificate programs are completed in 4 weeks while others are completed in the span of 6 months or a year.

These short certificate programs are very rich, they furnish the learners with the advanced skills that are required to succeed in today’s workplace and increase their earning ability.

However, some certifications will expire and might require renewal at some point while some will require you to earn credits to keep your certification valid.

However, below are the short certificate programs that pay well.

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1. Emergency Medical Technician Training Program

An emergency medical technician also known as the ambulance technician is a health professional that offers emergency medical services.

Emergency medical technicians are often found working in ambulances. However, being an emergency medical technician is mentally and physically demanding, it requires empathy and compassion.

Most of the responsibilities of emergency medical technicians involve responding to and caring for the injured and ill people in emergency situations, so it’s important to be able to operate effectively in a crisis.

To become an emergency medical technician, you have to enroll in an EMT training course.

Emergency Medical Technician Training Program is one of the short certificate programs that pay well.

The course consists of online course delivery and 120 hours of classroom and skills lab time that contains skills teachings, procedures, and simulations.

The students offering this course sometimes participate in the hospital emergency department rotation and EMS rotations where they will watch, learn and help with the examination and management of patients.

EMT course equips people with the essential knowledge and skills required to receive certification from the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians as an Emergency Medical Technician which will lead to Iowa certification as an EMT.

However, to enroll in the emergency medical training program, you must:

1. Be 17 years of age at the time of registration.

2. Submit a completed online application and pay the $50 enrollment payment.

3. Pay the non-refundable Seat Fee of $350.00.

4. Be skilled in speaking, reading, and writing the English language.

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5. Successfully conclude a criminal background check authorized by the Education Program.

6. Complete the University of Iowa Health Science Student Health Screen and submit a Student Health Immunization Form.

7. Be mentally and physically capable of performing the basic duties of an EMT.

2. The National Masonry Certification Program

The National Masonry Certification Program is one of the short certificate programs that pay well.

It was developed by the Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) to provide customers with a means of selecting mason contractors who are competent and committed to quality.

The certification symbolizes expertise in the masonry field and mason contractors who acquire their certification will have more advantages than those who haven’t.

The national masonry certification program helps construction customers to identify competent contractors.

During the course, you will learn masonry practices, construction basics, measurement calculations, safety procedures, and other practices to construct walls, fences, and structures out of bricks.

However, the initial fee for certification is $600.00 for members / $850.00 for non-members. The fee contains all tracking services and exam fees (up to three exams).

The fee is renewed every three years and the renewal fee is $500.00.

3. Medical  Coding Program

The medical coding program is one of the short certificate programs that pay well, especially for those seeking interesting educational opportunities.

Medical coders are in high demand as healthcare organizations are seeking trained individuals to decode and communicate medical content.

To become a medical decoder, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent, as well as medical coding certification through the AAPC or AHIMA.

Having the medical coding certification makes you become a Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) or a Certified Coding Specialist Physician-Based (CCS-P).

It is very important to enroll in the medical coding program to learn how to use the medical coder software, and also have a deep understanding of health records, database management, and medical jargon.

However, to earn the medical coding certification from AHIMA, you must do the following:

1. 6 months of coding experience directly applying codes.

2. completion of an AHIMA-approved coding program (PCAP Program).

3. Completion of other coding training programs to include anatomy & physiology, medical terminology, basic ICD diagnostic/procedural, and basic CPT® coding.

4. Show a level of dedication, competency, and professional ability that is valued by employers.

5. Show a commitment to the coding profession.

6. Distinguish yourself from others as having passed AHIMA’s strict CCA exam

4. Automobile service Program

The automobile service program is one of the short certificate programs that pay well. People who enroll in this program get certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

NIASE is a proficient certification group that certifies professionals and shops in the automotive repair and service industry in the United States and parts of Canada.

The automobile service excellence certification is very important, you can use it to grow your business, attract and retain customers.

People who enroll in this program are basically automobile service and station managers. This Job is a high-paying job with minimum education conditions.

Though a high school diploma or equivalent is all that’s officially needed, some employers may request a degree or certification.

The Job description includes setting the oil prices for the day, making the employee schedule, training employees, managing inventory, maintaining safety regulations, managing employees, etc.

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5. Real estate broker program

The real estate brokers program is one of the short certificate programs that pay, you can earn 6 figures with the right experience and skill set.

To become a real estate broker, you need a high school diploma or equivalent, certification, and a college degree in a related field which is not always compulsory.

Earning your real estate certification is not a herculean task, it involves a few classes and some testing. The courses are inexpensive and less time-consuming than in a traditional four-year college.

You can obtain your real estate certification in colleges or online learning platforms like Udemy.

6. Google Certified Professional Data Engineer

Data engineers are in high demand in every part of the world and becoming a certified professional data engineer can widen your horizon and create many opportunities for you.

The GCP Data Engineer certification is one of the most preferred among big data and analytics professionals.

This program provides essential skills needed to progress your career and helps you with the necessary training to prepare for the industry-recognized Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer certification.

However, the skills you will gain when you enroll in this program include Information, Engineering, Google Cloud, Bigquery, Tensorflow, Cloud Computing, and Google Cloud Platform.

To enroll in the program, you must have fundamental proficiency with a common query language such as SQL; experience developing applications using common programming languages.

The program takes approximately five months to complete and you can learn in English, French, Portuguese (European), Russian, and Spanish.

To obtain the GCP Data Engineer certification, you must:

1. Complete the Coursera Data Engineering Professional Certificate

2. Study other recommended resources for the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer certification exam

3. Study the Professional Data Engineer exam guide.

4. Complete Professional Data Engineer sample questions.

5. Register for the Google Cloud certification exam (remotely or at a test center).

7. AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate

Earning AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate validates the capability to design and implement distributed systems on AWS.

This program is intended for anyone with one or more years of hands-on experience designing available, cost-efficient, fault-tolerant, and scalable distributed systems on AWS.

This program provides many ways to learn, you can opt for digital training, classroom training, AWS digital Training on Partner Sites, or Events.

To obtain this certification, you will need to take and pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam (SAA-C02).

You can download the exam guide and sample questions to prepare for the exams.

However, to take the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exams, you must have:

1. One year of hands-on experience with AWS technology, including using compute, networking, storage, and database AWS services as well as AWS deployment and management services.

2. Experience deploying, managing, and operating workloads on AWS as well as implementing security controls and compliance requirements

3. Familiarity with using both the AWS Management Console and the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)

4. Knowledge of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, AWS networking, security services, and the AWS global infrastructure

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5. Ability to identify which AWS services meet a given technical requirement and to define technical requirements for an AWS-based application

8. Certified In Risk And Information Systems Control

The CRISC is one of the short certificate programs that pay well, professionals in this field are in high demand

Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) certification is offered by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) and it helps professionals develop in-demand skills.

It prepares and equips IT professionals with the essential knowledge needed to recognize, assess and handle IT risk and to plan and enforce essential control measures and frameworks.

However, this certification is mainly for mid-career IT/IS audit, risk, and security experts who recognize and handle risks through the development, implementation, and maintenance of information systems (IS) controls.

The Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) certification is only awarded to prospects with at least three years of suitable work experience who pass a strict written test.

The CRISC exam consists of four domains which are IT Risk Identification, IT Risk Assessment, Risk Response, Mitigation, Risk Control, Monitoring, and Reporting.

9. Certified Data Professional 

​The CDP is a revised of the Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP), It uses comprehensive and current industry scenario questions to assess professional competency and newness of knowledge.

This certification is always offered by the Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP).

The ICCP examinations are regularly updated with current subject matter experts who are leading practitioners in the industry.

This certification is mainly for people with the job role including business analytics, data analytics, and design, data integration, data and information quality, data warehousing, enterprise data architecture, information systems or IT management, etc.

10. Nutanix Certified Professional – Multicloud Infrastructure

Nutanix Technical Certifications are issued to recognize the skills and knowledge you have acquired to effectively deploy, manage, optimize, and scale your Enterprise Cloud.

Obtaining these certifications validates your demonstrated power to guide your organization along to the next stage of your Enterprise Cloud journey.

Nutanix University offers many certification tracks to let you build a career development path that is in consonance with your present and future goals.

To earn this certification, candidates are expected to pass the Multicloud Infrastructure exam.

11. Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

To be eligible for this certification, you must have at least six months of hands-on experience administering Azure, along with a good knowledge of core Azure services, Azure workloads, security, and governance.

In addition, you should have experience using PowerShell, Azure CLI, Azure portal, and Azure Resource Manager templates.

However, with the Azure Administrator Associate certification, you can apply for jobs as a cloud architect.

The certification validates your proficiency as a cloud administrator to handle an Azure instance, ranging from storage to security and networking.

The program for this certification is offered in English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Chinese (Traditional), Italian, and Indonesian (Indonesia).

The exam you take for this certification measures your ability to accomplish technical tasks such as:

1. Managing Azure identities and governance.

2. Implementing and managing storage.

3. Deploying and managing Azure compute resources.

4. Configuring and managing virtual networking.

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