How To Get Flat Tummy After Pregnancy And Delivery In 2023

This is a detailed guide on how to get flat tummy after pregnancy and delivery.

Reducing belly fat and having a flat tummy after pregnancy and delivery is the desire of every woman.

Most often these desires are not fulfilled because of ignorance on how to lose belly fat after delivery.

Nevertheless, it’s not too late, you can still get flat tummy after pregnancy and delivery if you meticulously follow the tips outlined in this article.

In this guide, I will show you the best tips to get flat tummy after pregnancy and delivery.

When To Start Reducing Belly Fat After Delivery

It is a common misconception that your belly and body will return to their original state in a jiffy after giving birth.

However, these misunderstanding has created fear in women who do not lose belly fat as quickly as they wished to.

The process of losing belly fat and bouncing back varies in women. It takes a long time for most women and a shorter time for some women.

Moreover, some women’s tummies become flat naturally, while some have to work out the flat tummy.

Do not panic if you still looked pregnant after giving birth, you just need to follow the tips provided in this article to get the flat tummy you desire.

Beware, these tips should not substitute the advice of your doctor.

3 Reasons Why Your Belly Is Still Big After pregnancy And Delivery

There are many reasons why your stomach seems to be bigger after pregnancy and delivery.

Some of the reasons for this enlargement are:

1. Enlarge Uterus

The Uterus which is also known as the womb measures 3–4 inches by 2.5 inches.

It has the shape and size of an upside-down avocado pear. One of the things that make your womb enlarge is pregnancy.

When you are pregnant, your growing baby ( fetus) will stimulate the increase in the size of your uterus 1,000 times.

Moreover, the process of uterus enlargement takes time, it’s stage by stage as the baby grows until you deliver.

After giving birth, you should not expect your uterus to shrink back to its normal size overnight, just as it didn’t grow instantly.

The process of shrinking or returning your uterus to its former size is known as involution and the whole process can take 6–8 weeks after giving birth depending on your body.

In the process of your womb shrinking, you may experience cramping and contractions popularly called “after pains” which expel blood clots.

Moreover, breastfeeding can also help in reducing your uterus, so it is necessary to breastfeed your baby often.

2. Piled Up Belly Fat

Your tummy is still big after pregnancy and delivery because of accumulated belly fat during pregnancy.

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Naturally, you gain weight when you build up more calories than they are burning.

When you are pregnant, hormones like estrogen and progesterone regulate your pregnancy.

The same hormones hold on to calories and store them as fat to sustain and protect the maturing fetus.

After giving birth, this accumulated belly fat makes your stomach protrude as though you are still pregnant.

3. Separated Abdominal Muscles

Why your belly is still bulging out after you’ve lost weight might be because of Diastasis recti.

Diastasis recti are the separation and overstretching of the six-pack muscles to the right and left of the tummy button during pregnancy.

Diastasis is greatly common in pregnant and postpartum women because of the weight a growing fetus places on the linea alba. Diastasis makes your belly protrude at the center of your abdomen.

10 Tips To Get A Flat Tummy After Pregnancy And Delivery

I know that you are striving to safely lose belly fat to get a flat tummy. That’s why we have come up with these reliable tips to help you get flat stomach after delivery.

1. Make A Goal And Stick To It

In everything you want to achieve, consistency is always the key.

Losing belly fat and having a flat tummy after pregnancy will not happen overnight because good things do not come easily.

You need to dedicate your time, resources, and energy to get the right result.

So the first step to getting a flat tummy is to make a goal and stick to it with the right mindset.

Your goal is to get a flat tummy, focus on it, and strive to achieve it.

2. Breastfeed Your Baby

Some mothers are always reluctant to breastfeed their babies, maybe because it sucks their energy.

Apart from the many benefits of breastfeeding to your baby, it also enhances postpartum weight loss.

Breastfeeding your baby is necessary after giving birth, it will help return your womb and also help you burn extra calories.

Breastfeeding also stimulates contractions that help in decreasing your womb to get you in shape faster.

3. Eat Healthily

Eating healthily is no doubt one of the best recommended tips to get flat tummy after pregnancy and delivery.

Post-partum is the time you should eat healthily as you need nutrition to boost your energy and nourish your baby.

Eating healthy will reduce the excess fat in your tummy and put you back in shape.

Endeavor to cut off processed food, excess sugar, stimulating drinks (beverages that contain caffeine or purine derivatives), and alcohol.

The Following Common Guidelines Will Help You Eat Healthily

  • Do not skip breakfast
  • Eat fruits and vegetables at all times
  • Eat plenty of fiber-rich foods such as oats, whole grains, beans, avocado, dried fruits, nuts, cereals, etc.
  • Eat starchy food such as rice, potato, etc.
  • Do not consume high fat and high sugar foods such as biscuits, cakes, fast food, etc.
  • Do not stay hungry for too long
  • Take pepper soup with local/natural spices to expel blood clots and flatten your tummy.
  • Consume food with healthy fats and proteins, such as avocado, nuts, fatty fish, eggs, etc.
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It is also necessary to consult a dietitian to make sure you are eating healthy and getting the right nutrients without over-consuming calories.

4. Do mild Exercises

Exercising in the post-partum period helps to flatten your stomach, and stay healthy for yourself and your baby. You don’t need to go to the gym as your body has not fully recovered.

However,  there are ways you can get physical exercise that is mild and post-partum friendly.

Note, before starting any exercise, please consult your doctor to know if it’s safe for you to avoid injuries.

Post-Pregnancy Exercises To Flatten Your Tummy

  • Yoga
  • Pelvic floor exercises
  • Walks
  • Deep belly breathing
  • Pelvic bridge
  • Bent leg raises
  • Horizontal plank
  • Side plank

Further, before you take your postpartum workout activity to the next level, check for symptoms of diastasis recti because some core strengthening exercises can expand the gap between your abdominal muscles, which can cause further injury.

5. Wear a post-partum girdle or belly wrap

The post-partum girdle will help you bounce back to your pre-pregnancy body. Invest in a girdle or belly wrap,  it will keep the tummy in shape and tighten the muscles over time.

Wearing a postpartum girdle will support your stomach and lower back and help flatten your belly. There are many benefits of wearing a postpartum girdle after delivery.

These benefits are:

  • It promotes blood circulation
  • It improves posture and mobility
  • It reduces back pain
  • It provides support for your abdominal muscles
  • It makes work out more comfortable
  • it compresses fat and skin around the abdomen
  • It Helps in the process of uterus involution

All these benefits of a postpartum girdle will help you recover your body and get rid of belly fat.

6. Get A Massage

Getting a post-partum massage helps improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

It is excellent for treating flabby skin because massage oils nourish the skin and enhances elasticity.

Women who gave birth through C-sections will have to wait until their incisions fully recover before getting a massage.

Benefit Of Post-Pregnancy Massage

  • It reduces stress and increases relaxation
  • It reduces pains and muscle sourness
  • It aids in the circulation of blood
  • It improves energy and alertness
  • It boosts immune function
  • It Improves physical fitness
  • It enhances better sleep
  • It helps burn extra fat you accumulated during pregnancy.
  • It helps increase the blood flow to the abdominal area for a speedy recovery.
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7. Drink Enough Water

Another recommended tip to get flat tummy after pregnancy is by drinking enough water.

Water is life and hydration is an important factor in maintaining good health. It is important to drink enough water after giving birth, it will flush out waste from your body.

Moreover, warm water is good especially at the initial stage of giving birth to get rid of toxins and help to reduce belly fat. It also helps to restore the fluids you lose during childbearing.

The Importance Of Drinking Water

  • It makes the skin healthy and beautiful
  • It flushes body waste
  • It boosts performance during exercise
  • It helps in weight loss
  • It helps relieve constipation

Learn more about the health benefits of drinking water regularly.

8. Get adequate sleep and rest

A good night’s sleep is greatly important to the body. As a mother recovering from childbearing and striving to regain her lost body, it is necessary to get adequate sleep because it is as important as eating healthy and exercising.

Poor sleep often leads to serious weight gain, so if you want to lose extra fat to get the flat tummy you desire, you need quality sleep.

Moreover, when you sleep well you tend to consume fewer calories which will keep you fit.

9. Nurture Your Tummy With Hydrating Products

To get a firm tummy after giving birth, you need to use hydrating products that are rich in vitamins and collagen, they will improve your belly texture, tighten your belly and improve the flow of blood.

Use tummy firming creams that are manufactured for postpartum only for the best result.

10. Stay Motivated

Motivation is the driving force that will propel you to obtain a flat tummy, it is a crucial part of the recovery process.

Be kind to yourself, stay motivated, and patiently give your body time to recover and return to its original state.


We are concerned about your postpartum journey and your desire to have a flat belly. That’s why we’ve come up with tips to get a flat tummy after pregnancy and delivery.

We believe you’ve read everything and the tips are not difficult to practice. Make sure you are consistent to achieve the best result.

That is all on how to get flat tummy after pregnancy and delivery.

I hope this guide helps?

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