How to Check Fake iPhone in 2023 (8 Quick Ways)

In today’s world where the Apple iPhone is one of the leading smartphones in the world, it is very important you know how to check fake iPhone, especially if you are going to buy one soon.

I understand that there might be many tutorials on the internet, on how to check fake iPhone. However, most of them are not detailed enough.

Hence, if you are looking for quick ways to detect fake iPhones, this guide is for you.

The Apple iPhones are known for their unique features and iOS that make them stand out from other smartphones.

As a result of this, a lot of smartphone users prefer to use an iPhone over Android or Windows phones.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake iPhones out there, and one has to be very careful before buying an iPhone, especially if you are not buying from an accredited iPhone dealer.

A lot of people have made a mistake in buying a fake iPhone for an original one, simply because they didn’t know how to verify an original iPhone or fake one.

The good thing is that you are here now, and after reading this article, you would have learned to easily spot a fake iPhone.

Let’s get started.

8 Quick Ways To Detect Fake iPhone

While there seem to be many methods to spot a fake iPhone, we have been able to come up with the 8 quickest tips to do that.

Whether you want to detect a fake iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iphone X, or any model of iPhone, these tips work just fine.

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1. Launch iTunes and Apple Store

The first way to spot a fake iPhone is by launching iTunes and Apple Store on the said iPhone. When you launch iTunes, if it does not connect, then it’s not an original iPhone.

Also, try launching the Apple Store. An original iPhone must take you to Apple Store if you tap the Apple Store icon.

If it does not load the Apple Store, or take you to Play Store or any other store other than the Apple Store, then it is a fake iPhone and not an original one.

With this tip, I have been able to spot so many fake iPhones. Sometimes, by simply doing this, you will save yourself a lot of stress in buying a fake iPhone.

2. Launch Siri

Another tip on how to check fake iPhone is to check if Siri’s application is there. If it is there, try to launch it and see if it will work.

Siri, an iPhone mobile assistant only works on an original iPhone. If it does not work, then it might be that the iPhone is a fake one.

However, this is not enough reason to conclude that an iPhone is not an original one.

3. Lock Feature

Another best way to detect a fake iPhone is by simply checking the iPhones lock style.

When you look at the lock screen, you will discover that the original iPhone has an animated slide to unlock feature.

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It constantly highlights from left to right. This is very different from the fake iPhones that have a solid slide to unlock.

This is one best way you can quickly tell if an iPhone is fake or original.

4. Check Battery Percentage Color

Another tip to quickly check if an iPhone is fake or original is by checking the battery percentage color.

An original iPhone battery percentage color from the home screen is white.

Any iPhone you have or want to buy that you notice that the battery percentage color in the home screen is anything other than white is a fake iPhone.

5. Check the Keyboard

The next way to quickly check a fake iPhone is by checking the iPhone’s keyboard. An original iPhone has space written on the space bar, and also an emoji by the left before the space bar.

While the fake iPhone is likely not to have space written on it. Also, the fake iPhone has a comma button instead of the smile emoji as seen on the screenshot.

6. Check Apple Website for Warranty Status and Network Coverage

Another way to verify a fake iPhone from an original iPhone is to check for the iPhones warranty status and network coverage status.

To do that, launch theĀ  Apple checking site, and input your iPhone Serial Number. Learn how to find your iPhone serial number here.

If it is an original iPhone, it will show the details of the iPhone.

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7. Check Storage Capacity.

Another method to detect fake iPhone and original iPhone is to check if the iPhone has an expandable storage capacity.

Original iPhones do not have a memory card slot. Hence, if you find an iPhone that allows you to insert an SD card to expand the storage capacity, then that is definitely not an original iPhone.

8. Check the Operating System (iOS)

Lastly, check the phone’s Operating System. Apple iPhone uses proprietary iOS as its official operating system.

If you find an iPhone that has any other OS other than the iPhone iOS, that phone is definitely a fake iPhone.


The 8 ways to detect fake iPhone contained in this are failproof methods. They will guide you to know a fake and original iPhone any time any day.

However, I recommend you don’t use only one method and conclude. Try and use all the methods if you can, before drawing a conclusion.

That’s all on how to check fake iPhone.

If you followed us to this point, then I am sure you have learned how to check a fake iPhone.

I hope these tips on how to check fake iPhone helps?

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