10 Best Free Call Blocker Apps for Android Devices

Looking for the best free call blocker apps for android devices? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place, we intend to cover that in this article.

Having your phone ring almost frequently only to discover that the caller is not only strange but completely unknown and spam could be really annoying and sometimes truly frustrating.

Almost everyone has been a victim of spam or unwanted calls from an unknown number many times. To prevent and curb this kind of incident from reoccurring in the future, you need an effective call blocker app. But not all call blocker apps work for this purpose, likely depending on the type of device you use, which could be iOS or Android.

This article is focused on giving you the Best Free Call Blocker Apps for Android Devices that can put a stop to spam callers from your phone permanently.

12 Best Free Call Blocker Apps for Android Devices

1. Truecaller – Caller ID, SMS spam blocking & Dialer

The Truecaller app is a very effective call-identifying app and one of the Best Free Call Blocker Apps for Android Devices.

Many users of the app have the leverage to use this free call-blocking app to prevent unknown numbers from calling or texting them. The Truecaller app is designed to facilitate ease and comfort in keeping track of your callers and call history.

With its uniquely different features, you can control your calls on your own terms, and won’t get disturbed by spam callers, telemarketers, or any other unwanted number you wish to avoid, for as long as you want.

Key Features:

It has an amazing but simple user interface that can be adjusted to fit your theme choice

Truecaller has a powerful dialer that makes blocking spam callers, telemarketers, or any friend or family contact from reaching you easy and effective.

It is also a very smart SMS app that can block messages from an unknown number among other features

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The app is able to tell you when a number you are trying to reach is on an active call and whether you should abort or stay on the call.

The numbers can be added to Blacklist and you can select whether you want to block the text messages, calls, or both.

Above all, the above-listed features of the Truecaller app are free.

Download Truecaller from the Google Play Store to your device to block calls conveniently.

2. Call Control – Call Blocker

The Call Control app is another trusted and one of the Best Free Call Blocker Apps for Android Devices that will automatically block calls from spam callers, and robocalls. It can also block any person who is added to the user’s personal blacklist for as long as it is there.


The Call Control app blocks both calls and text messages of the Android device.

Community IQ feature is present to track and catch robocalls.

Enhanced caller ID helps to identify who is calling you from an unknown number just in case you do not have the contact saved in your phonebook.

Do Not Disturb mode is also a provided feature.

Google Play is where to Download Call Control.

3. Hiya – Caller ID & Block

The Hiya App helps to identify all callers as well as ensure that users can block any unwanted calls before the call rings and disturb the user.

Key Features:

The app has a feature that helps in identifying a Caller’s Identity.

It Provides Calls and Spam Blocking features.

The unknown callers are identified in real time.

It can also track SMS caller Identity.

The best thing about this app is that it is a free call blocker app.

Download Play Hiya-Caller from Google Play Store

4. Safest Call Blocker

This is one of the best free call blocker Apps for Android Devices and enables safe blocking as well as efficient features that allow for smooth call answering.

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Key Features

Allow users to Block incoming phone calls from unwanted numbers like telemarketers, robocalls, etc with Safest Call Blocker.

Also, a free application designed by Warez.

5. Whoscall – Caller ID & Block

This App helps to identify spam callers, robocalls, telemarketers, and the like and also provides features that can call to prevent you from attending unnecessary calls.

It is one of the best free call blocker apps for android devices.

Key Features

Whoscall also offers the recognition of callers with the caller ID feature.

It can provide its users with a Whoscall card to create their own unique ID.

Identifying unknown callers and helping to block them automatically.

Download Google Play Whoscall.

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6. Mr. Number – Block Calls & Spam

This app is another effective call-blocking app for Android devices, it is easy to use and can smartly identify spam callers as well. It is great at preventing spam and fraudulent callers from bugging your phone.

Key Features

  • It can block calls from just one person, an area code, or from an entire country.
  • It can put a permanent stop to telemarketers’ and debt collector’s calls.
  • It will report spam calls to warn other users.

Mr. Number can be downloaded on Google Play

7. Blacklist Plus – Call Blocker

This is a reliable option when choosing the Best Free Call Blocker Apps for Android Devices. Blacklist Plus is an easy-to-use call blocker that allows you to block a whole range of number that starts with the same digits.

Key Features:

  • This app has four block modes.
  • Users can select any of the block methods.
  • Keeps a journal of the blocked numbers.
  • Another uncommon feature of this app is its advanced privacy with passwords.
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Download Blacklist from Google Play

8. Should I Answer

Should I Answer is one of the best free call Blocker Apps for Android devices, with it comes a mobile security application by Mister Group s.r.o.

This app works great at protecting users against unsolicited, and unwanted calls by providing blocking features for spam and suspicious numbers.

9. Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker

This app has dual functions, call blocking and SMS blocking, ranking it as one of the best free call blocker apps for android devices. It can easily block unwanted calls and text messages from any hidden or private contacts.

Key Features

  • Block calls and SMS using a Blacklist feature
  • Also, blocks private and hidden numbers
  • Has a whitelist that ensures that certain people keep having access to you
  • You can control how long numbers stay blocked by scheduling time, it is available to block calls and messages at specified times.

Calls Blacklist is available on Google Play for Download

10. Avast Mobile Security – Antivirus & Applock

The Avast mobile security app is designed as a security app, yet it allows for effective call-blocking and can do much more than just call-blocking unsolicited numbers.


Maintains users’ privacy and provides security from spam etc

Add a contact to the blacklist for it to take effect

Provides other ways to ensure the blocked numbers will stay blocked.

This app works great for Android devices and it’s also one of the best free call Blocker Apps for Android devices

Available on Google Play Avast Mobile Security for download.

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