How To Start A Ready To Wear Ankara Business In Nigeria 2023

This is a detailed guide on How To Start A Ready To Wear Ankara Business In Nigeria.

There are so many business opportunities available in Nigeria.

Almost every sector has a business opportunity to offer, and today I’ll be venturing into the fashion industry.

Although people already in the fashion industry are likely to grasp this valuable information more easily, it isn’t a no-go area for beginner fashionistas too.

In this post, the focus will be on how to start a ready-to-wear Ankara business in Nigeria.

You will be fed with the requirements and optimum details needed to start and stay afloat in ready to wear Ankara business.

How Lucrative Is Ankara Business In Nigeria?

Ankara is a very popular fabric in Nigeria, and it is worn by a large number of the country’s citizens.

People wear Ankara on special occasions, and it is regarded as one of the classy attires in Nigeria.

This makes the business a very lucrative and profitable one to start.

This type of fabric is not only popular in Nigeria but also in Africa, a major reason why it is also called African wax.

Ankara fabric is used for various clothing and decorating materials.

A few examples are shoes, hats, earrings, kaftans, and so on.

To wrap it up here, the Ankara business is very lucrative, and there is no limit to how much money you can make from it.

How Much Do You Need To Start A Ready To Wear Business In Nigeria?

One of the important questions to answer before you Kickstart your business is the question of how much you do need to start a clothing line in Nigeria.

However, in this case of ready to wear Ankara business, you would be able to start with a little capital.

This is a business you can start without needing to break the bank.

With the sum of ₦500,000, you can start this business on a small scale.

This is not to say you can’t begin anything if you don’t have up to that amount.

You can as well begin in your very little way after you have found out the materials you would need to purchase.

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How Much Can I Make With Ankara Ready To Wear Business?

I have mentioned that this is a lucrative business but read on to know how much your potential earnings could amount to in running an Ankara ready-to-wear business.

How much you can make in this business will depend on many factors. Your location, your professionalism, your advertisement, your uniqueness, and so on.

That being said, I can safely say you can earn up to about one million Naira monthly in this business.

Remember that the beginning days may not be all rosy, you need to put in work to attain that level of high earning.

How To Start A Ready To Wear Ankara Business In Nigeria

Having shared with you the basic details about Ankara ready-to-wear business, it is about time to answer the most important question you might have in mind.

How do I start Ankara ready-to-wear business in Nigeria?

Step 1: Acquire The Skills And Gain Experience.

Knowledge is required in any field or career of your choice and the fashion business is not left out.

The first step to start your ready-to-wear Ankara business is to get the skill.

Since you are going to be dealing with already made wear, it is important to learn fashion designing and cloth making.

There are many learning options that can get you skilled.

You can learn this skill from fashion schools or skill acquisition centers in Nigeria.

Also, you can learn as an apprentice under a professional fashion designer.

You can as well self-learn it by watching online videos from YouTube or other fashion-related platforms.

This first step if getting the skill will also ho you gain experience in the craft.

Step 2: Select A Niche

After you must have mastered the art of cloth making, the next step to start a ready-to-wear Ankara business is to choose a niche, your area of specialization.

There are various categories of the ready-to-wear clothing line business in Nigeria.

There are different types of wear you can make. A few of these could be native wear, female clothes, male clothes, children’s clothes, accessories, or corporate wear.

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However, before you decide on the niche there are a few things to give thought to:

  • Who will be my customer?
  • How often will they demand?

It is very good to focus on a certain set of people at the start, and improve upon it with time.

Step 3: Develop A Business Plan

A well-structured business plan is what keeps your business going when things become difficult.

It is vital to have your business plan well prepared from the beginning, as this will help it take care of likely challenges even before they began.

What a business plan will carry are majorly your goals (both short-term and long-term), and the strategies to reach these goals.


Step 4: Open A Shop

The next thing to consider in starting your ready-to-wear Ankara business is to get a location.

I tagged this opening a shop because I have an online store in mind.

Inciting your business location, it is apparent to consider a place with traffic.

It is not a too good idea to set up your business in a secluded area.

You will get more patronage when you are located in an area where people flood at least relatively.

An online store is also possible, so you should not be discouraged if you can not open a physical shop yet.

The Ankara fabrics business is something you can promote online, and deliver products to your customers when they patronize.

You can open a Facebook or Instagram handle where you will be promoting your new business.

In short, all social media platforms can be used for advert and people’s awareness.

Please note that even if you have a physical store, you still need this for marketing.

Step 5: Register Your Business

Another important step to start an Ankara business is to register your business with the CAC in Nigeria.

It is a very important factor in Nigeria for start-ups to get officially registered with the government.

The constitutional policy requires you to register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

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This is the body responsible for the registration of businesses in Nigeria.

Getting an authorized registration will give your business unique recognition, and it will make your business transactions become legal. Learn how to register a business in Nigeria.

Step 6: Market Your Business

If your Ankara business must last long, then you must market it.

It brings in sales and helps the business to keep running smoothly.

The fact that you are located in a busy area is not enough, because if you omit some necessary marketing strategies, people may not be sure of what you are doing even in that busy area.

Some strategies you can implore to market your business includes:

  • Raising a signpost.
  • Distributing Flyers
  • Use of billboards
  • Printing of business cards
  • Advertising with media houses (Radio or Television)
  • Active usage of social media (e.g Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Getting a website.

Step 7: Get Helping Hands

Keep in mind that when your business begins to reach landmarks, you may become unable to run it all alone.

This will then call for hiring professional designers that can help in making fabrics.

It is a necessity to consider the skills and experience of a person before hiring them.

Note that this might not be primary if you are starting small, but you will need to grow with increasing demands.

Step 8: Get Your Materials And Get Started

If you have been able to take care of the steps enumerated above, you are ready to start your business, and the next thing is to get started.

You will need to get a supplier that will get materials to you.

Then you can begin to create creative designs with your professional touch.

That is all on How To Start A Ready To Wear Ankara Business In Nigeria.

Hope this was helpful.

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