10 Best Loan Calculator Apps for Android

This article is typically written to help you with the choice of an efficient, accurate, and easy-to-use Loan Calculator App for Android to help you keep track of your financial history with just a few clicks.

Here, we make mention of the 10 Best loan calculator apps for Android devices designed to address the needs of people who need to calculate and track payments based on Rate and Term in a few clicks. A simple loan payment calculator. With it, you can easily obtain information related to your financial investment.

Regardless of the format of a Loan calculator app, the amortization details behind the scenes make them all helpful tools to develop better financial health.

List of 10 Best Loan Calculator Apps for Android

Below is a list of the 10 Best loan calculator apps for Android

1. 10bii

The 10bii is one of the 10 Best loan calculator apps for Android, designed after Hewlett Packard’s 10BII financial calculator.


The app has numerous functions that span over a hundred and is helpful for computing the financial, and statistical answers needed.

An excellent app to make precise TVM calculations and have your results displayed in a cash-flow diagram.

Also, this loan app for Android is capable of accomplishing other calculations like loan payments, interest rates, investment value, and mortgage payments.

The loan calculator app is a great choice for finance and business experts, and for people who’d rather work with a top-performing tool for calculating.

Also, their customer services are usually highly recommended.

  • Cost: Paid ($5.99)
  • Best for Precise TVM calculations
  • Available in the Google Play Store

2. Financial Calculators

The Financial calculator app is very comprehensive and one of the 10 Best loan calculator apps for Android, an option when it comes to financial calculators.

If you’re most likely looking for an app that tells you your financial numbers, for loans, retirement, small business, amortization, investments, and much more, Financial Calculators should be your starting point.

It is great for accounting, an undergraduate in finance management, and of course for professionals in the field and typically works for just about anyone who likes to stay updated and in control of their numbers.

  • Cost: Free
  • Best for Comprehensive calculators
  • Available in the Google Play Store

3. Quick Business Calculator

As the name implies, Quick Business Calculator helps you manage your small business, It is a loan calculator app among the 10 best loan calculator apps for android that allows you to know the actual state of your financial health.

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The quick business calculator gives accurate results for your markups, cash flow, taxes, discounts, etc. Also, you could leverage a couple of unique features that can help improve the flow of your business operations, and better contract legality and market position.

A very effective tool too in day-to-day business calculations, and accounting and can be useful for Moreover, you can use for commercial calculations.

Also, helps to make especially helpful in making vital business and financial decisions.

  • Cost: Free
  • Best for Small businesses
  • Available in the Google Play Store

4. Touch RPN

The Touch RPN is another loan calculator app that is based on the HP 12c RPN system and a loan app that can be available for both iOS and Android users.

This loan calculator app functions just like the HP 12cand may mean that it can possess HP 12c limitations too.

The app can be used as a scientific or financial calculator. Calculation modes are referred to as “flavors.” This Is the same given which means a basic financial flavor and a scientific one are available on RPN.

The other “flavors” are available after purchase. They are ad-free and contain extra features. These flavors are emulators of other calculation systems, such as the algebraic/RPN financial flavor, financial flavor with Black-Scholes, and scientifically advanced flavor.

When making calculations apps, accurate calculations of annual interest rates, as well as loan amortizations, and TVM can be expected, these are part of what makes Touch RPN one of the 10 Best loan calculator Apps for Androids.

  • Cost: Free (offers in-app purchases)
  • Best android emulator of the HP 12C RPN financial calculator
  • Website: Touch RPN
  • Available in the Google Play Store

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5. Calctape

Calctape is a fantastic loan calculator with easy to use interface and great performance and accuracy in helping you make notations on each line in your financial calculations.


It further saves these calculations for future reference a quality that ranks it as one of the 10 Best loan calculator apps for Android users.

Calctape enables, you the leverage to either add or delete a line within the calculation and the results will automatically update.

This app is proficient in tracking expenses and general calculations. For best results, annotate each line with the type of expenditure made to help you get a much more simplified result.

You can literally leave a paper trail with Calctape since part of its functions allows you to make calculations on digital paper tape.

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It also comes with several color themes to create a more customized and easy distinction, as well as a better calculating experience.

Works efficiently on Androids and iOS devices.

  • Cost: Paid ($2.99)
  • Best for Digital paper tape & notations features
  • Website: Calctape
  • Android Link: Available in the Google Play Store

6. Expense Manager Pro

The efficiency of the Expense Manger Pro keeps our lives in shape, particularly our financial lives, keep tabs, and give more direction to our spending cannot be over-emphasized.

You can use the app to organize your bills and budget.

This app is great with a number of things, you do need an app that can help you watch how you spend, by providing an expense and income calendar that is quite easy to use and very effective at helping one meet their financial goals.

In addition, the app records every item in a different category, simultaneously with the corresponding amount. In this way, you have an overview of your spending habits.

It is very great for inculcating better money-saving habits.

Expense Manager Pro does a good job of consolidating receipts that were placed in different places into one place for ease of access.

It also ensures that you stay up-to-date concerning payment with its payment alert feature.

It also helps you stay aware of where to cut back on your spending, and what expense category you’re actually spending more money on.

Qualities such as this place it as one of the10 Best loan calculator apps for Android

  • Cost: Free
  • Best for: Keeping track of your spending
  • Website: Bishinew
  • Android Link: Available in the Google Play Store

7. Loan Calculator by Rishi Kapoor

What better choice for a loan calculator than a loan calculator by Rishi Kapoor? It offers a straightforward interface that gives you simple usage and quick inputs while making the calculations of any loan type and leaves with you accurate results.

Here, you can view the chart, statistics, or graph, of any loan, as well as the overview of the payments you need to make for the duration of the loan.

These are just a few of why it ranks as one of the 10 Best loan calculator apps for Android users.

  • Cost: Free
  • Best for: Calculating loans of any type

8. EMI Calculator by Technofornity Software Solutions

The EMI(equated monthly installment) Calculator by Technofornity Software Solutions app is highly efficient at calculating mortgages or other loans and qualifies as one of the 10 Best loan calculator apps for Android.

Also, it allows you to keep track of all your current loans and a payment reminder feature that alerts you when an EMI is due.

  • Cost: Free & Paid
  • Best: EMI calculations
  • Android Link: Available in the Google Play Store
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9. Financial Calculator by Roaming Squirrel

The Financial Calculator app by Roaming Squirrel features a financial mode interface, that depicts calculations for breaking up even cash flow, and interest (compound and interest conversion).

The app also provides graphs, charts, and tables to accompany calculation results when applied.

Accuracy is guaranteed for any user of this app, both for small businesses, entrepreneurs, accountants, or students.

  • Cost: Free & Paid
  • Best for: Graphs & tables features
  • Website: Roaming Squirrel

10. Loan Calculator By Pixeldo Mobile

This is a well-designed loan calculator app for Android users, it helps you make monthly payment calculations and the amount of interest to be paid, the total cost of credit, and the amortization, etc.


With this Loan Calculator app, you can make sample calculations for your personal loan needs e.g Mortgage Loan, Consumer loan. Vehicle loans, Business loans, and overdrafts, as well as EMI, make your business financial life easier.

Interest rate entry is determined by the user as bank rates and financial institutions change instantly.

With the option to share, payment plans can be shared with friends or customers.

Functions without an internet connection, and has no hidden charges or in-app purchases.

All of the above characteristics have earned it one of the 10 Best loan calculator apps for Android.


So there you go, with the 10 best loan calculator apps for Android at your disposal, to ensure you keep you are in absolute charge of your financial health.

These apps listed above are aimed at educating you about the state of your finances, and helping you see the real picture of your financial status and how best you can utilize it for proper self-development and financial growth, or where you may run at a loss.

Ultimately, it keeps your fingers on the pulse of your finances and motivates you to develop smart money habits that will be of immense benefit to you in the long run.

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