How To Send Money From USA To Nigeria

This is a detailed guide on how to send money from USA to Nigeria.

Do you have questions bothering your mind like “how can I send money from USA to Nigeria”?
Or what app can I use to send money to Nigeria from the United States?

This is the right article to give you the right headway with no hitches.

Are you are a resident of the United States who has a business partnership with Nigerian corporations, or one who has an ongoing project you are funding?

Or perhaps you just need to send some cash to your friends and family back in your home country, Nigeria?

You are not alone. Because how to send money from USA to Nigeria is one of the questions currently bothering a lot of people who wish to send money from the United States of America to Nigeria.

So, in this guide, I will show you how to quickly send money from the United States to Nigeria.


There are many ways to send money from the United States of American to Nigeria, however, below are some of the most reliable ways you could use.


The number one way I’ll talk a little is the transfer to a domiciliary account.

If the recipient of the money in Nigeria has a domiciliary account, having a direct transfer into a Domiciliary account is one of the best ways to send money to Nigeria from the United States.

Domiciliary account here is a type of current account that you can fund with foreign currencies.

A Nigerian account that is not a domiciliary account can only be funded with the local currency, Naira. But you can fund a domiciliary account with dollars and other foreign currencies and you can also do foreign transactions on the account.

When you want to send funds to a domiciliary account in Nigeria, you will need to ask the recipient for the following details about the domiciliary account.

  • Account name
  • Account number
  • Bank name
  • Bank address
  • Bank’s SWIFT CODE (a standard code used to specify a particular bank branch).
    If you want to use this option to transfer your funds to Nigeria, then the recipient must definitely open a domiciliary account (if they don’t have one).
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A good number of Nigerian banks have domiciliary account types for the United States dollar (USD) and other foreign currencies. Banks like Zenith Bank, UBA, First Bank, FCMB, and GTBank are great examples.

After the funds have been sent, you will receive an alert of a successful transfer within 72 hours. Withdrawal of the funds is also easy after your recipient has gotten an alert.

All they need to do is to visit the bank branch and inquire about the person in charge of foreign currency transactions. Then he/she will process the withdrawal after you have filled a withdrawal slip.


Secondly, you can send money via Quickteller.

  • QUICKTELLER Platform is a financial service application that allows you to purchase airtime, pay bills, send and receive money via the web (
  • Visit and sign up.
  • From the loaded homepage, you will find the menu button at the top left side of the page. It is a three-row horizontal line. That is the menu, select it.
  • A pop-up page will slide in on the left side of the page, select the “Select/Recieve money” option.
  • Next, click “Transfer to Account” and fill the forms that come up by entering the account number, desired bank name, and amount.
  • Insert Card Details, i.e. the PAN, the Expiry Date, the CVV, your PIN.
  • A Safetoken/OTP or Verve eCash PIN will be sent to you if you are transferring from your eCash account. And you will also be required to enter it.
  • You can follow the process easily from there.


You can send money to Nigeria from USA through the Western Union.
Firstly, Western Union is a company that allows you to transfer money from to anywhere you so wish in the world.

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This is a very good option if you want to send money from the United States to Nigeria. Although, it is not totally risk-free it is a reliable way of sending money around the world. To limit the risks involved, take note of these two important things:

  1. Send money only to people you know and have a personal relationship with. Never send money to strangers either to purchase some commodities or for other reasons. Send only to people you know and trust.
  2. Verify the recipient’s location before sending money.

Follow the steps below to send your money on the western union website.

  • Visit and sign up to have an account with the company.
  • After you have signed in, locate the menu button (a thick three-row horizontal lines) and click on it.
  • From the menu, click the Send Money link you’ll find.
  • Select Send Online and wait for a new page to load.
  • On the new page, enter the right details bun the empty fields provided. Also, choose how you want to pay. The options you have are to send the money with a credit or debit card or to do so with your bank account.
  • Your transaction will have a unique MTCN number. Keep this safe as it is the tracking code and the recipient of the money will need it before they can receive the money.


MoneyGram is another trusted and reliable platform for sending money from the United States to Nigeria. The required steps are as follows:

STEP 1: Find a location.

You will need to find a MoneyGram agent location close to you.

STEP 2: Prepare for an agent visit and you will need the following:

  • Means of Identification.
  • Recipient’s full name. This should match their I.D. and their location
  • The amount you wish to send. But you will also pay transfer charges.
  • Recipient’s bank details. (If you are sending to the Recipient’s back directly).

STEP 3: You will be given a form to fill. Kindly do and submit.

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STEP 4: Let your recipient be aware.

Also, save your receipt and send the reference number and the receipt to the recipient for them to provide it when they need to withdraw the money.

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When you send money to a bank account, it will be sent directly into the account and the recipient would only need to visit their bank branch.


There are lots of companies that provide online money transfer services not just from USA to Nigeria but also across many countries all over the world.

A few of these companies are: Payoneer, Worldremit, Transfast, Remittanceprices, skrill and many more.

Below is the required process to send money online.

  1. visit the desired transfer company (say, Payoneer or skrill) and Create an account with the company.
  2. Provide your registration details in the provided fields. Your contact details, name, means of identity, and also your bank account details (provided you want to send money from your account instead of cash).
  3. Enter details of the recipient of the money.
  4. You will select a payment option of your choice and thereafter, enter the full details of your transfer.
  5. Save the reference number or receipt you receive to track the progress of your transfer.
  6. Select a cash pickup location. This is where the recipient will withdraw the money if you are not sending directly to their bank account. Western Union and MoneyGram are examples of pickup locations. They offer the option of cash pickups from thousands of agent locations across Nigeria.

That is all on how to send money from USA to Nigeria.

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