The process of scoring the website out of 100 based on its ranking is known as domain authority. The blog with good domain authority enjoys valuable success and the trust of users.

On the scale of domain authority, there is a rating starting from 0 to 100, where 100 reflects the optimum marking for the site. However, the least ranking indicates the poor domain authority.

Moz is responsible for the overall algorithm of the domain authority analysis. Moz designed it well and made it easier to comprehend the results, even for beginners.

The domain authority of the website or blog may be poor, average, good, or excellent. If you successfully gain the scoring above 60, then you are massively blessed to have excellent domain authority.

The detailed analysis reflects the multiple flaws and also reflects the areas or zones having perfect scoring.

How to Check Domain authority?

To check DA of your website or competitors, there are several online tools available for free. The most authentic way of measuring the domain authority is MOZ itself but when you have to check for multiple sites, you may need a third-party website.

Moz as well as some other website offer their tools completely free and you may check it instantly without providing your details for registration.

Steps to Grow Your Domain Authority

Let us glance at the six splendid steps that help website owners improve the domain authority.

  1. Ensure Best On-Page SEO
  2. Internal and External Linkable Structure
  3. Mobile-Friendly Website
  4. Enhance Webpage Loading Speed
  5. Promotion on Social Media
  6. Reduce High Bounce Rate
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1. Ensure Best On-Page SEO

There are three SEO types which are Off-page SEO, On-page SEO, and Technical SEO. Ensure to focus on all these and regularly post on the website with the optimum On-Page SEO.

 Domain Authority

There are several elements of On-Page SEO that can let you get a boost quite instantly.

Seo improvement will not only improve your website’s ranking but also be valuable to increase your domain authority.

2. Internal and External Linkable Structure

No doubt, hyperlink has the power to build a strong connection and network with the masses. Use the valuable internal and external linking strategy to make your content more useful for users.

You must use multiple links rather than a single one. However, it is significant to mention that both quantity and quality matter; hence do not compromise.

 Domain Authority

Besides the external linking, focus on the internal linking, too, such as linking the other relevant articles of your site. Hence, readers will love to know about those articles too, and it helps enhance their vision about your website content and writing style.

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3. Mobile-friendly Website

Nowadays, there is a huge number of websites having exciting and excellent content. People like to explore their desired stuff or read impressive content in their leisure time.

They are much glued to smartphones, and hence gaining traffic from mobile viewers is much necessary. It is impossible to optimize the domain authority without having enchanting, interactive, and feasible mobile-friendly versions of websites.

 Domain Authority

4. Enhance Webpage Loading Speed

The loading of the web pages matters a lot. It has a direct relation with the bounce rate. People do not like to stay at the website, which takes much to load.

Enhance Webpage Loading Speed

Users stay at the websites for reading the content of buying the stuff that provides an excellent experience to them.

Several techniques can be used to enhance webpage loading speed.

5. Promotion on Social Media

Social media’s power is majestic in making the content a fabulous success and using social media to enhance the ranking within the least possible time. The promotion of the website content on social media is a powerful aid that quickly enhances the domain authority.

Adding the social media widgets to the website content will encourage the readers to share the content with others. Hence, it will help in building organic traffic, and people will start engaging the articles too.

Social media sharing proves an amazing and huge ranking factor. Utilize it sagaciously for all the website content!

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6. Reduce High Bounce Rate

One of the greatest tips to mention is never to let the domain name of the website expire. Keep on reviewing it. Else the domain ranking would fall drastically.

Creating quality content Ensures to have larger content rather than smaller. Most often, the informative content of 1000 or above will help retain the readers on the website for longer. Use short paragraphs and few sentences in each passage.

Bounce Rate

(Source: Neil Patel)

The readability score of the content matters a lot. Use simple wording rather than too much complexity. Create infographics as well.

Understand the market strategy completely to provide the traffic that they are looking for! Analyze the competitors, to understand their strategy.

The blend of text and images creates quality content that enhances website performance and reduces the high bounce rate.


Increasing domain authority will not be beneficial for you to increase the traffic of your website but it is a good measuring factor when comparing different websites.

Being a blogger, a good DA score will bring more advertisement opportunities. Moreover, with a good number, you can sell guest posts on your website at a good price.

The above-mentioned steps are easy to follow but remember, all of these factors are based on quality over quantity.