15 Cheap Universities In Cyprus For International Students

This is a detailed guide on the 15 Cheap Universities In Cyprus For International Students.

This list has been carefully put together to ease the stress you might have to go through if there be no guide.

Regardless of your nationality, if you would love to study outside your home country, Cyprus is one of the suitable destinations you might want to consider.

There are a lot of values that are awaiting you in Cyprus as an international student, and you will be learning some of them in this post.

My aim?

I have a sole aim for putting this article together, and it is for you to have a deep understanding of the cheapest universities in Cyprus for International students after reading.

Why Study In Cyprus?

I have stated briefly that there are many values to get when you study in Cyprus, and I will highlight a few of them here.

To start with, the education system in Cyprus is an excellent one. It has a quality that competes well with the most popular countries in the world.

There are various facilities for the benefit of students, international students inclusive.

Unlike in some other countries, there would be no need for any language test. I mean your English language mastery would not be tested before you can study in Cyprus.

The cost of education is relatively low, especially in the Institutions I will share with you, and the process of obtaining visa is straightforward.

Requirements To Study In Cyprus

As expected, there are some basic requirements you should meet up before you can study in Cyprus.

The admission requirements to study in Cyprus includes:

  • A copy of your student passport.
  • Your Passport sized photographs.
  • Your completed application form
  • Official copy of your high school diploma
  • Official transcript of previous college/university records
  • An Evidence of knowledge of English
  • A Residence permit
  • And a Student visa (for non-EU citizens)

As an international student, you are required to undergo a medical check-up at your own cost.

You will then submit the result of the check-up to the University you want to attend.

In addition, your final admission is dependent on the two factors below.

You must be cleared medically by the university after they have examined the medical report you submitted.

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You must have been issued a student visa.

Requirements For Students Visa

Note that the processing of a student visa may take up to a month or more.

For this reason, students should apply for about 2-3 months before they enroll to study.

The requirements for a student visa are:

  • Completed application form
  • Application fee
  • 4 passport photographs
  • Copies of your academic certificates
  • Evidence of your proficiency in English (for English speaking students)
  • Your passport photocopy
  • A recent certificate of good conduct from the police force in your country.

List of 15 cheap Universities In Cyprus For International Students

Below is the list of the cheap universities in Cyprus for international students.

1. Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU)

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) is one of the cheap universities in Cyprus for international students.

The standard of education in this institution still stands high despite the cheap costs of study.

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) was established in the year 1979 under the initiative of Onay Fadl Demirciler.

The university has a system that allows international students to study on a scholarship

Eastern Mediterranean University Website

2. European University Of Lefke

The European University of Lefke is an affordable university in Cyprus where international students can study with ease and at a high level of education.

The European University of Lefke has almost 50% of its international students admitted in scholarship.

They also offer a special tuition fee to their international graduates for master’s programs.

European University Of Lefke Website

3. Cyprus International University (CIU)

Cyprus International University is close to a no-charges university.

It has designed a system for international students to thrive without paying too much, making life easier for them.

The easing of the cost of the study is not only in the tuition fees. The university has it extended to accommodation and even feeding.

They really have students at heart, and you would find it easy as an international student.

Cyprus International University Website

4. Near East University(NEU)

Near East University was founded in the year 1988, and it is also one of the cheap universities in Cyprus for international students.

It has a standard level of academic operation and provides one of the best learning experiences for international students.

Near East University Website

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5. University Of Nicosia

The University Of Nicosia like the aforementioned institution also has a special arrangement for its students to cope well with their academic responsibilities.

They offer education at cheap rates and stand among the best Universities in the country

University Of Nicosia Website

6. Cyprus University Of Technology

At Cyprus University Of Technology, international students are paying a lower sum of tuition compared to what other students pay.

Cyprus University Of Technology has international students at heart and has some intentional measures to help them scale well in their studies.

The University has scholarship opportunities for students in the areas of academic excellence.

This is one of the universities to consider as an international student.

Cyprus University Of Technology Website

7. European University Cyprus (EUC)

European University Cyprus is one of the top universities in Cyprus that attracts students from various countries globally.

The institution is a cheap but standard institution that offers a high standard education for international students.

They are focused on making top-quality education become accessing and affordable for students globally.

European University Cyprus Website

8. Frederick University

Frederick University is a reputable university in Cyprus that many opportunities for international students.

It provides quality education cheaply, gives financial aids, and make scholarship available for international students.

The institution has both part and full scholarship opportunities for students as entrants. Although, the scholarship is based on merit.

It also has a special scholarship arrangement for athletes.

Frederick University Website

9. Girne American University

Girne American University is another cheap university in Cyprus for international students.

It is one of the leading institutions in Cyprus, and it provides a very favorable atmosphere for international students to thrive.

Every internet student that signs up for either Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree, or Master Degree Programs receives a 50% deductions in tuition fee payment.

Girne American University is a place you would love to be as an international student.

Girne American University Website

10. University Of Kyrenia

The University of Kyrenia is no doubt one of the cheap universities in Cyprus for international students.

In fact, I can almost say that the University Of Kyrenia offers almost free education for international students.

The institution literally gives a chance of studying for free by studying on scholarship.

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The scholarship opportunity at the University Of Kyrenia can be absolute throughout the year of study for international students.

Although, such students must show a high level of brilliance by not having less than a GPA of 2.00. That way they can sustain the scholarship throughout their study period.

University Of Kyrenia Website

11. American College Cyprus

American College Cyprus is a top-quality institution that is ranked high both in Cyprus and in Europe.

It is one of the cheap universities in Cyprus for international students.

Tuition charges are relatively low and are very affordable in American College Cyprus.

American College Cyprus Website

12. Atlantis College Cyprus

Atlantis College Cyprus is an educational leader, it embraces change and has the well-being of its student at heart.

It provides education to international students at cheap rates, and it has some of the best hands as staff.

Atlantis College Cyprus has the initiative for the future of students and prepares them for how they will fare after school.

Atlantis College Cyprus website

13. Neapolis University Paphos

Neapolis University is one of the leading private universities in Cyprus, and of course one of the cheapest universities in the country.

It has innovative programs for international students.

Neapolis University website

14. Cyprus Science University

Cyprus Science University is another cheap university in Cyprus for international students.

It excels in the areas of research and provides great learning opportunities for international students.

Cyprus Science University website

15. University of Mediterranean Karpasia

The University of Mediterranean Karpasia is also one of the cheap universities in Cyprus.

The institution is an excellent higher institution of learning that offers quality education for international students.

They offer this quality at a very affordable cost, and they are of course to make life easier for students.

University of Mediterranean website

That is all on the cheapest universities in Cyprus for international students.

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