Hello guys, welcome back. In today’s article, I will be showing you how to poke someone on Facebook.

If you are reading this article, chances are that you must have seen something like Mr ABC poked you on Facebook, poke him back right? If you desire to know what Facebook poke is and how to poke someone, then read on.

We all know that Facebook as a social media is the most popular social media network on earth at this time. The reason for this is actually because of the many interesting and engaging features that Facebook regularly comes up with.

One of these features is the Facebook poke. This feature adds spices to our Facebook experience. What then is Facebook poke? Let’s attempt to explain that.

What Is Facebook Poke?

Facebook poke is a unique feature on Facebook that is used to get the attention of somebody on Facebook, without actually leaving the person a message.

Put differently, its a way of sending a stylish notification to a Facebook user, reminding him or her that you are seeing him. Sounds interesting right?

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It should be noted that back in the days, Facebook poke feature used to be a stuff that was widely used by many Facebook users worldwide.

However, over the years, the use of this feature has reduced because like I said earlier, Facebook doesn’t waste time with a particular feature.

No, it tries to research on newer and better ways of doing many things. In these days now, Facebook poke feature is now a hidden feature on Facebook.

However, with a little playing around, you can still find it and use it. Don’t worry, we shall get to that soonest.

Facebook poke if you must know it does not have any universal usage and meaning. Different persons attributes different meanings to it.

Someone can send you a poke as a way of showing you that he or she is angry with you, while others will send you the same and it means that they are happy with you.

Hence, the meaning is dependent on what comes out of the conversation that follows after it has been sent. I hope you got it up to this point? Great!

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How To Poke Someone On Facebook

Just like I said earlier, Facebook poke is no longer as visible as it used to be in the days past. However, there is still a way out of this hidden limitation.

The easiest way to poke your friends on Facebook now is to simply click on your Facebook poke page here.

Clicking on this link will instantly take you to your Poke page, where you can select the friend or friends to send poke messages to.

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So you see, if you can follow the link above on your browser, you will be able to find your poke page, and from there, you can easily send pokes to your friends again. It’s as easy as this.

Why Can’t I See My Facebook Poke?

Facebook poke used to be a feature that any Facebook user can assess anytime and any day. However, in our days, while the Facebook poke feature is still available on Facebook, it is no longer found in the usual place we used to see it.

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The feature has been hidden intentionally by Facebook. However, if you still want to see it, kindly click on this link web.facebook.com/poke.

Limitation Of Facebook Poke

Facebook tries as much as possible to regulate most of its features to avoid abuse. Hence, the Facebook poke feature is equally one of the features on Facebook that is regulated to avoid abuse.

By this, we mean that you can not send more than one poke to a particular user at a time. When you send a Facebook poke to a Facebook user, until the person responds with a poke, you cannot send another one.

You know, an unregulated sending of pokes can easily be a form of harassment, which Facebook does not like at all.

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That’s how far we can go to this article. If you require any other information concerning Facebook poke, kindly visit this link web.facebook.com/poke. Thanks and read our other articles as well.

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