Instagram Login With Facebook – Instagram Sign In With Facebook Account

This article will show you the different ways in which you can easily log into your Instagram account with your Facebook profile details.

If you are reading this article, chances that you might have heard your friends discussing about the possibility of doing this, but the issue is, you may not know how to get that done. That’s why this article becomes pertinent for you.

It’s no longer news that Facebook has acquired Instagram. This monumental acquisition means that Facebook and Instagram have now become one and the same thing, not in terms of being a single program, but same database, which means newer possibilities that previously do not exist.

The good news I want to bring to you today is that you can now log into your Instagram account with your Facebook details.

One may ask, why do I really need to log into my Instagram account with my Facebook details when i already have my Instagram login details.

Sure, this question is not out of place. However, a couple of reasons could account for why a person may need to do this.

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Chief among them is the fact that you can easily forget your Instagram login details at a point you want to log into your Instagram account.

At that point, using your Facebook details to gain access to your Instagram account becomes not only pertinent but also fun.

Hence, haven known about these possibilities, I’m sure you can’t wait to explore these possibilities right? If you are desirous of knowing how to go about this, then read on.

How To Log Into Instagram Through Facebook

The Internet is all about connectivity. And with this, we now see the option to log into different websites with another popular website like Facebook, Pinterest, Google account, etc. This is not much different with Facebook login to Instagram.

To log in to your Instagram account via Facebook, simply follow our step by step guide below

On your phone, simply open your Instagram app or open your browser and search for to assess the Instagram login page.

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Screenshot 4 4

On the login page, you will see the option to login with Facebook. If you are already logged into your Facebook account, as most people would, then clicking on that button will automatically take you directly to your Instagram account, without requiring any additional details from you.

However, if you are not already logged into a Facebook account, then it will take you to another window where you can input your Facebook login details as can be seen below.

Screenshot 5

In this new window, you simply add your Facebook login details here in the appropriate sections and hit the login button.

This action will instantly take you to your Instagram account. Just like we said earlier, the major reason why people resort to the use of this is mostly when they lose or forget their Instagram login details, which happens to most people all the time.

So you see, login into your Instagram account with Facebook is as easy as anything easy you can think about. if you have followed us closely, i know that by now, you must have gotten everything you need to know about how to make this a reality, just like we promised in the beginning of this article.

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