This is a quick guide on how to hide Facebook photos

Hello guys, have you ever thought of hiding some of your Facebook photos before?

How about making some of your Facebook pictures strictly private?

Well, if you have ever thought about any of the above-posed hypothesis, then this article is just meant for you.

In this article, I will show you how to hide your Facebook photos from the general public, so that only you can view them.

If this sounds interesting to you, then read on, because it will be my singular pleasure to show you how to do this quickly.

Firstly, we should note that Facebook is a social media program that is designed as a means of connecting people from different socio-cultural backgrounds.

With all the persons you are connected with, you stand a chance of seeing all their latest pictures and activities on Facebook.

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With Facebook also, you equally share ideas, videos, and pictures to as many persons as possible.

To share pictures on Facebook, you first have to upload the picture on Facebook, and from there you can share it with the persons you want to share it with.

However, Facebook offers you the option to upload as many pictures as possible into your media library. Hence, the uploaded pictures can easily be viewed by anybody who dives into your Facebook profile.

Somethings, you upload certain pictures that you really don’t want the general public to have assessed to.

At this point, your best option is to hide these pictures from the reach of the general public. How to do this is what I intend to show you now.

How to Hide Facebook Photos

To hide your pictures on Facebook, simply read on to discover how to do this.

Log into your Facebook account. When you are logged into your account, you will be on the homepage of your Facebook account.

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Click on your profile at the top menu of the Facebook homepage to assess your Facebook profile.

On your Facebook profile page, click on your Photos to open the photo page.

Now locate the photo album that you want to hide from the general public. On the photo album, you will see three dotted lines across the photo album, click on the dotted lines to assess the more options.

Once clicked, a short menu will pop up, click on the privacy, and then select only me. This will make the photo album assessable and visible to only you.

How To Hide Specific Pictures On Facebook

If you don’t want to hide an entire photo album on Facebook, there is yet an option that enables you to hide specific pictures on Facebook.

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To do that, simply log into your Facebook account and proceed to your account profile.

In the profile page, click on photos, and select the particular picture that you want to hide from Facebook.

On that picture, click on the edit option icon at the top side of the picture to assess more options about the picture.

Now click on Privacy and select the only me option, so that only you will have access to the picture.

That is how to hide your picture from the general public using the privacy settings on the photo section of Facebook.

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Okay guys, that’s all on how to hide Facebook photos helps.

I hope this article on how to hide Facebook photos helps?