Top 30 Profitable Business Opportunities in Colorado

This is a detailed guide on the top 30 Profitable Business Opportunities in Colorado, read to the end to know the business opportunities that exist in Colorado.

Colorado is one of the mountain states in the West subregion of the Western United States. It is the eighth most vast and 21st most populous state in the USA.

Starting a business in Colorado will give you the fortune you need because it is the most business-friendly state in the USA.

Colorado has many business opportunities people can venture into, although not all businesses can thrive there.

To ensure that you are not investing in the wrong business, you need to read this article to the end to know the type of business you can venture into in Colorado.

Top 30 Profitable Business Opportunities in Colorado

It is not every business you venture into in colorado that can be successful, below are the top profitable business opportunities in Colorado.

1. Consulting Business

A consulting business is focused on helping business owners solve their business problems and also know ways to grow their businesses.

A consulting business is one of the profitable business opportunities in Colorado because new businesses spring up every day and some of them cannot function without a business consultant.

If you are knowledgeable in a specific business area or many business areas, you can spring into action by becoming a business consultant.

Although a consultant’s job is to consult, you must have a passion and drive for excellence, so as to stand out among other consultants and be successful.

2. Water Accumulation/Delivery Business

People cannot survive without water and since water is a problem for many areas in Colorado, you can start a water accumulation or delivery business and become successful.

The water business you can start includes establishing rainwater storage tanks, selling and establishing mini wastewater treatment facilities, making storage tanks, and delivering water through tanker trucks or water pipeline systems where it is most lacking, etc.

3. Virtual Assistance Services

Virtual assistance service is one of the most profitable business opportunities in colorado. You can earn by simply working remotely on a freelance basis and having one or more clients to whom you provide services.

Virtual assistance is needed in almost every field including medicine, engineering, beauty, manufacturing, etc., you just need to find your niche.

However, the job you will do as a virtual assistant includes scheduling appointments, making phone calls, making travel arrangements, managing email accounts, bookkeeping, expense management, etc.

4. Food Truck Business

A food truck business is another great and profitable business you can start in Colorado; it can generate a very good income since people seldom cook in their houses.

Starting a food truck business also saves the cost of renting a restaurant, and employing staff.

However, the success of the business also depends on the food you offer, you need to sell what people enjoy and also invest in advertising to have customers.

5. Cleaning Services

Cleaning services are one of the most profitable business opportunities in Colorado because many people do not have the time to clean their houses.

Many people are engaged daily at work so cleaning their houses becomes a difficult task for them. Also, restaurants and hotels patronize cleaning companies so you can establish your own and start making cool money.

6. Creating Online Courses

Many people have resorted to learning by taking online courses. You can make money by creating online courses in your field of expertise.

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People acquire knowledge every day, so they would be eager to purchase your courses if it adds value to their life.

The cost of developing online courses is not much, it can cost as little as a few hundred dollars if you know how to do it yourself but it can be more than that if you are paying someone to do it for you.

7. Personal Training

Many people nowadays want to keep fit and as a personal trainer, you can make a great living in the business.

A personal training business does not require you to have certificates, but having one will stand you out among your contemporaries.

Also, you need to undergo training before you can become a personal trainer, this training will help you know how to go about training people to reach their fitness goals.

As a personal trainer, you can earn up to $50 to $250 per hour while training people to reach their fitness goals.

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8. Car Wash Services

With many people getting busy at work and having little time for themselves, washing their cars is the least of the things on their minds.

You can earn money by starting a car wash business. The business is not hard to start and it does not require huge capital to start.

The car wash business can cost you about $2,500 to start and you might make up to $40K a month.

9. Data Analysis And Statistic Making Business

Data Analysis And Statistics Making Business is one of the most profitable business opportunities in Colorado.

The business deals primarily with gathering, organizing, and analyzing statistical information so that the owner of the company or the manager can make strategic judgments better and more deliberately.

Companies are in need of good data analysts because good data analysis can bring a company great profits.

10. Mountain Trekking Tours Organization

Starting a mountain trekking tour organization is one of the most profitable business opportunities in Colorado.

Colorado is a mountain state and many tourists and people would want to climb mountains.

You can start a mountain trekking tour organization where you guide people on trips to different beautiful mountains.

You can build mountain huts on well-known hiking trails and sell food and drinks to people and offer rooms for rent.

11. Tourist Entertainment Services

Tourist entertainment services are one of the most profitable business opportunities in Colorado you can venture into.

Tourists who come to Colorado often want a enjoy themselves and spend time in a unique way.

You can create services that will entertain them and make them happy and fulfilled.

You can offer them services such as bike rentals, bike tours, campgrounds, car rentals, spas and massages, ecotourism, party bus, scooter rentals, etc.

12. Skiing Equipment Rental And Sale

Many people who go to the mountains for the winter do not go with skiing equipment. They believe they would buy and rent them at the mountain.

You can take advantage of this situation and sell and rent skiing equipment to such people.

Ski equipment sales and rentals are a great business idea in places where the landscape is good for skiing.

13. Tourist-Oriented Shop

Many Tourists come to Colorado each year which allows tourism-related services including stores to thrive.

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You can start a memorabilia store because it is one of the best ideas for shops aimed at tourists.

You can sell unique and useful souvenirs such as elements of clothing including hats, and T-shirts, or things such as mugs, and fridge magnets.

Apart from selling souvenirs, you can also sell ski accessories or useful items for canyoning and mountain travel.

14. Office Space Rental

Many people in Colorado need new offices for business, so starting an office space rental business will fetch you a lot of money.

Since Colorado is a good and beautiful place to live, you can convert your apartment to office space and make money because people will be willing to rent it.

15. Foreign Cuisine Restaurant

Since people from different countries visit Colorado, many of them are not conversant with the food prepared there, so you can start a foreign cuisine business in areas you know there are no foreign cuisine restaurants.

You can start with either Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Thai, or Chinese cuisine. You will have plenty of customers especially if you have very good cooking skills and the place is founded in a busy area.

16. Healthy Organic Grocery Store

Nowadays, people patronize healthy natural food because they want to live in good health.

This line of business has grown immensely in recent years and is attracting more and more consumers.

People now pay more for products from natural organic farms, so starting a healthy organic grocery store is a good business idea.

To gain customers, you must properly advertise your business so people will know that you sell healthy natural products.

17. Social Media Management

Social Media Management business is one of the most profitable business opportunities in Colorado. The business is not hard to start, you just need to purchase a laptop and have a good online presence so that you can find clients.

18. Delivery Service

Delivery services can be some of the most successful small businesses in Colorado if you know how to operate the business.

You need to have vehicles that you would use to deliver the goods and also find a better way to market the business.

19. Landscaping Business

The landscaping business is one of the most profitable business opportunities in Colorado. However, the landscaping business is not cheap to start because you have to purchase the necessary tools, and also register your business with the required authorities.

However, despite the high cost of starting the business, the profit you will make from the business will be worth it.

20. Start a Photography Company

Colorado is a home for many tourists and photographers can make a great living shooting tourists and other people.

To venture into the photography business, you must undergo some training and also buy photography equipment for the business.

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21. Technology Consulting

Technology consulting is one of the profitable business opportunities in Colorado because many tech companies depend on small business owners to assist in pushing the adoption of their software.

You can make money by referring people to tech businesses by word of mouth or sharing your referral code with people.

22. Property Management

Property management is the operation, control, maintenance, and management of the real estate and physical property such as residential, commercial, and land real estate.

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Property management is one of the most profitable business opportunities in Colorado to venture into if you want to start a business that involves interaction with people and managing subcontractors and finances.

23. Personal Chef

The personal chef business is one of the highly profitable business opportunities in Colorado you can venture into.

Being a personal chef includes creating meal plans, shopping for ingredients, monitoring trends, and cooking methods, cooking and serving meals, keeping the kitchen, making snacks, and traveling with the client if need me.

24. Personal Financial Advisors

Financial advisors help high-net-worth individuals and entrepreneurs grow their wealth through various financial mechanisms.

They focus on developing strategies to help entrepreneurs reach financial success and manage their investments appropriately.

To venture into this business, you will need a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, mathematics, or other relevant fields and approval from state and federal agencies.

25. Crafts Making Business

Craft-making business is also one of the most profitable business opportunities in colorado you can venture into.

You can make things such as natural ecological soaps, greeting cards, knives, cutlery, craft beer, ceramics, Jewelry, print, stationery, floral design, candles, etc.

However, you need to be very skillful in whatever you want to create so that people will patronize you.

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26. Microgreens Farming

Microgreens are one of the most profitable crops to grow in Colorado. It does not require a high capital to start, and you can earn up $ 50 for a pound of microgreens.

You can grow them in a small greenhouse in the garden or even in the basement, and you can sell them to local restaurants, and other people.

27. Small Health Care Business

Health care business is one of the most profitable business opportunities in Colorado you can venture into.

Some of the most profitable healthcare business ideas you can venture into include Medical business services, healthcare record management, online pharmacy, transcribing services, mobile apps, etc.

28. Transport Services For Tourists

Transport services for tourists are one of the  profitable business opportunities in colorado due to the great number of tourists there.

29. Sauna or Banya Center

Sauna and banya are one of the most profitable business opportunities in Colorado. This business is especially profitable in winter close to ski resorts and in mountain towns popular with tourists.

You can sell sauna accessories and organize events and bonfires, to make additional income.

30. Niche Shop

Another profitable business opportunity to start in colorado is opening a niche store. If you find a niche that is in demand and there is no such store yet, you can consider opening one in a place that will attract plenty of customers.

Examples of such niche stores include vintage gift stores, reusable drinking straws, cruelty-free cosmetics, vegan-friendly apparel, menstrual cups, etc.

That is all on the 30 profitable business opportunities in Colorado, I hope it helps you start a profitable business in Colorado.


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