May 21, 2024
tinted glass permit in Nigeria

Did you know you can now get a free tinted glass permit in Nigeria from the Nigeria Police Force? Gone are those days when getting a tinted glass permit was difficult. Now, everything, including the process of getting it has been simplified.

There are so many reasons why people desire to have tinted glass for their cars. The most important one, however, is for privacy.

Many persons in Nigeria already own a tinted glass car, however, they do not have any permit from the Nigeria Police Force for that.

If you really desire to be going around with your tinted glass car, it is very important you obtain a permit from the Police, so as to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

One may easily wonder if the issuance of a tinted permit is necessary. The reason for it no doubt is the fact that cars with tinted glass are mostly used by criminals to perpetrate crimes because the things that go on inside the car is largely not known by outsiders.

Hence, in order to limit the abuse of tinted glass cars, there is a need for the proper regulation of its usage by law enforcement agencies.

In Nigeria, the official body that has been saddled with the responsibility of regulating the issuance of a tinted car permit is the Nigeria police force.

If you are in Nigeria and you nurse of the idea of owning a tinted car, then you are legally expected to obtain a tinted permit for your car from the Nigeria police force. The failure to do so would normally attract a severe punishment by law.

Consequently, the major objective of this article is to take you through the process of obtaining this permit in Nigeria.

The most interesting part of it is that you really don’t need to spend any money legally to obtain the tinted permit in Nigeria. Are you surprised about that? Yes, you should be.

So the question you should ask yourself now is, do you wish to have a tinted glass car? If yes, then this article is for you.

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In this article, I will show you how to get a free tinted glass permit in Nigeria from the Nigeria Police Force.

What is required of you at this point is to carefully follow our guide below and you should be able to obtain your own tinted permit in no time. But before we get started, let’s attempt to answer one pertinent question first.

So, if you are ready for the information, then I recommend that you continue reading to find out more for yourself.

What Is A Tinted Car Permit?

Some readers may still be ignorant of the meaning of a tinted car permit. Hence, a tinted car permit is that piece of document which is issued to a person who owns a car with tinted glasses.

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The agency responsible for the issuance of this legal document in Nigeria is the Nigeria police force. Once issued the tinted glass permit, the owner of the car becomes legally entitled to drive the tinted car anywhere he likes within the country.

By extension, the above definition implies that operating a car with tinted glass in Nigeria without this tinted permit becomes an offense that is punishable by law.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be embarrassed by the Nigeria police over such an issue, would you? Good.

It’s important to also note that the only category of cars that requires this permit are those cars with factory fitted tinted glasses. Other categories of cars are excluded from this.

Haven established this fact, the next rational question on your mind now is, how to get a tinted window permit for my car in Nigeria? That is actually what we are going to discuss next.

Benefits of A Tinted Glass In A Car

You might be wondering if it is really necessary to have tinted car windows, or why should you go for a tinted glass car.

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There are so many benefits of a tinted windows car. Some of the benefits will quickly be examined below, so you know if it is really worth owning a car with a tinded glass.

1. Increase Your Privacy: The first benefit of owning a tinted glass car as you may already have known it is for privacy.

Tinted car glass windows make it impossible for people outside your car to look and know what is inside your cars.

You may not really know the value of this until you have some valuable items in your car that you will prefer people not to see, especially potential thieves.

2. Reduce heat inside the Car: Another benefit of having a tinted glass car is that it will reduce heat inside your car.

The tinted film on your car windows helps to make your car look cooler by reducing the heat generated from direct sunlight.

3. Prevents Glass from Shattering: In an event of an accident or anything like that, shattered glass can cause serious injuries to the people inside the car.

However, a tinted film has the ability to hold the smaller pieces of glass together so it doesn’t shatter and injure the people inside when such a thing occurs.

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How To Get A Tinted Glass Permit In Nigeria Free

Like I said earlier, getting a tinted permit for your car in Nigeria is not a difficult task. All that is required of you is to simply follow our detailed guide below and you should be good in a short while.

1. The first step in getting your tinted permit in Nigeria is to visit the Nigeria Police Force tinted permit registration portal.

2.  Next, fill the application form, by inputting your name, phone number, email address, and click on the Register button, to get your application ID.

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3. Next, login by inputting your email address and the application ID you were given.

4. Upon logging in, complete the Bio-data form and provide the information of the car that you want to get the tinted permit for.

5. Print the completed form and take it to the police station for its collection and the completion of your biometric data.

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6. After this, you should then await the decision of the Nigeria police force on whether to approve your request or not.

For more information and inquiry over the status of your application and other information, you can reach out to the agency via this Email:

You see, the process is really a straight forward thing and quite simple.

How Much Is Tinted Permit In Nigeria 2020?

It has become a truth that nothing is ever free in Nigeria, especially when the thing in question is coming from any government institution or officials.

Hence, on paper at least, the issuance of a tinted permit is supposed to be completely free.

However, given the disparity between theory and practice, the person intending to have his permit processed after following the above procedure is required to pay a fee that ranges between N20,000 to N30,000, if the permit must be processed on time.

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Most times, if you refused to pay this money, your application for the tinted glass permit may be denied.

Hence, if you really want to get the tinted permit, you just have to pay the money since you do not have any other alternative.

That’s all on How To Get A Tinted Glass Permit In Nigeria for Free.

I hope this guide on How To Get A Free Tinted Glass Permit In Nigeria helps?

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