How To Buy Cheap Cars In Nigeria in 2023

This article is a detailed guide on how to buy cheap cars in Nigeria.

It is almost the dream of everyone to buy a car because it not only signifies richness, but it also helps to make life more enjoyable.

Buying a car in Nigeria has become easy because you can now get them at a cheap price from different places.

But it is not certain that those cheap cars will give you want. You must be properly guided so that whatever you are going for will be worth it.

If you are wondering where to buy cheap cars in Nigeria, then this article is just for you.

In this post, I will give you the proper step by step guide on how to buy cheap cars in Nigeria.

Also contained in this post are the cheapest cars in Nigeria and where to buy them.

Guide To Buy Cheap Cars In Nigeria

Understanding on how to buy cheap cars in Nigeria, is not much of a task. However, you must be conscious of these steps each time you want to buy a car.

It must not necessarily be a cheap or used car, but just any car. These actions will guide you to get the best cars at the best prices.

1. Be keen and observant

When you want to buy a cheap car or used car in Nigeria, the first thing you must do is to be observant and keen about the happenings around you.

Just almost every street has cars with notice For Sale. You can also find such at mechanic workshops. Most of those cars are cheap since they are usually fairly used cars.

2. Join forums and sign online auto forms

If you want to buy a cheap car in Nigeria, another step you can take is to join car forums and sign auto forms to get informed each time there is a new arrival of your taste.

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These forums will also help you understand better what you should look out for in a car and which the best car to buy is. Examples of such forums and buy and sell groups on Facebook.

3. Your friends and relations should know

Just like giving multiple eyes, your friends and relations will help you lookout for the best car at the best prices.

It is also best you have multiple options to choose from because you will have different qualities of cars at different prices.

4. Know exactly what you want

There are many cars out there that you can get at relatively cheap prices. But knowing the exact thing you want out of a car will guide you in making the best selection.

Some of those cars have classy features while others look quite old. Some can be in-between but the decision is solely left for you to make depending on your budget and want or need.

Things You Must Do Before Buying A Cheap Car In Nigeria

It is not all about buying cheap cars. It is more about buying those cheap cars at their best quality and prices.

There are many reasons behind every car being sold. You have to be sure you are not about to patronize thieves. So you must take proper note of the following before you buy any car.

1. Make proper research about the car

Added to being observant, you have to find out everything you should know about cars generally.

You could choose a guide: a professional motor mechanic and many online resources could help you in this quest.

Friends and neighbors can also guide you through knowing much about cars and the particular one you should buy.

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Research the price, the parts, the maintenance, and the feature of the car. Knowing about cars will grant you vast knowledge about how you can best go about getting the best cars and maintaining them afterward.

2. Perform a proper check on the car

What you should do next when you have found the car you wish to buy is to perform a double check on the car.

You can employ a trusted and professional auto mechanic to help you make sure all the parts are working as advertised or would be buying what the maintenance cost will be higher than the cost price.

The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) should also be tested, as it will uncover the history of the car and help you know exactly what you are buying. It should be tested on various driving conditions like weather and roads.

3. Ensure Proper Paperwork of the Car

To make sure you are not buying a stolen car, you should ensure that the paper works are complete and authentic.

Ensuring the proper documentation of the vehicle will save from future hassle from the custom and police officers and other task force bodies.

You will need an affidavit for change of ownership and a police report to ensure that you are buying the car from the owner.

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You will also need to register your newly bought car and perform an MOT test on the car if it is more than five years old, to ensure that the exhaust emission of the car is within the provisions of the law.

Where To Buy Cheap Cars In Nigeria

In Nigeria, you can buy cheap cars virtually anywhere as far as some Naira is breathing well in your hands.

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You can get it at the nearest motor mechanic workshop or bus stop. You could even get it on the streets, with the popular poster ‘For Sale’ boldly written on it.

Nonetheless, there are wider markets where you can get cheap cars in Nigeria. These places are:

Tin-Can Port in Lagos is a popular place to get Tokunbo and cheap cars in Nigeria. Another popular place to get cheap cars is at Benin Republic, the most popular Cotonou.

Ensure you make the right duties payment and receive the proper documentation if you are buying from either place.

Where To Buy Fairly Used Car In Nigeria

You can get used and cheap cars through various online sources. These online platforms include:

  1. Jiji
  2. Cheki

List of Cheapest Cars In Nigeria

Below is a rundown of the cheapest cars in Nigeria. You could choose to buy any of the cars on this list from the above sources:

1. Mercedes-Benz 300SE car.

2. Chevrolet Blazer 2001.

3. Ford Focus ZX3 car

4. Mitsubishi Mirage 1998 model.

5. Chrysler New Yorker 1993 model.

6. Buick Lesabre 2000 model.

7. Jeep Cherokee Sport 1999 model.

8. Toyota Celica GT-S, 1992 model.

9. A new electric truck car.

That’s all on how to buy cheap cars in Nigeria.

I hope this article on how to buy cheap cars in Nigeria helps.

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