This is a complete guide on Bolt Vs Uber Nigeria: Which One Is Better For Drivers And Riders.

It is not possible to tell the advantage of one thing over the other if you do not scrutinize their characteristics, similarities, and differences to know which one is better.

Presumably, you may have been asking yourself, ”bolt vs Uber: which is better for drivers and riders?”

We will not tell you which one to choose, you will answer the question yourself and make your decision when you thoroughly read this article to the end.

In this article, we have carefully expatiated the characteristics of bolt and Uber and it will help you answer the question-Bolt Vs Uber Nigeria: Which one is better?

Bolt vs Uber Nigeria: Which Is Better For Drivers And Riders

To answer the question, Bolt vs Uber Nigeria: Which Is Better For Drivers And Riders, we would discuss everything about Bolt and Uber.

About Bolt

Bolt is an Estonian mobility company that was launched in 2013 with 50 recruited drivers on board.

Bolt was born out of the desire to make movement easy, faster, and less expensive for people.

The emergence of Bolt makes urban travel more accessible and sustainable.

Bolt offers you a ride in minutes, you just need to choose your destination, request a ride, meet your driver, and enjoy the journey

Although experience is the foremost criterion when seeking employment, the Bolt team does not dwell much on the experience but on your drive, intelligence, and integrity.

They are interested in people who can work hard, learn quickly and care about people as thousand of people at bolt commenced with no appropriate experience.

Presently, Bolt has developed to become the quickest growing transportation platform with over 2500 employees, 70 nationalities, more than 1.5 million drivers, 75 million users, and operating in 300 cities in 45 countries in Europe, Africa, Western Asia, the middle east, and Latin America.

In Nigeria, Bolt is operating in Calabar, Owerri, Lagos, Umuahia, Kano, Warri, Ado-Ekiti, Bauchi, Akure, Kaduna, Jos, Makurdi, Asaba, Onitsha, Aba, Enugu, Ilorin, Abeokuta, Zaria, Ibadan, Portharcourt, Benin city, Uyo, and Abuja.

Striving to remain relevant and outstanding, bolt also offers car-sharing, micro-mobility rental, and food delivery services through Bolt Food.

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About Uber

Uber is an American technology company that was established in 2009.

It is the platform with the largest network of active riders.

Uber company came into existence when technology was just gaining prominence in the world; with the rise of smartphones and the birth of app stores.

Uber has experienced tremendous growth over the years, a company that started as “tap a button, get a ride” has culminated into something big.

It now offers other services like ride-sharing and carpooling, meal delivery and freight transportation, electric bikes and scooters rental, and self-driving cars and urban aviation.

Uber is considered one of the vastest firms in the gig company with operations in over 900 metropolitan areas globally.

Uber is intentional about shaping the future of mobility and changing the way people live, from how to get home from work, and to how to eat meals.

Uber does not insist on experience to grant you an opportunity to join the team, you just need to be teachable and authentic.

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Moreover, in Nigeria, Uber is operating in Abuja, Gulu, and Lagos.

How To Become Bolt Driver

To become a bolt driver in Nigeria, you must, first of all, meet the minimum age requirement and possess some legal documents.

Bolt driver requirements include;

1. A Valid Drivers License

2. Attending driver training for service quality and use of the Bolt driver application

3. A smartphone with GPS

4. A clean criminal record

5. LASDRI Card, Driver Badge, and LASRRA Card (Lagos only)

Bolt Vehicle requirements include;

1. A vehicle—manufactured in 2003 onwards, 4 doors, fully functional AC

2. Vehicle license

3. Proof of ownership

4. Certificate of road-worthiness

5. Auto Genius Vehicle Inspection Report

6. State Hackney Permit and a vehicle body tag for all routes (Lagos only)

For Bolt, it does not take long to signup, it’s just to submit your information and provide the necessary documents.  After that, you get verified and download the bolt driving app for drivers to get started.

Bolt has made provision for those without smartphones, their city teams are on standby to suggest you a budget Android smartphone that you can buy or finance.

If you do not have a vehicle, their city teams can help match you with their partner fleets or rental companies who offer moderate rates on vehicles that are accepted on their platform.

How To Become An Uber Driver

1. To become an Uber driver, there are a few requirements to meet and they are;

2. You must meet the minimum age requirement.

3. You must have at least one year of licensed driving experience and 3 years if you are under 23 years old

4. Have a legal driver’s license

5. Use a capable 4-door vehicle

6. Valid LASDRI and LASRRA card (Lagos only)

7. Add a driver profile photo

8. Have a TIN Number

9. Attend safety screening and virtual info session

10. Provide proof of residency in your city, state, or province.

11. Provide proof of vehicle insurance if you intend to use your car

If you have all the requirements, the next step is to signup online, upload your documents, get a vehicle, and activate your account to start earning.

Bolt Payments And Earnings

The sole idea of Bolt is that you drive and earn money. So the more you drive, the more money you make.

Moreover, Bolt charges 10% to 20% of a ride fee, depending on your city.

However, the Bolt team has created a bonus system that enables drivers to earn higher. To be eligible for the bonus, drivers must fulfill the requirements set for a particular bonus.

Bolt drivers are paid every week through a bank account or wallet linked to the driver profile. However, depending on the local bank’s processing time, it may take 1-2 business days for the transaction to be completed and the money to be received.

Uber Payments And Earnings

Uber charges drivers a 25% fee on all fares and the fee encompasses the use of Uber software, Collection and transfer of fares, Credit card commission, and Distribution of invoices to clients.

Uber drivers are paid weekly. Payments are paid automatically through direct deposit, and drivers receive a statement showing their earnings for each trip that week.

For Uber, the more you drive, the more money you can make. You can drive with the Uber app day or night and earn more money.

Safety For Uber Drivers

Uber team does not neglect the safety of its drivers. They make provisions for their safety and also encourage their drivers to take action to protect themselves too.

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Moreover, with the assistance of law enforcement agencies, the Uber team has come up with the following tips to help drivers stay safe while driving with Uber. They encourage drivers to

1. Verify their rider

2. Stay focused on driving

3. Protect their personal information

4. Encourage back seat riders

5. Use their seat belt at all times

6. Watch out for pedestrians and cyclists

7. Keep their drop-offs legal

8. Follow their intuition

9. Be kind and respectful

10. Give feedback after each trip

Moreover, apart from the tips to stay safe, the Uber driver app is designed with technology to enable their drivers to stay connected to their loved ones, the Uber team, and emergency authorities. With this technology

1. Each trip on the Uber app is insured to protect the driver, rider, and the driver’s

2. There is an emergency assistance button to call authorities to get help if need be.

3. Uber customer associates trained in incident response are available around the clock to help in times of emergency.

4. Friends and family can follow the driver’s route and know as soon as they arrived

5. Drivers’ phone numbers are kept private when they contact riders for security purposes.

6. All Uber trips are tracked from start to finish, to keep an accurate record of trips in case something happens.

7. Drivers are encouraged to leave feedback after each trip

Safety For Bolt Drivers

Ensuring drivers’ safety is a task bolt team is not taking lightly. They are committed to offering a secure service for everyone.

Below are the things they do to ensure their drivers are safe.

1. Passengers’ profile information is always displayed for the drivers to see and confirm that it is a match.

2. Drivers are encouraged to leave feedback after each trip.

3. They are advised to report any case of an unpleasant experience with a passenger.

4. All Bolt rides are tracked from start to finish in case of emergency

5. the Bolt driver app has a built-in navigation system to guide drivers to enable them to concentrate on driving safely.

6. SOS button is created in the Bolt driver app to ensure drivers’ well-being in medical or security emergencies.

7. Bolt team offers insurance to their drivers

Apart from ensuring drivers’ security, they also educate their drivers on what they can do to stay, and these are

1. Taking care of themselves

2. Making sure their car is in order

3. No texting or answering calls while driving

4. Following the traffic rules despite how competent of a driver they are.

How Uber App Works For Riders

To use Uber as a rider, you need to download the app, create an account and enter your destination.

you’ll always see the fare in advance, so you know exactly what you are paying.

Uber fares vary with destinations,  you may pay higher or lower depending on your location and the period you booked the ride.

Moreover, before your ride arrives, you get to see the picture of the driver and information about the car.

However, if you want to know more about your driver, Uber has made it easy for riders to view compliments, facts, and reviews in the Uber app, this way you’ll get to know your driver better and enjoy a more pleasant and comfortable ride.

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How Bolt App Works For Riders

Requesting a ride with the Bolt app is very simple, you need to download the Bolt app first, create an account, add your ride destination, select your preferred ride type, confirm your request, and choose the payment option you prefer.

Bolt fares vary with destinations, you can pay less or more depending on your dropping point.

Additionally, Bolt has created an alternative to the Bolt app, presently you can order a bolt ride without downloading the app.

Safety For Uber Riders

Riders’ safety has been Uber’s team priority because safety never ends. To ensure riders’ safety,

1. Safety features are designed into the riders app.

2. They have 24/7 Customer Support you can contact to ask questions, report an incident or get the necessary need you require.

3. Riders can let their family know where they are by choosing their trusted Contacts in the app and setting reminders to share their trip details with them.

4. Riders are advised to give feedback after a trip. It helps keep riders and drivers safe.

5. GPS  is used to track Uber rides from start to finish, s riders can follow their ride to know exactly where they are going

6. Riders get to know their drivers before they arrive. They can view their rating, trips they’ve completed, their driving duration, and compliment from other riders.

7. Riders are expected to verify their ride with a pin to make sure they are getting into the right car with the right driver.

8. Uber drivers are thoroughly screened to ensure they and their cars are fit for transportation

To make roads safer for both drivers and riders, Uber automatically locks drivers out of the app when they reach the successive driving hour limit to take a considerable break before they proceed.

Moreover, the Uber team encourages riders to examine their ride every time before they hop in. They are advised to match the license plate number, match the car model, and check the driver’s photo.

Safety For Bolt Riders

Bolt team has come up with these top safety tips for riders from pickup to drop-off.

1. Riders are advised to review and verified the driver’s photo, name, vehicle model, and license plate number before hopping into the car

2. Riders are encouraged to use a proper child’s seat if they are traveling with children.

3. Riders are advised always to put on their seat belt.

4. They are to use the bolt’s share your ETA feature to share their ride details with their family and friend.

5. They are to use the SOS button in the app to request help in life-threatening situations.

6. Riders are advised to always give feedback when their ride is completed to keep bolt rides safe.


Bolt and Uber are the two well-known ride-hailing apps in Nigeria and they grant the average Nigerian the opportunity to become a driver on their platform. Therefore, Bolt vs Uber: which is better for drivers and riders question is left for you to answer.

That’s all on Bolt vs Uber in Nigeria: Which Is Better For Drivers And Riders. I hope it helps you make your choice.