Top 11 Best African Apps for Nigerians

This article contains the top 11 best African apps for Nigerians.

Despite the tough economic state of Africa, it has produced some of the best creative and innovative individuals in the World.

Even some of the great inventors and innovators of most software and gadgets in most advanced countries are traced back to Africa.

These African great minds have stepped up to compete in the world of technology by creating not just gadgets but also developing great apps for smartphones.

Be it for entertainment, news, or financial transactions, these apps cut across them all.

Amongst these apps developed by Africans, there are some of them that were designed specifically with Nigerians in mind.

If you are looking for some of the best Nigerian apps, this guide will help. Below are the top 11 African apps for Nigerians.

1. Iroko Tv

The Irokotv app is developed and owned by the Iroko television which is topmost in getting the latest Nigerian movies.

It also provides the latest African movies in high-quality formats which cut across Ghana movies and several other African movies.

The Irokotv app makes it possible for users to stream movies on the app right from their mobile devices.

This app literally makes African movies in high definition formats easily accessible to users right there on their mobile devices and keeps them updated on the latest in the African movie industry.

2. 2GO

Another top African app mostly used in Nigeria is 2Go. The 2GO app was developed by two South Africans namely, Ashley Peters and Alan Wolff, and has grown massively in Africa.

The rate of its usage in Africa has grown over the years to over 9 million active users till date. This social platform app a bit similar to the yahoo messenger with the ability of users to chat and meet new people.

It also enables the users to share files on the app during conversations and enables them save files to their mobile devices.

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This app is low space consuming in terms of size and also doesn’t require a very strong network connection to use.

3. Origin

Another top African app that is worth downloading is Origin. This African app was developed by one Mr Finbarrs Oketunji who is based in the United Kingdom (UK).

He is a technology expert and a creative mind in the world of global technologies.

This app is designed to enable users to enjoy access to various African songs. It also enables users to share these songs with friends and contacts on their social media platforms.

The Orin app is beautifully designed with a world-class interface that is light despite its complex looks. The app also allows the users to listen to the songs there on the app and creates a platform for users to communicate with the customer service department.

4. ChannelsTv Mobile

This African app was developed and owned by the Channels television. This Channels television is one of the topmost television stations in Africa in terms of the latest news and information.

They developed the Channelstv mobile app to keep their viewers glued to the channel wherever they are.

It enables the users to get the latest news and information on sports, politics, science, music, etc right on their fingertips while on the move.

5. Nigerian Radio

The Nigerian radio app was developed to enable users to get live broadcasts like breaking news, discussions and music right on their mobile devices.

It displays both live broadcasts of information in mp3 formats to keep the users updated on the latest in sports, music, news, talk shows, and so on.

The design is quite attractive with a great interface and low in space consumption on the mobile device.

The Nigerian radio app also creates an avenue for users to chat and communicate with each other right there on the app.

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6. Nigerian Gossip

Another top African apps for Nigerians is the Nigerian gossip app. This app is literally the home of every Nigerian gossip.

It keeps the users updated with the latest gossips, gists, and breaking news cutting across several blogs and information platforms like Linda Ikeji, Naija gist, etc.

Be it information on music, movie, sports, politics, etc Nigerian gossip app has got you covered with the latest.

7. Nigeria Dictionary

If you are looking for a great African app that translates language for Nigerians, then you might want to consider this.

This app is awesome given that it deserves to be on the mobile devices of every single Nigerian.

The Nigerian dictionary app provides the users with translations to Nigerian languages including the pidgin English.

It also comes with a voice search function that enables users to pronounce a word and get translations or feedback.

This app makes it easy for users to get translations of English words to Nigerian dialects the same way it translates the Nigerian dialects to English.

This is one app that makes it possible for Nigerians to learn other dialects besides their original dialect and this alone makes the app a great app to have on mobile devices.

8. Nigerian Movie HD.

This app creates a platform where users can easily get the latest Nigerian movies and other African movies on their fingertips.

For those who enjoy Nigerian movies, this app would be very useful especially for getting updated Nigerian movies in high definition formats.

It also gives room for access to other movies apart from Nigerian movies which make the app a home for quality movies.

9. Jumia

Jumia is another top African apps for Nigerians. This app is an eCommerce app launched by Jumia, Africa’s largest online marketplace.

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The app makes it easy to have access to all the latest products from, covering all aspects of life.

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With this app, you can easily access your Jumia account, login, search, and acquire any product of your choice.

This Nigerian eCommerce is available for both Android and iOS users, as such can be downloaded from both Google Play Store, and the App World respectively.

10. Jobs In Nigeria

The Jobs in Nigeria app is another great African app that is developed to help the unemployed or those in search of a job change to gain access to vacancies in Nigeria.

It creates a link between the job seekers and the employers such that it notifies the users of the newest vacancies in different career lines and provides a platform for them to apply and send their cv’s to the employers.

On the part of the employers, it gives them the ability to put out their vacancies and get suitable candidates for the available positions.

11. Nigerian Constitution

The Nigerian constitution app was developed to enlighten Nigerians of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

It focuses on eliminating the ignorance and ill-knowledge of the law and also open the mental eyes of Nigerians to their rights and privileges as citizens.

This app contains the entire constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and gets updated when amendments are made. This is also a great app for every Nigerian to have on their mobile devices.

That’s all on the top African apps for Nigerians. You might also like to learn how to start an online store in Nigeria.

I hope this article on the top African apps for Nigerians was helpful?

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