How To Become A Model In Nigeria 2023

This is a detailed guide on how to become a model in Nigeria.

Models are individuals employed by brands or companies to advertise their new products.  Products could vary from clothes, hair products, beauty products, to beverages, etc.

Becoming a model in Nigeria does not just happen overnight. There are steps, guidelines, and processes that must be followed to become a model in Nigeria.

If you wish to learn how to become a model in Nigeria, this guide will help.

In this guide, I will put you through the necessary step to take up a career in modeling.

8 Steps To Become A Model In Nigeria

Below are the steps required to become a model in Nigeria.

Step 1: Determine the type of model you want to be

The first step to becoming a model in Nigeria is to know which area of modeling you wish to settle for.

The modeling industry is not the type where you can be in all sectors. For a beginner, you’ll have to define what area you want to specialize in so as to be taken seriously by potential clients or by a modeling agency.

In Nigeria, there are many types (niches) of modeling to choose from.

Types of Models

Below are some of the types of modeling you could choose from.

1. Runway Models

This sector in the modeling industry in Nigeria is highly competitive. It’s also the strictest area to go into and requires great discipline. Designers would put a lovely piece together and it’s expected that you fit into it.

Body Size Requirement for Runway Models: For Female, Age (16-23), Height (5’9 feet tall), Butt (34), Waist (23), Hips (34). For Male, Age (18-25), Height (5’11 feet tall).

2. Part Models

These type of models showcases products limited to a particular part of the body. You may not have the height or body size as required for a runway model, but all that’s needed is a part of your body that you’re confident showcasing. A pretty face, white teeth, or beautiful or even sexy eyes for example.

3. Spoke Models

They represent a particular brand. It could be a beauty brand. However, whatever brand it is, your job is as an ambassador, and you get paid like one. Of recent, this area is mostly given to celebrities and Ex BBNaija housemates with large fan bases.

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4. Wellness and Fit Models

They are usually used to portray fitness. You have to have athletic looks to be shortlisted by any brand as wellness and fit model.

5. Glamour Models

These type of models works with magazines and music video directors. This area is somewhat sexual as they are in some cases to pose for photographers wearing clothes that expose parts of their bodies.

6.  Commercial Models

This type of modeling is the less strict one. It has no age limits, height, body size, or skin color restriction policy. All that’s needed is being good at advertising.

7. Fashion Models

Fashion models are made to work with top designer brands or covers well-known fashion magazines. Hence, the requirement to be a fashion model is somewhat strict.

Requirements for Fashion Models: To be a Fashion model, you have to be 6’9 feet tall with the following measurements: bust (33), waist (23), hip (33). You also have to be very slim or thin, and young.

Step 2: Know And Work on Your Body type

Now that you have knowledge of the types of modeling available in Nigeria, the next step is to work on becoming the type of model you want to be based on the niche you have chosen.

People’s body types vary and they can only be accepted in the area of modeling that they fit into. For example, fashion models are expected to be slim, so you’ll have trouble being selected by a fashion brand if you’re plus-size.

Hence, if you want to go into fashion or runway modeling, for example, you must watch and reduce your weight if necessary.

Step 3: Exercise or Get a Personal Fitness Trainer

While trying to get the required body size for your area of specialization, you shouldn’t forget the need to exercise and burn down excess calories.

If possible, get yourself a fitness trainer that will put you through working out. Also, go on a diet.

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This doesn’t mean starving yourself, it means cutting down on the number of times you eat and instead opt for food with great health benefits, like fruits for example.

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Step 4: Maintain a Good Appearance

 Looks is everything in the modeling industry, it’s in fact a key factor to becoming a professional model. You must ensure that your skin is clear and smooth.

Avoid anything that’ll cause damage to your skin. Always look good and natural because you can be called upon anytime for maybe a natural shoot.

Step 5: Build Your Portfolio

Building a portfolio isn’t as hectic as it may sound. You don’t really need a lot of outfits to pull this off.

Get yourself an excellent photographer, not necessarily a professional, just someone who knows what he’s doing.

Make sure close up shots of your body parts are taken, your waist, eyes, feet, face, etc. Remember to go natural in the shots and be creative enough to try new looks so clients going through the portfolio will know that you’re not a stereotype model.

Step 5: Keep Finding Out Information About the Industry

Information is power and one way to get ahead in life is to get informed. The same goes for the modeling industry.

Make research so you’re educated on what the modeling industry in Nigeria entails, meet people who have gone ahead of you in the industry, and improve as models in terms of style, posture, and fashion sense.

It’ll help you know what you going into and the necessary things to expect.

Step 6: Find The Right Modeling Agency

Finding a modeling agency is the first official step to beginning a career in modeling. But beware, for people are going around acting like agency representatives and deceiving models to dupe them of their money.

So make sure the agency you’re opting for is legally registered. Don’t go around telling everyone you’re an aspiring model in search of a job so you don’t fall victim to these imposters.

Step 7: Put Yourself Out There

When you appear as a brand, agencies will see potentials in you and start up something. While putting yourself out there, make use of social media to your advantage.

Upload some of your pictures on the platforms available, and gain followers. It’s easier for modeling agencies to work with models that are some worth popular.

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Step 8: Pay Attention While Signing Contracts

So you finally get that job, the last thing you want is to sign up for something you’re not cut out for.

Never be too excited that you forget to go through the contract. Most times, getting a lawyer to go through your contract before signing is advisable so you’re not taken advantage of.

Professional models have managers to do the paperwork for them but as a starter, you can’t go around seeking a manager while you’re still trying to get a job.

Other Tips To Consider

  • Don’t do anything you are not comfortable with to be a model
  • Understand that rejection is a part of this business. So don’t let it put you down and hinder you from moving on
  • Everything in this industry is not about the glitz and glam. Some things take hard work and discipline
  • Believe in yourself. Whether or not you get a job, believe you are as good as you think
  • Be opened to learning.

How Much Do Models Earn

The amount of money you could earn as a model depends on the agency your under, the type of brand you’re working with, and the nature of the job you’re being given.

However, here is a break down of the average amount you could earn as a model.

  • Runway Models:  ₦25, 000 – ₦85, 000
  • Commercial Models: ₦100,000 – ₦5 MILLION
  • Fitness Models: ₦10,000 – ₦80,000
  • Fashion Models: ₦20,000 – ₦150,000
  • Glamour Models: ₦10,000 – ₦50,000

Imagine being called upon by 5 different clients. This means you’ll get paid 5 times. Just know that even if there are downsides in this industry, the upsides are plentiful.

That’s all on how to become a model in Nigeria.

I hope this guide helps?

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