May 21, 2024
ICT companies in Nigeria

Are you longing to know the top ICT companies in Nigeria?

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This article aims at revealing to you the top twenty ICT companies you never knew existed in Nigeria.

Information And Communications Technology In Nigeria

Communication technologies are the devices used in sending, receiving, and processing information.

Information and communication technology has modernized the way people communicate.

Moreover, the four main types of communication technology are telephone, radio, television, and the internet.

These four main types of information technology have influenced the way information is circulated, and continue to enhance the communication experience.

The Information and technology sector has gained prominence over the centuries in Nigeria.

The world is a global village and Nigerians are not left out of these great technological innovations.

ICT is the mechanism for growth and a source of strength for the social and economic empowerment of any country.

Nigeria is saturated with technological innovations, this is seen in the massive growth of Nigeria’s digital mobile network.

ICT has played significant roles in different sectors in Nigeria.

The use of ICT in schools has created a positive impact on teaching, learning, and research. It produces better results than the traditional method of teaching alone and makes it easier to quickly access information.

Corporations using ICT in their businesses experience rapid sales growth and higher productivity than their counterparts who are not incorporating ICT in their businesses.

Telecommunication networks have created a significant positive influence on the gross domestic product(GDP) of Nigeria in terms of job creation and other aspects.

ICT enhances economic growth by widening the reach of technologies such as mobile wideband, high-speed internet, and computing.

ICT helps in the fast dispersion of knowledge and information of different kinds.

It broadens the geographic scope of potential markets and provides access to inaccessible goods and services. You might also want to check out the best ERP software here.

It’s a substitute for other, more costly means of communication and transaction.

Top 20 ICT Companies In Nigeria

Below are the top twenty ICT companies in Nigeria.

1. Ericsson Nigeria

Ericsson is one of the prominent providers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to service providers.

They encourage the full value of connectivity by developing game-changing technology and services that are easy to use, thereby making their customers successful in a fully connected world.

They develop, deliver and manage telecommunication networks by providing hardware, software, and services to enable the full value of connectivity.

Ericson is located at 17A, Ozumba Mbadiwe

Victoria Island, Lagos.

Ericsson Nigeria Website

2. InterSwitch Limited

InterSwitch is an indigenous company that was established in 2002.

It is a digital and commerce firm that enhances the electronic circulation of money as well as the exchange of value between individuals and organizations on a timely and constant basis.

They are into payment disbursement, payment collection, merchant acquiring, quick teller business, advisory services, etc.

InterSwitch Limited Website

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3. Paystack

Paystack is a technology company that has an integrated payment platform that helps businesses in Africa get paid by anyone and anywhere in the world.

They automatically route payments through the most optimal channels, guaranteeing the highest transaction success rates in the market.

With paystack, customers can pay businesses through card, USSD, Visa QR, mobile money, etc.

4. Tek Expert Nigeria

Tel Expert is a major, global provider of business and IT support services.

They provide technical assistance that helps businesses improve their customer’s experience.

Their services include software support, security software support, sales support, customer success.

Tek Expert Nigeria Website

5. Globacom

Globacom Nigeria Limited is the first indigenous Nigerian-owned telecommunication company and one of the leading telecommunication firms with millions of subscribers in Nigeria and Ghana.

They are the first single firm to build a high-capacity submarine fiber-optic cable, popularly known as Glo-1, from the United Kingdom to Nigeria to enhance high internet speed and download rate.

6. MTN

MTN Nigeria is part of the South African multinational telecommunications firm known as MTN Group Limited.

MTN has a huge number of subscribers making it the 8th largest mobile network operator in the world.

MTN services include tariff plans, data offers, roaming, recharge, sim services.

MTN is considered the best amongst the top telecommunication operators in Nigeria because of its vast network coverage,


9mobile is a telecommunication company in Nigeria that provides a wide range of telecommunication services nationwide.

They have a wide range of business packages for corporate businesses and small-medium enterprises.

Etisalat’s main high point is the vast internet broadband services.


Airtel Nigeria is the leading mobile telecommunication services provider in Nigeria.

It is a member of Airtel Africa Group, the holding company for Bharti Airtel’s operations in 14 countries in Africa.

Their products are mobile telephony, broadband, and internet services.

9. Google Nigeria

Google is a multinational technology firm that focuses on  Internet-related services and products, such as online advertising technologies, a search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware.

Their products are chrome, Android TV, Cardboard, calendar, chrome, Chromebook,  Android OS, Android Auto, contacts, drive, etc.

10. IBM Nigeria

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is a multinational technology company headquartered in Armonk, New York.

It is in operation in over 171 countries including Nigeria.

They develop and promote computers software and hardware. They offer other technological services such as cloud computing, hosting, and consulting services.

IBM Nigeria Website

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11. Dataflex

Dataflex is the foremost indigenous Information technology solutions and services company in Nigeria.

To fully dispense their duties well, they partner with world-class brands such as HP, DELL, IBM, EMC, Microsoft, Cisco, etc.

Dataflex’s head office in Nigeria is located at Muri Okunola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.

12. Flutterwave

Flutterwave provides the simplest and most credible payments solution for businesses anywhere in the world.

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Their platform allows you to sell wherever your customers are.

You can sell online with an e-commerce website, App, and more.

You can also sell in person, anywhere in the world.

Moreover, Using Flutterwave API, you can quickly create and manage virtual cards. The Cards can be used instantly through mobile wallets and global websites.

Their solutions are check out, card issuing, store, invoice, payment links, consumers.

Flutter wave is located at 8, Providence Street,

Lekki Phase One, Lagos, Nigeria.

Learn more by visiting their website at or you can contact them at

13. Auto Chek

Auto chek is an automobile company that brings the sales and servicing of cars in Africa online.

Autochek is focused on providing excellent car repair and maintenance services in Nigeria.

Autochek’s Car services in Nigeria include battery service, car washing, car detailing, car tyre service, car brake service, car engine maintenance, denting & painting, car AC service, and all that you need to get your car fixed.

Through autochek, you can fix your car, buy a car, sell a car, buy a truck, get a car loan.

The Autochek app makes it convenient to repair and service your car in Africa without experiencing difficulties like finding a trusted mechanic to repair it.

14. Pagatech

Paga is a mobile money operator licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Paga offers a wide range of services such as bill payments, remittances, the buying/sending of airtime, free money transfers, deposit to bank accounts, bulk disbursements, and collections that are accessible by using their online channels (web/app) and on any basic mobile phone by dialing *242#.

Paga is also the widest distribution network for financial services in Nigeria through its nationwide agent network—mom and pop stores, pharmacies, grocery stores —where people can get access to financial services.

With Paga, you can send money instantly to anyone with a phone number, email address, or bank account.

You can request money instantly from anyone with a phone number or email address

You can receive and secure money transfers from abroad to any Nigerian mobile phone number or bank account using Paga.

You can also renew your TV, Internet, Electricity bills and so much more with Paga’s smooth bill payment service.

Moreover, you can top up your data and airtime instantly using Paga.

To know more, visit the Paga Website.

15. Jobberman

Jobberman is West Africa’s most popular job search engine.

It is a Nigerian-based job portal and career platform that documents candidate job applications for employers and helps connect people searching for jobs with companies hiring.

It is considered the largest job placement website in sub-Saharan Africa. Moreover, Jobberman is currently operating in Ghana too.

Jobberman Website

16. Oracle

Oracle is a multinational computer technology corporation headquartered in Austin, Texas.

The firm sells database software and technology, cloud-engineered systems, and enterprise software products.

In 2020, Oracle was ranked the second-largest software company in the world by revenue and market capitalization.

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The company also formulates and constructs tools for database development and systems of middle-tier software, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, software Supply Chain Management(SCM) software human Capital Management (HCM) software Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

17. Main one

The Main One Cable is a submarine communications cable stretching from Portugal to South Africa with landings along the route in several west African countries.

Their world-class submarine cable system moving down the coast of West Africa, state-of-the-art IP NGN network, growing regional and metro terrestrial fiber-optic networks, and data center facilities, allows broadband services for businesses needing online connectivity solutions in west Africa.

Furthermore, MainOne has grown to become the foremost provider of Wholesale and Enterprise connectivity and data center services across the West African area.

Moreover, the company partners with major global technology firms to deliver services to its customers.

The company continues to thrive with major network interconnection facilities, extensive terrestrial fiber build-out, regional Points of presence, and delivery of services into 10 countries in West Africa.

18. Zinox

Zinox is the first company to go into Computer production and ICT solutions in West Africa.

It is the first internationally certified indigenous computer brand in West Africa, the first computer brand in the world to incorporate the Naira sign (N) on its keyboard, and the first metropolitan WIMAX solution in Nigeria.

It is the first indigenous internationally certified Computer Manufacturer in Nigeria with a computerized digital assembly plant in West Africa and a daily production capacity of over 5,000 units installed in Gbagada Industrial Estate, Lagos.

Zinox is leading in the supply of ICT infrastructure solutions and also provides a strong adaptive and cost-effective end-to-end solution to international operators and enterprise market users.

Currently, Zinox creates a wide range of smart computing devices ranging from tablets, laptops, desktops, notebooks, solar/hybrid iPower Products, and consumer electronics such as TV sets, air-conditioners, refrigerators, etc.

19. Galazy Backbone

Galaxy Backbone is a public enterprise of the Federal Government of Nigeria integrated in 2006 with the primary aim of setting up and operating a unified Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure platform that addresses the connectivity, transversal, and other technology imperatives for ministries, departments, and agencies of the federal government.

20. IPNX

ipNX is an indigenous Information and Communications Technology company, serving numerous needs to enterprises, small businesses, and residents with innovative, world-class services.

As a leading Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) operator in Nigeria, they currently provide many solutions to various industries and market segments using industry-leading technology such as Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) cable technology as their core access network infrastructure and fixed wireless radio services (via licensed frequency).

They also offer complementary IT solutions, with a view of covering key commercial and suburban regions.

Their services include Broadband Internet, Cloud Computing, Collocation & Hosting, IP Wholesale, Telephony, Unified Communication, IP-VPN/MPLS.

That is all on the top 20 ICT companies in Nigeria.

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