Top 20 Alternative Jobs For Teachers in 2023

This is a detailed guide on rewarding alternative Jobs for Teachers.

If you are a teacher or you have someone who is, you would understand if I say teaching is one of the noblest professions in the world. It is a profession we can’t really do without.

Learning helps us improve our intellectuality, and it also helps us have a better personality.

The role of teachers in having a successful formal education system that encourages this learning is so notable and worthy.

However, as important as teachers are to the public, they don’t get to keep their jobs forever.

Sometimes, they burn out of strength and energy to continue their service to humanity.

When these times come, there comes the need for reliable sustenance with it.

Hence, if you are looking for alternative Jobs for Teachers, this guide will help.

In this guide, you will discover jobs teachers can do without teaching. These jobs can also be good second careers for teachers.

Are There Really Alternative Jobs For Teachers?

The teaching profession is beyond passing information to students alone.

Teachers sometimes have an interpersonal relationship with their students that goes beyond passing the knowledge of a particular subject to them.

This has given them the skills required to thrive in some alternative Jobs.

Therefore, the teaching profession opens doors to many other alternative Jobs for Teachers, having embedded one or more other skills in them.

Some of these skills gained from teaching includes:

  • Administration and Leadership skills
  • Computer and ICT Skills
  • Critical Thinking skills
  • Mentorship skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Problem-Solving skills and many more.

20 Alternative Jobs For Teachers

There are many alternative jobs for teachers since the teaching experience has infused various skills in them.

Below is the list of alternative jobs for teachers.

1. Personal Trainer

What more does a teacher do than train students? Although, it often takes place inside the classroom.

Being a teacher, training students on a daily basis would have become a part of you. This experience will take you largely forward as a personal trainer.

Personal trainers are tasked with the responsibility of training their clients through physical exercise.

This will be more of a stroll in the park for physical education teachers, but every trainer, coach, or teacher can easily adapt or divert their passion for teaching into training people personally.

However, you would need to be formally skilled and obtain your personal trainer certificate.

A personal trainer averagely earns a salary of about $39,000.

2. Event Planner

Event planning is another second career for teachers.

One of the skills every teacher is expected to possess is organization skills. They plan and prepare for classes, and they also manage time and classroom activities.

This can be directed easily towards event planning with a little touch of improvement.

An Event planner is employed by individuals who have upcoming events to plan ahead and coordinate every aspect of their event.

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Event planners plan weddings, birthday parties, meetings, conventions, and other events.

An Event Planner can earn an average salary of $49,000.

3. Human Resource specialist

Human Resource specialist is one of the top alternative jobs for teachers. Becoming a human resource specialist is another alternative job for teachers who would love to take up a new job.

Teachers and human resource specialists both make use of interpersonal skills to carry out their respective duties.

Since this skill commands high regard in the human resource specialist profession, teachers will easily fit in with little or no strain.

You can earn an average salary of about $59,000 as a human resource specialist.

4. Childcare Worker

One of the alternative jobs for teachers out there is taking up the role of a child care worker.

Childcare involves taking care of children for a period of time, especially when their parents are not readily available either due to work or other unavoidable reasons.

Teachers are not new to children’s environment, and as such you are most likely going to do well in caring for children which is the major responsibility of a childcare worker.

As a childcare worker, you get to stay with children, monitor and take care of them for the period of time agreed upon daily.

There will be no need for marking, recording, and other paperwork.

An average childcare worker can earn about $23,240.

5. Sales Representative

A sales representative is a sales personnel that represents a business or organization and sells goods on their behalf.

You would have seen that your few years of teaching have helped you to gain and improve many skills.

A few of such skills that will propel you quickly as a Sales representative are:

  • Ability to relate with different people
  • Ability to speak publicly
  • Ability to interpret information to the last detail.
  • All these are used in the classroom and are also required to make a good sales representative.
  • An average sales representative earns a salary of about $57,000

6. Museum Archivist

Teachers are good organizers. They classify items well; collection of data is another thing teachers do often than not.

Therefore, this will help them to fare well as a museum archivist.

A museum archivist works in a museum, and they are tasked with collation, organization, and collection of museum materials.

They keep materials in good shape and order to facilitate good organization.

An average museum archivist earns a salary of about $52,000.

7. Museum Curator

Museum Curator is another alternative career for teachers.

If not an archivist, you can take up the role of a museum Curator if you’re looking to change your career as a teacher.

A museum curator serves as the overseer of exhibitions and activities in a museum.

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Every teacher has what it takes to head a museum, plan shows and exhibitions for visitors.

An average museum curator earns a salary of about $47,000.

8. Writer

Becoming a writer is also one of the top alternative jobs for teachers.

Most often than not, teachers read and write as much as they teach which means that have been practicing writing throughout their years of teaching.

You can become a writer for magazines, newspapers, blogs, or work as a freelance writer.

Average writers earn about $60,000 salary.

9. Life coach

Every teacher can almost always have a career switch and become a life Coach.

Yeah, by a life coach of course you still take up teaching responsibilities. Although in this case, you teach neither science nor art, you train the mind of your students.

As a life coach, you would train and help your students find their strengths, take up positive habits, set goals and become better persons for themselves.

On average, a life coach can earn about $61,000 salary.

10. Substance Abuse Counselor

A teacher of course gives counsel to students on a daily basis.

A substance abuse counselor works to counsel substance abusers.

They help addicts to get rehabilitated and recover from their addictions.

Although, this job requires you to get certified as a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADAC) in a college.

Substance abuse counselors earn abot $41,000 salary.

11. Instructional coordinator

I can’t think of having anybody fare better as an instructional coordinator than a teacher.

Instructional coordinators develop, coordinate and manage instructional materials used in classrooms such as textbooks, curriculums, and more.

Years of teaching experience will help you so well as an instructional coordinator.

Salary can be up to about $62,000

12. School and Career Counselor

I have mentioned becoming a substance abuse counselor. The skills required for the job can also be redirected and transmitted into becoming a school and a career counselor.

You can become a school counselor where you would help to guide and counsel students on how best to prepare for their future.

While as a career counselor, you work with students and workers of various organizations to decide how better they want for their future.

You can earn up to about $54,000 salary

13. Personal Financial Advisor

A Personal financial advisor is a personnel who works with individuals like businessmen, doctors, or other professionals to help their decision-making with finance.

This is a good fit for teachers who have thought about economic subjects over the years.

It is just a more practical way to practice what they have been teaching in the classroom.

As a personal finance advisor, you can earn about $67,000 as a salary.

14. Radiological Technologist

Radiological technologist is another alternative job for teachers because it requires the interpersonal skills used by teachers to train their students.

Radiological technologists works in the medical field. They capture the images used for medical diagnoses, such as X-rays and MRIs.

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The strong pull teachers will have is their ability to educate their students.

This strength can also be directed towards educating patients in the hospital.

15. Respiratory Therapist

This is one of the top alternative jobs for teachers to consider. A Respiratory therapists conducts therapy and work with people who have difficulty in breathing.

Respiratory therapists mostly work with patients that ranges from children to the elderly.

This gives them room to really help these people, which is one thing teachers are known for.

16. Dental hygienist

Teachers can also consider becoming a dental hygienist as they look to switch career.

A dental hygienist teach and educate people on how to have a proper and better health, and of course no one can teach better than a teacher.

As a dental hygienist you also get to work closely with dentist to help patients have a better dental health.

17. Training & Development Manager

As a trainer, a teacher can easily work as a Training and Development manager.

The primary duty of a training and  development manager is to give people the support and help them gain the skills required for success in their various fields.

18. Psychologist

Yeah, a psychologist works closely with individuals, studies their mind and behavior, help them have mental, emotional, and behavioral wellness. So close to what a coach does.

Hence, teachers can easily become psychologist only that they will need to be further trained to understand cognitive and emotional processes in people better.

19. Sales Manager

Working as a sales manager is a little like like working as a sales representative.

A sales manager is the one in charge of all the sales in a business.

They stay in charge of sale representatives, they guide sales team and help them become more productive.

But you may need to work in positions like manufacturing sales, insurance sales, or advertising sales.

20. Postsecondary Educator

This would not be too hard for you to understand that teachers can become postsecondary Educators.

A Postsecondary educator work in community colleges, colleges, and universities.

some of their duties are providing instructions, conducting research and more.

Working at this level may require a master’s degree though.

They can also occupy other positions in colleges and universities. They can work in admission offices, or give academic advises, or assist the registrar’s office.

That is all on the top alternative jobs for teachers.

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