Surrogacy in Mexico: What Are the Cost and Conditions for Surrogacy?

Creating a family and raising a new tiny human is one of the deepest desires and most important goals that every person has, regardless of age and gender. Children do not only make us kinder but reveal all the best that we have in our hearts.

Though some people reach this goal without effort, some can struggle to have kids. Surrogacy is a great way to tackle this issue and create the family of your dreams. The World Center of Baby can offer surrogacy in Mexico and other countries where surrogacy is widespread.

Peculiarities of Surrogacy in Mexico With the World Center of Baby

The best way to organize surrogacy is to turn to a surrogacy agency. One of such agencies is the World Center of Baby. It takes all the organization process, gets you in touch with the clinic, helps you find the surrogate mother, and plans the visits to Mexico, including accommodation rent.

But what is unique about surrogacy in Mexico?

Surrogacy laws in Mexico are relatively democratic. It allows surrogacy for traditional married couples and LGBT couples. Any couple can become parents.

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With this organization focusing on reproductive medicine, you won’t need to search for a surrogacy agency in Mexico. The World Center of Baby is the international agency that grants comfortable surrogacy experience, and guarantees intended parents’ rights.  

There is legal control over this process, and every client can be sure that surrogate mothers are well cared for and have all the necessary medical support and screening.

Regular health checks, monitoring of the pregnancy are also granted. To correspond to the parameters and requirements of the agency, the surrogate mother in Mexico will need to do the following.

  • Appearing to all medical appointments
  • Taking the prescribed medicines
  • Being careful with her health
  • Not claiming the rights for the baby without making any changes to this decision

The agency will support you during the whole process: from the day you fly to Mexico, take the newborn baby home to post-arrival days.

What about the cost of surrogacy in Mexico? The price can vary depending on many factors, so the best option is to check out the cost of surrogacy in Mexico at the forum or request this info during the consultation.

World Center of Baby Offering Gestational Surrogacy

The progressive way to produce a child with genetic ties with intended parents is gestational surrogacy. The law permits this in Mexico, and you will be granted:

  • No delays in the search for egg donors and surrogate mothers
  • Profound genetic analysis before the implantation
  • Complete insurance coverage for surrogate mothers
  • Stopping at convenient locations during your visits to Mexico
  • Personal coordinator to settle down every organizational question.
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There is no doubt that surrogacy in Mexico is open to foreign intended parents, gay or lesbian couples, and individuals. So this can give you a peaceful procedure when opting for surrogacy in this country.  

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