15 Best Romantic Vacation Spots for Couples in the US

This guide contains the best romantic vacation spots for couples in the US.

As a couple, one of the best ways to keep the flame of romance burning high is traveling.

Or what other time is there to spend quality time together if not during vacations?

Traveling during vacation is a very great opportunity to reach out to one another’s hearts as lovers.

It gives room to reflect on your love life from the beginning, and it also helps to make new commitments.

Substantially, travel on vacation helps to seek the spark in marriage and also to keep it very much alive.

However one of the factors that contribute to having a successful romantic vacation as couples is the location.

This is very important because having a romantic date in an unromantic environment can be disappointing.

If you are searching for the best romantic vacation spots for couples in the US, this guide will help. In this guide, I will show you some of the best romantic vacation spots for couples in the US.

15 Best Romantic Vacation Spots for Couples in the US

If you want to have the best vacation in the US as couple, you wouldn’t want to look past this list of best romantic vacation spots for couples in the US.

These spots will undoubtedly give you a relaxing couples vacation in the USA.

Below is the list of best romantic vacation spots for couples in the United States.

1. Savannah, Georgia

savannah GEORGIA

One of the best romantic vacation spots for couples in the United State is Savannah.

Savannah is located in Georgia, and suitable for couples in vacation because of its attractiveness and serenity.

To start with, the weather at Savannah is usually warm throughout the year which gives it a not-too cold and a not-too-hot atmosphere – so perfect for couples.

Savannah also has beautiful oak trees, dignified mansions, historic squares, and impressive culinary scenes which make it captivating altogether.

There are many soul-gluing activities and routines you can engage in at Savannah.

You can take a walk around, or have a taste of the gardens. you can also visit the restaurants, take a drive, shop for souvenirs, and many more.

2. Big Sur, California

big sur

Another available alternative romantic vacation spot for couples is the Big Sur.

Big Sur is located in California, and it also provides a perfect atmosphere for lovers to share and make their love life better.

The rugged, mountainous area of California’s Central Coast has picturesque views and lodgings ideal for a romantic seaside vacation.

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Big Sur has many available resort where you can relax and make each other feel fresh in love again.

There are many captivating events to enjoy. It begins with the adventurous drive to the spot.

There is also the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. There lies one of the most popular waterfall in the country. The sight of the waterfall pouring into a beach comes with a soothing feeling.

You can also pay visits to the Treebones Resort and the Esalen Institute.

It is nothing but a romance galore.

3. Santa Fe, New Mexico

santa fe

Santa Fe is another attractive destination that is suitable for a romantic couple’s vacation.

Santa Fe is a spot in New Mexico. There are nicely-built unique buildings that are of earth color.

Emotions are spurred in Santa Fe by lilacs and forsythias in the spring.

Apart from the beauty of the buildings, you can pay visits to outstanding restaurants, markets, the O’Keeffe Museum, and festivals.

Santa Fe is a spot to consider for your next couple Vacation.

4. Napa Valley

Napa valley

Napa valley has been an attraction center for many dignified people and it is definitely one of the best romantic vacation spots for couples in the United States.

While on your at Napa valley, you can sign up for a tour guide who will drive you around while you sit with your spouse to enjoy more intimacy.

Napa Valley is located in California and is beautified with hillsides arranged in rows, wine caverns, outstanding estates, classic hotels, and more.

A couple vacation at Napa would definitely not be forgotten too soon.

5. Kauai


Kauai is not only cool but also refreshing. Kauai is undoubtedly a perfect destination for whatever kind of romance you would love to have.

Kauai is fit to be called a paradise, especially if you love rugged cliffs, sunny sand, emerald hills, and epic hikes.

Such adornment is what Kauai is made of. It gives room for a perfect interpersonal relationships with your partner.

6. Charleston, South California


Charlestown of south California is another cool spot for a romantic couple’s vacation in the US.

Charleston has many historic homes, art galleries and tasty Southern cuisine, and also beaches for lounging.

Their cuisine is so perfect for couples that love food.

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You get a quiet at Sullivan’s Island where you can ignite romance and feel good

You can also sign up for a sunset harbor cruise that will take just you and your spouse. That’s guaranteed privacy.

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7. Sonoma


Sonoma is another good place for romantic vacations four couples in the US.

Sonoma farms and wine can not be easily found anywhere else around. There are over 400 wineries.

The bath for two at their spa is definitely a perfect fit for couples to get themselves refreshed.

The trails at Taylor Mountain Regional Park, the Open Space Preserve are open for exploration.

8. Sedona


Once more Sedona will leave you both wowed during your vacation.

Sedona provides breathtaking opportunities that are second to none all over the world noted States.

You have the opportunity to repaint your love red at the top of red rocks.

The rocks enable you to look out upon miles of colorful landscape.

Sedona also have spas that ranked among the best spa in the United states.

9. New York

New York

New York is one of the most romantic spots you can find in the United States.

New York is a city that never sleeps, and of course, there is so much to offer especially to visitors.

You will have the chance to have an outstanding view of the Manhattan skyline, and you can also catch a Broadway show.

The restaurants provides delicious cuinsine that will fill you with ecstasy.

A better place than New York for a romantic couple vacation is not so common in the United States

10. Hocking Hills, Ohio

Hocking hills

Hocking Hills is yet another beautiful and one of the perfect romantic vacation spots for couples in the United States of America.

Hooking Hills has many beautiful attributes. A large part of which are natural.

The soaring cliffs, beautiful waterfalls, craggy caves, with fertile and thriving forests are just a few of the natural beauty of Hocking Hills.

There are available spas, restaurants with the best treats.

11. Molokai, Hawaii


Molokai will help you forget whatever worry you might have and keep you both focused on one another.

Molokai is an island in Hawaii, but it stands out among every other island in the region.

It has a unique setting that seperates it from the common islands.

Molokai is decorated with shorter buildings, and mini resorts (not as large as usually found).

Again, Molokai gives a combination of culture and adventure on a hike.

There are also waterfalls that has a beholding sight.

Molokai passes excellently as one of the best romantic vation spot for couples in the US.

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12. Lanai

romantic vacation spots for couples

Lanai is another island in Hawaii, it has its stance and offers experiences that can never be written off.

Lanai helps you and your partner share the remote island and you can go on and on romantically till forever.

At Lanai, you definitely will feel like you are alone with your lover.

It offers a very perfect atmosphere for a romantic vacation.In addition, there are great and outstanding hotels and resorts that offer warm abode as well as sumptuous delicacies.

Also, at sunset, you get to have a beautiful view of Hulopoe Bay from the Sweetheart Rock.

13. Amelia Island

Amelia Island

Amelia island is another perfect island where you can get isolated with you spouse to enjoy intimacy and ignite your flamming love.

The atmospheres there will give you a better romantic feeling than a sunrise beachfront horseback ride for a couple. are you getting the picture ready?

Okay, what about a drift at sunset aboard a 40-foot yacht with your intimate lover only?

Don’t just picture it, take off and go for it.

Amelia Island will offer even more

14. Cape Cod

Cape Cod

Cape cod is an exciting place to be with your soul mate on vacation.

You will be left with beautiful incomparable experiences with your partner.

First off, your focus will be redirected from work or business stress to your only companion.

What a sweet experience that you need to have!

You both would have the luxury of time to swim, bike or eat fresh seafood.

Cape cod should be in your list against your next vacation.

15. San Francisco, California

romantic vacation spots for couples

San Francisco is also one of the best romantic vacation spots for couples in the US. It is an experience you wouldn’t mind to have over and over again.

There are many unforgettable experiences, talk of food, natural beauty, refreshing atmosphere, and more.

The Stern Grove Music Festival is another spectacular experience, perhaps you are a lover of music.

The festival holds every Sunday and will help you have fun and also leave you super-energetic.

That is all on the best romantic vacation spots for couples in the United States of America.

I hope this helps?

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