Fetch Rewards vs Swagbucks: Which is Better

Are you here because you want to know which is better; Fetch Rewards vs Swagbucks? Then you are in the right place.

A lot of questions have popped up since the launching of Fetch Rewards and Swagbucks; many people want to know which is better.

The truth is that people have different choices and while you might say that Fetch Reward is better, another person might say that Swagbucks is better.

Both platforms have their unique features, advantages, and disadvantages. We will let you know all these and at the end, you will decide for yourself, Fetch Rewards vs Swagbucks, which is better.

About Fetch Rewards

Fetch Reward is a free shopping receipt app that rewards you with points when you scan your shopping receipt. You can redeem these points in exchange for gift cards, visa cards, charity donations, and sweepstakes entries.

Generally, 1,000 points on Fetch Rewards is equal to $1, and you simply get cash back for scanning receipts.

You can scan receipts from purchases at grocery stores, club stores, liquor stores, convenience stores, markets, and other select retailers.

It is important to note that after buying at the grocery stores, you would have up to 14 days to scan your receipts.

Moreover, receipts older than 14 days will not earn you any points, and you can scan up to 35 receipts within a seven-day period.

Furthermore, a minimum of 3,000 points are needed to redeem most rewards.

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About Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a platform that rewards people with free gift cards or cash for completing simple tasks, and these tasks are everyday things you already do online.

The tasks members of this platform complete to get rewarded include searching the web, playing games, watching videos, shopping online, etc.

When you complete a given task on Swagbucks, you earn a reward in points, called SB, you can redeem your points for gift cards or cash. However, It is 100 SB points for $1 USD in rewards.

You can redeem your points for gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon or Walmart, or get cash back from PayPal.

How To Earn On Fetch Rewards

There are different ways to earn on Fetch rewards, and below are the ways to earn on Fetch Rewards.

1. Submitting Receipts

Fetch Reward makes shopping fun because people get rewarded when they submit their shopping receipts.

Whether the receipt is from a grocery store, fast-food restaurant, grocery store, convenience store, market, club store, or clothing retailer, you will earn a minimum of 25 points.

Moreover, you can earn more points on eligible receipts from grocery/supermarkets, wholesale club stores, hardware, pet stores, gas stations, and convenience stores when you buy participating items and complete special offers.

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If you have eligible receipts that contain at least one participating brand, you may receive a minimum of 35 points.

You can submit both the physical receipts you receive from the storefront printer and the eReceipts you receive from online purchases for points.

Remember that you have up to 14 days to scan receipts, and you can scan up to 35 receipts within a seven-day period.

2. Buying Participating Items

You can also earn Fetch rewards when you buy an item from a participating brand. Every time you buy from this brand, you will earn points based on the final price paid for the item.

To receive points for buying participating products, the receipt must show an itemized list of what you bought to confirm your purchase.

To know the list of brands that will earn you points, visit the Fetch reward website. Points awarded for the products you purchase are based on the final price paid.

3. Completing Special Offers

Another way you can earn on Fetch reward is by completing special offers. To earn bonus points, go to the discover page and purchase items marked for special offers.

To check for additional information on the offer, such as the qualifying dates, items, and quantities, tap on the special offer itself.

The process of earning through special offers is simple, all you need to do is to purchase the items, snap the receipt, and earn your points.

4. Referrals

Earning through referrals is one of the best ways to earn on Fetch reward. Using this method, you would not only earn alone but your friends will earn as well.

All you need to do to earn through this method is to send the referral link to your friends and earn a minimum of 2,000 points when they register. Moreover, your friends will also earn 2,000 points after they snap their first receipt.

5. Unlock Member-Only Offers

You can earn points on Fetch by joining loyalty programs from specific brands to receive member-only offers.

There are several programs for you to opt in including Huggies Rewards+ Fetch, General Mills Good Rewards, Pepsico Tasty Rewards, etc.

How To Earn On Swagbucks

There are many ways to earn on Swagbucks and below are the different ways to earn Swagbucks.

1. Take Paid Surveys

If you have been giving your opinion for free, then it’s time to stop and start earning on Swagbucks. You can earn on Swagbucks by taking paid surveys. With your phone, you get paid for giving your opinion and making money.

Earning has never been this simple and straightforward, all you need to do is to complete surveys on important topics, including politics, movies, TV shows, and shopping experiences.

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Most surveys pay around 100 to 300 SB, and you can redeem it for gift cards and PayPal cash.

2. Shop Online

If you love shopping, you can make money by shopping online on Swagbucks. When you shop online at over 7,000 participating stores including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Starbucks, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Old Navy, you earn cash-back rebates.

You also get cash back for eating out at participating restaurants in your neighborhood.

When you earn SB for every dollar you spend, you also get access to exclusive deals and coupons from your favorite retailers.

3. Scan Your Receipts For Cash Back

You can earn money on Swagbucks by scanning your receipt. All you need to do is to snap a picture of your grocery or supermarket receipt and earn SB for cash back and gift card rewards.

It’s very simple, you get paid for purchasing staples, such as any-brand eggs, bread, milk, or pasta at hundreds of participating merchants.

4. Make Money Playing Games

If you are a game lover, then you can earn handsomely on Swagbucks. All you need to do is play Swagbucks’ library of game content for members and earn rewards.

You can also earn points for installing and playing featured app-based games. You can earn SB points when you make in-game purchases through their partners at GSN, or play their original free games.

5. Install The Swagbucks Browser Extension

You can make money on Swagbucks when you download the Swagbucks Browser Extension. You can use this extension to browse your favorite sites and earn as well.

Moreover, the browser extension will automatically alert you to commerce sites’ coupons, promo codes, and cash-back deals as you browse the web.

6. Redeem Swag Codes

You can make money on Swagbucks when you redeem the Swag code. You will find these codes on Swagbucks’ social media pages or in browser extension notifications.

7. Enter Swagstakes

You can make money from Swagbucks when you enter Swagstakes. When you enter Swagstakes, you stand a chance to win laptops, gaming consoles, and more SB.

8. Get Paid To Search The Web

You can make money on Swagbucks by searching the web. You can get paid for searching the web when you are using the Swagbucks search engine.

The search engine gives you similar results as other well-known search engines, the only difference is that you would be viewing the results in a search feed on Swagbucks.

9. Discover Offers

You can make money on Swagbucks when you discover offers. You get free gift cards when you check out exclusive deals and offers from popular brands. You also earn SB points when you sign up for new services, check out free samples, etc.

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Fetch Rewards vs Swagbucks: Which is Better

You have known a lot about Fetch Rewards and Swagbucks and how to make money on each of the platforms. Now, it is time to know the advantages and the disadvantages of the apps. After this, you would be able to decide for yourself which one is better.

Advantages Of Fetch Rewards

Below are the advantages of Fetch Reward.

1. Fetch Rewards gives 2,000 points sign-up bonus with a referral code

2. Fetch Rewards is easy to use, there are no offers to unlock or barcodes to scan

3. it takes 10 seconds to upload a receipt on Fetch Rewards

4. Gift cards delivered quickly after redemption on Fetch Rewards

5. Fetch Rewards is free to use

6. You can scan the entire receipt Fetch Rewards instead of clipping coupons beforehand

7. Fetch Rewards has a huge network of brands

8. Scanning receipts is quick and easy on Fetch Rewards

Advantages Of Swagbucks

Below are the advantages of Swagbucks.

1. Swagbucks has many reward actions.

2. The cash-back option on Swagbucks is very beneficial.

3. Swagbucks site is easy to use.

4. There are many ways to earn and increase points on Swagbucks.

5. The browser extension is an excellent feature and works pretty well.

6. in-store cashback is a great deal on Swagbucks.

7. Swagbucks app is User-friendly.

8. Lucrative friend referrals.

9. There are plenty of available surveys on Swagbucks.

10. Sign-up bonus.

Disadvantages Of Fetch Rewards

Below is the disadvantage of Swagbucks.

1. Fewer offers.

2.  Limited points are awarded for receipts no Special Offers.

3. There is no cash-back redemption option.

4. You must remember to upload the receipt within 14 days.

5. Only eligible receipts can earn points.

6. There are no direct deposit redemptions.

7. You can only upload 35 receipts in a 7-day period.

8. Points expire after 90 days of inactivity

Disadvantages of Swagbucks

Below are the disadvantages of Swagbucks.

1. You put in a lot of work to earn a point

2. It can be hard to qualify for surveys

3. Some people claim they don’t get credit for their cash-back purchases

4. Slow customer service.

That is all on Fetch Rewards vs Swagbucks: Which is Better, I hope it helps you make the right choice.

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