How To Make and Sell Digital Stickers Online in 2023

This article is focused on how to make and sell digital stickers online.

Have you heard of digital stickers or even seen one? Are you interested in learning how to make them for sale?

Making and selling digital stickers online is not just intriguing but also has an easy-to-learn process and will work as a great source of passive income.

To further peak at your taste buds, you need to understand that having graphic design experience is not a prerequisite to making digital stickers!

I’m sure that sounds fascinating to you. Well, our article is committed to helping you decipher how to make and sell digital stickers online.

It also intends to shed light on where to sell your digital stickers online once they are made.

What Are Digital Stickers? 

Digital stickers are typically PNG images with a transparent background and enable you to import them to your planner.

These stickers include things like:

  • Basic shapes and designs
  • Fun images
  • Organizational tools
  • Post-it note stickers
  • Words and quotes

Knowing your way around creating these digital stickers is great because you can monetize them on a variety of online platforms, and it’s a creative way to make money online and launch your own digital business.

Typically, digital stickers are sold in sets and are commonly used as important markers and reminders of dates and events.

Digital stickers are also effective to make presentations, having online conversations, digital flashcards, and desktop sticky notes. Basically anyplace you need a reminder and a knowledge-focused activity or want to add a bit of digital flare!

You can make digital stickers using a design platform like Coreldraw, Canva, or any other graphic design platform. A few easy-to-use platforms will be mentioned as we progress in this article.

However, if you are lacking graphic design experience, you need not worry you too can make digital stickers with basic steps.

How to Make a Digital Sticker with Different Online Design Tools

If this sounds like a side hustle for you, then you’re probably wondering how to make your own digital stickers to sell.

We are going to employ a step-by-step process, so you can get started on making your first digital sticker right away!

1. Pick A Sticker Niche

The first step in knowing how to make and sell digital stickers online is by picking a suitable but unique niche and style to get started on your digital sticker business.

Why do you need a niche? You need to pick a niche to help you stay focused and targeted at meeting the needs of a specific customer base and also build a brand online for your digital sticker business.

This means, your digital stickers can service one or two of the following audience. Below are some digital sticker niches to consider:

  • Animals like cats or dogs
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Floral patterns
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Memes
  • Funny sayings
  • Love
  • Spirituality
  • Finances
  • Productivity
  • Food and drinks
  • Seasonal stickers, like Christmas, Halloween, Independence Day stickers etc
  • Labeling and organizational stickers
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Once, you have chosen a digital sticker niche you will have to design your sticker with your own specific style and colors to create uniqueness, and aesthetic balances and solve the consumer niche problems.

Ultimately, picking a niche is not a must but it helps to narrow your focus!

2. Make Digital Stickers

For those who are graphic designers, how to make and sell digital stickers online will come more naturally to you.

We all cannot be graphic designers, right? Great! For non-graphic designers, you can still make digital stickers using one of the many easy, and free design platforms or websites on the internet.

Using Canva

Canva is about the easiest and best platform you can use to learn how to make and sell digital stickers online.

The website and app is a great graphic design tool for beginners who wish to hone their skills on digital stickers because it is simple to use and beginner friendly.

Canva has two versions, a free one, and a premium. The free version of Canva comes with a rich variety of pre-made digital sticker templates and designs you can choose from, but the main purpose of this article is to learn how to make yours and it is super easy.

But, if as you progress you could have access to more editing features, over 400,000 templates, elements, and font styles it is best to sign up for a Canva Pro account. 

Here is how to make Digital Stickers with Canva, the process is quite simple:

Pick a sticker template, start your lessons with a pre-made design anchored around a chosen niche, and then attempt to tweak elements like color, fonts, and images into something a bit different and unique.

Also, you can incorporate your own images by uploading them, then create some digital artwork and add it to your sticker designs.

Keep at this, and your skills will improve with each trial. You can also compare the few digital stickers you have successfully made with some you can find on Google images.

2. Procreate

Procreate is an app that lets you digitally know how to make and sell digital stickers online as well as draw designs.

Procreate also simplifies the steps you need to follow to create a design and make digital stickers.

This platform also lets you transform your created stickers into a PNG file that you can start selling.

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Procreate has a one-time payment of $10 which is affordable and enables you limitless access to an affordable option that helps you create a digital sticker.

To make your stickers outstanding it’s best that you trace a white border around your designs.

3. PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a rare option when we talk about how to make and sell digital stickers online but it really is a viable option.

There are several photo editing options, shapes, and fonts available on PowerPoint that can be used to create unique digital stickers!

To design on PowerPoint, open and browse through the icon selection of shapes you want to use and then assemble your sticker design.

When you are satisfied with what you’ve created, ensure to export the file as a PNG!

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4. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is an app similar to Canva and a great guide for anyone who yearns to know how to make and sell digital stickers online it also comes with a free and paid plan.

The platform also has a digital sticker tool built into it, and using PicMonkey to create custom stickers can be done using four steps:

  1. Browse Graphics: Search through PicMonkey’s library, and find starting graphics to work with.
  2. Customize Graphics: By resizing your graphics or making additional edits like new colors or shadows. You can also upload your own images or clip art.
  3. Add Text: Select from hundred different font types or upload your own and customize your digital sticker with text.
  4. Export & Sell: Export your design as a PNG file and it is ready for sale.

PicMonkey also has a lot of images in its database that are suitable for digital stickers design, they include:

  • Clip art
  • Colorful icons
  • Vectors
  • Labels
  • Symbols

A lot of images on Picmoney are vectors, which allows you to resize your digital stickers without worrying about loss of quality.

PicMonkey also lets you create a color palette that you can save for use in other designs, which is helpful when making a sticker pack.

5. Photo Editing Software

Another option on how to make and sell digital stickers online is with the use of various photo editing suites to create designs like Photoshop.

Photoshop may be very expensive and need some level of experience with the software

Where to Sell Your Digital Stickers Online

Now that you’ve learned how to make and sell digital stickers online, you need to get them on the market!

You might be wondering what platforms or places you can sell your digital stickers. Well, that is part two of our article, we will help you with platforms you should consider to start selling your digital stickers.

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One of the best places to sell your digital stickers is through an Etsy shop.

Etsy is a great selling platform for small business owners, particularly because it’s affordable and buyers can leave generous genuine reviews and ratings.

Also, Etsy has large sticker customers and they often go to Etsy first if they are looking for planner stickers to import and put on things like their laptops or phone cases.

Opening an Etsy shop is free, and all your listing costs only $0.20 to push live onto your shop.

There is also a 5% transaction fee, that you can factor into your sticker pricing.

Etsy also gives you complete control over your entire storefront, meaning you can choose the images, offer sales or promotions,  advertise your listings for a relatively low cost, and have your own bio.


This article on how to make and sell digital stickers online will not be comprehensive without Redbubble as a marketing platform for your digital stickers.

It is a global print-on-demand (POD) platform, and artists here get to sell their designs to buyers who can browse through and have printed on one of the many available items of their choice.

To earn on Redbubble, create a free profile and upload your designs with a title, description, and relevant tags.

Next, pick the products you want to add your designs to and select from Redbubble variety of stickers.

If an order is made from your Redbubble shop, Redbubble handles all of the logistics for you.

Sell On Your Blog

If you have a blog, you can sell your digital stickers there, by creating posts to promote your digital sticker designs on your blog.

You can still sell your digital stickers directly on your blog, but you may need WooCommerce or a shopping cart plugin.

People who own parenting, DIY, and finance niches sell digital stickers to help their readers get some parts of their lives organized.

How Much Can You Make Selling Digital Stickers?

Just like anything else, starting your digital sticker business may take a while to build your store and customer base.

Also, the platform you use to sell your digital stickers is a contributing factor, you will need to build reviews and get a decent amount of sales before you become a reputable seller.

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