Fast Healthcare Certifications That Pay Well

Medical professionals are in high demand, and they are well paid in their different fields.

However, while many people enroll in higher institutions to get trained to become medical professionals,  some people take healthcare certificate programs that enable them to work in a medical establishment.

Some of these healthcare certifications pay well, and it is good to know the ones that pay well before enrolling in any certificate program to avoid waste of money.

However, this article on the fast healthcare certifications that Pay well will help you know the healthcare certificate program to consider when applying.

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Fast Healthcare Certifications that Pay Well

If you want to earn well as medical personnel, then you need to consider healthcare certifications that pay well.

A health care certification proves that you have successfully finished an education course provided by a health care certification body.

When you earn a certification, you would easily be considered by a hiring professional when you seek a new position in health care.

Furthermore, certifications can also equip you with valuable medical education, which makes you more competent when working in the healthcare sector.

However, below are the fast healthcare certifications you can obtain to sail your medical career to the utmost height.

1. Home Health Aide Certification

A home health aide certification is one of the healthcare certifications that pay well.

However, a home health aide  is a person working for a home health agency that performs home health services instructed by a licensed physician, chiropractor, podiatrist, or optometrist.

The person takes care of patients by providing daily living care such as assisting with getting dressed, preparing and eating meals, taking medication, and bathing.

Home health aides are known for showering patients with love and care to help promote healing and overall well-being.

They are responsible for taking care of patients who are suffering from chronic illnesses or disabilities, or are elderly and need constant care while living at home.

A home health aide program trains you for a career as a home health aide and teaches you the basic skills needed to provide compassionate care for patients.

However, home health aide courses generally require 75 hours of coursework, and may be completed in less than a month.

To become a home health aide, you must, first of all, take a training course, take the written exams, and the practical skills exams.

Once you pass your exams, you contact a registry to record your certification.

However, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services handles this registry and after you contact this department, you can legally use your certification on resumes and job applications.

2. Emergency Medical Technician Certification

An emergency medical technician (EMT) is a health care professional who gives emergency care to people outside of or on the way to the hospital.

They give basic medical and first-aid care until a person can get help at a hospital or other medical facility.

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However, to earn an emergency medical technician certification, you are required to complete courses spanning a period of one to three months at an accredited school.

Also, to become a certified emergency medical technician, you must first of all finish basic education requirements, become CPR certified, complete an EMT program, pass the cognitive exam, and pass the psychomotor exam.

3. Phlebotomy Technician Certification

Phlebotomy technicians take blood from patients and prepare the samples for processing and assessment at a medical laboratory.

Most Phlebotomy technicians work in hospitals and clinics, while some collect blood for donation purposes.

Phlebotomy technicians are very important in the health care team and often need to explain the blood-drawing process and put patients at ease.

However, it takes two to six months depending on how committed you are to the program to earn a phlebotomy technician certification.

The phlebotomy technician certification focuses more on the practical aspect of the training with students learning how to appropriately handle blood work in order to maintain the integrity of the samples.

To become a  phlebotomy technician, you must complete high school or receive a GED, enroll in a postsecondary education phlebotomy program, and pursue a professional phlebotomy certification.

You can get your certification from the American Society for Clinical Pathology, National Health Career Association, or the American Medical Technologists.

However, this certification is one of the healthcare certifications that pay well.

4. Behavioral Technician Certification

A Behavioral Technician Specialist is a medical professional under the supervision of Board-Certified Behavior Analysts to care for patients with special needs such as autistic children or developmentally disabled adults.

A behavioral technician may work in a mental health facility, a medical facility, a child development center, or a school.

To become a behavior technician, you must have at least a high school diploma or GED.

You also must finish a minimum of 40 hours of specialized training, pass a criminal background assessment, and pass the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) competency assessment and exam.

However, the behavioral technician certification is one of the healthcare certifications that pay well.

5. Medical front office administration Certification

A medical front office administration specialist works in the reception area of a medical establishment.

They welcome patients when they arrive and guide them through the admission process as required.

The medical front office administration specialist may also provide patients with the necessary paperwork, schedule additional appointments, and transfer lab results.

However, it takes 13 weeks of training to Complete a medical front office administration specialist certification program.

6. Certified Cardiac Monitor Technician Certification

A certified cardiac monitor technician is a cardiology specialist who operates electrocardiogram machines and conducts other heart-related examinations on patients.

As an aspiring cardiac monitor technician, you may choose to pursue an accelerated program through a technical school, or as a part-time study, with programs lasting between three and six months.

However, classes during a certification program include practical training in EKGs, ambulatory monitors, and stress testing.

You would be taught both how to interpret these tests and to effectively relay them to appropriate parties.

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7. Medical Billing And Coding Certification

A coding and billing specialist helps the healthcare establishment to handle insurance claims, invoices, and payments.

A medical coding and billing specialist properly code services, procedures, diagnoses, and treatments. They Prepare and send invoices or claims for payment.

Also, they ensure that the medical establishment receives prompt and accurate payment amounts following treatment to avoid lost income.

However, a coding specialist certification program mainly lasts for twenty weeks and includes instruction on coding and billing procedures.

This certification is one of the healthcare certifications that pay well.

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8. Patient Care Technician Certification

A Patient Care Technician support nurses, doctors, and other medical staff by providing basic care to patients with physical and mental health concerns.

The basic care may include helping with feeding and going to the bathroom, as well as monitoring vital signs and rotating patients as needed to avoid bed-related illnesses.

However, a patient care technician course mainly consists of six months of training in the key responsibilities and activities of the position.

To become a patient care technician, you have to earn a high school diploma or the equivalent, enroll in a state-approved educational program, complete supervised clinical practice, and earn your certification.

However, this certification is one of the healthcare certifications that pay well.

9. Pharmacy Technician Certification

A pharmacy technician works with a licensed pharmacist to process prescriptions, dispense medication, and perform pharmacy-related duties.

A pharmacy technician’s duties may include creating compound treatments, filling prescriptions, confirming insurance when preparing and delivering medications, and giving important guidance to patients when they obtain their medication.

However, it takes six months of instruction and practical learning to complete a pharmacy technician program.

This certification is one of the healthcare certifications that pay well.

10. Medical Assistant Certification

Medical assistants carry out administrative and clinical tasks and provide support to other employees in both front-of-house and back-of-house positions.

When working in front of the house, a medical assistant may carry out primary clerical duties such as checking in patients and helping plan future appointments.

However, when working in a medical setting, the medical assistant may administer important vital sign tests and schedule patients for a visit from the doctor.

It may take you 27 weeks, or up to two years, depending on the program and your commitment to complete a  medical assistant certification program.

11. Medical lab technician

A medical lab technician performs tests on samples provided by patients such as bodily fluids and tissues for accurate diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

Also, medical lab technicians learn how to operate complex machinery to evaluate the samples and identify indicators of different conditions.

However, medical lab technicians often work under the direct supervision of a senior medical technologist, and it takes one year to complete a medical lab technician certification program.

This certification is one of the healthcare certifications that pay well.

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12. Sterile Processing Technician Certification

A sterile processing technician is a medical professional responsible for disinfecting tools and equipment in a surgical environment.

The sterile processing technicians play critical role within a medical team, as they provide protection for the patients against infection and other contamination.

Key responsibilities of a sterile processing technician include sterilizing rooms, tools, and equipment used by patients.

However, to earn a certification as a sterile processing technician you must complete the certification program which lasts between nine and 11 months.

13. Surgical Technologist Certification

Surgical technologists also called operating room technicians, assist surgeons, nurses, and other members of the health care team during surgical procedures.

The primary responsibilities of a surgical technologist include preparing the operating room for surgery, assisting staff during the procedure, and cleaning and sanitizing the room following a procedure.

The surgical technologist may also help in transporting patients from their room to the operating room and back.

However, a surgical technologist certification program may last for between six months and two years, and it is one of the healthcare certifications that pay well.

14. Dental Assistant Certification

Dental assistants perform many tasks including providing important help to the dental staff in both an administrative and clinical setting.

They participate in dental procedures and help with client management, billing, and insurance processing.

Furthermore, a dental assistant’s responsibilities during a dental procedure may include preparing patients for procedures, taking X-rays, preparing the room for a procedure, and passing tools to the dentist.

However, it takes only one year to complete the dental assistant certification to begin a career.

15. Medical Administration Certification

A medical administration certification ascertains that you have learned the skills required to handle secretarial duties within a medical establishment.

This role includes leading, overseeing, administering, as well as managing internal documentation and records for the clinic.

However, it takes about six months and one year to complete the medical administration program, and it is one of the healthcare certifications that pay well.

16. Cardiovascular technologists & technicians

Cardiovascular technologists use different types of medical equipment to capture images physicians use to make a diagnosis.

They may work closely with physicians and surgeons before, during, and after surgical procedures.

However, cardiovascular technologists and technicians certification are one of the fast healthcare certifications that pay well.

To become a cardiovascular technologist, you need a postsecondary certificate or an associate’s degree, and certification.

17. Skincare Specialist

A skincare specialist professionally cleanses, exfoliates, waxes, and beautifies people’s skin to improve their health and appearance.

To become a skincare specialist, you need to complete a 600-hour state-approved cosmetology or esthetician program and pass a state exam for licensure before being certified.

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