Farmville On Facebook Play Now

This article is about Facebook Farmville play now. If you are a Facebook gamer, chances are that you must have heard about the Facebook Farmville.

Facebook Farmville is actually one of the most popular and interesting games on Facebook. What makes this game so popular and interesting? Let’s find out.

Every day, Facebook regularly updates its existing features, while adding new things to make your usage of it more interesting and engaging.

Facebook can be anything you want it to be for you, ranging from an eCommerce website to social media, to a mobile gaming platform and a lot of other things just to meet with the desires of every category of persons.


The all-encompassing nature of Facebook is actually what makes it the most popular and widely used social media app out there.

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In this context, Facebook can be used as a mobile gaming platform to help keep all the game fans a chance to play their favorite games on the go.

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There are many games that one can play with Facebook. One of such games is the Farmville game.

To be honest with you, when a friend of mine first introduced me to this game, I was at first sceptical about it until I decided to give the game a try.

When I did, I discovered that the game was something beyond the ordinary. How do I mean by this? Well, a brief analysis of the features of this game will surely put you on the right track.

Farmville On Facebook Play Now

Facebook Farmville is actually a simulation game that takes place in an agricultural environment. The addictiveness of the game was what earned it the most popular game on Facebook platform with monthly active players of about 80,000,000 users around 2012.

Although the popularity of this game has reduced over the years, the fun it gives still remains as always.

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In this game, you usually start with almost an empty farm yard. On it, you are expected to cultivate the farm using any method that you enjoy most. You will also have some animals that you can take care of as well.

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When it comes to farming, the amount of yield you get from the game is dependent on the farming technique that you employed in your farm land.

In this game also, just as i said earlier, you can decide to take very good care of your animals.

By this, i mean that you can take out time to milk your cows, store the milk for sell, as well as gather the eggs of your fowls, keep them safe so that you can sell them in the market, in order to make more money from them.

You see, any amount of money that you made in the sells of your farm products can be used to purchase farming impliments which you can also use to further improve your farm yields too.

If you ask me, there is only a few game on Facebook that can give you the level of simulation that the Farmville can give.

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Actually, when you start playing this game, the experience it gives is that of a real farmyard. It virtually takes you into a farmyard, where what you get is dependent on how well you manage your farmyard.

I hope that this quick intro into Facebook farmyard was worth it? Use the comment section below to let us know what you feel or think about this game. We would like to hear from you.

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