May 22, 2024

The year 2020 left an everlasting mark in the lives of people on this planet earth with the emergence of covid ’19.

The whole earth irrespective of your region or nation is shaken, and every sector of man’s life felt the impact either positively or otherwise.

One of the noticeable effects it has on relationships was the drastic downturn in casual hookups.

While people were still sharing love and intimacy, the rate of casual hookups seemed to reduce significantly.

The reason could be attributed to the fact that hooking up with just anybody at such a critical time could pose threat to the health of every individual and people around such individual.

However, one other effect of this covid era on relationships is the upturn in online dating.

Many activities switched to online during this time and dating was not left out. Experts from EmilyDates claim that online dating rose to a maximum in contrast to the fall of casual hookups.


EmilyDates is a dating/relationship site designed to match you with your perfect partner. However, you must note that there are changes to be made to have a very strong and reliable stand.

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Some of the basic points are:

1. Accept Who You Are

In time past, it was usually easy for individuals to mirror the types of life they don’t even worth and project such online.

However, now is a time to accept yourself and project the real you without hiding under any facade.

Chances are high that during this pandemic, you are not able to make a perfect hairdo or to get your best haircut. Also, you may not be able to visit your favorite spots and locations to take pictures.

So what do you do?

I advise you do nothing.

Yes, just nothing.

Accept Who you are and let the world love you for who you truly are and not whose face you usually wear.

Upload pictures of the natural you with no mask on, as this will connect you with someone who is interested in you for real and not in your masked personality.

2. Be honest and stay Open

Portraying dishonesty online may build a relationship but it is liable to fall as soon as it is built.

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The situation of things during this pandemic season has made people thirst for real and genuine relationships that are built on honesty.

Therefore, this is a key that will pay off so well in a time like this.

3. Pay Huge Attention To Details

In the case of physical dating, it may be easier for you to easily grasp the feeling or thoughts of your partner by interpreting their mood, gestures, or even appearance.

In contrast, there is a limit to what you’ll see online which is why you need to pay more attention to details.

Hints and signals can be felt through the tone of the voice, the tone of messages during chats, and the type of content shared.

Therefore you need to read between the lines and pay huge attention to details as it will help you to recognize red zones or things to avoid.

Will your life be different after the crisis is over?

Well, predicting what is going to happen right after now may likely be inaccurate.

We may not be able to safely say this or that will happen to us or around us.

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But so far with our experiences and research, there are some trends that are likely to still continue as a result of the pandemic even after the pandemic is long gone.

It is very true that the pandemic has numerous negative impacts on the lives of people, but there are still many positives to pick out especially regarding relationships.

A few of these according to EmilyDates are:

People now appreciate the presence and attention dedicated to them by other people.

A genuine relationship is valued, appreciated, and needed much more than casual hookups.

People are more real with each other since there is a limitation to the freedom of portraying otherwise.


Bonds are made stronger as a result of love.

This isn’t a new trend but has been for ages.

Its absence even among kinsmen is hazardous to whatever relationship they want to share.

It is even much more vital and important in dating relationships.

Therefore, don’t stop believing in true love, it exists and can take you to places you never imagined.

But first, do it the right way.

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