May 22, 2024
how to be a perfect gentleman

In this timely guide, I will take out time to discourse one of the things that most civilized men want to be: how to be a perfect gentleman in the 21st century. If you are reading this article, chances are that you want to be a gentleman, right? If yes, then read on.

It has come to our knowledge that a lot of men really desire to be gentlemen and live a respectable life, but the problem is, they don’t know how to go about it.

To be honest with you, you can not wake up one morning, dress up and tell yourself, arh! I’m a gentleman, no. That is not how it works. Being a gentleman is a lifestyle, which comes as a result of a regular practice of certain rules and regulations.

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The best word that I can use to describe the perfect gentleman is the word RESPECT. Yes respect. You know why, being a gentleman entails a big respect for yourself, the important persons in your life, and every other person around you.

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Just like you need to study very well to be a very good student, there are certain things you must learn to be doing daily as a lifestyle, if you desire to be the perfect gentleman.

This tips on how to be a perfect gentleman is presented below. Its out view that it will be quite helpful to you. But before then,  let’s attempt to answer one basic question.

Who Is A Perfect Gentleman?

Can I shock you? If you always dress well on a fine suit and sweet shoes, cuts your hair regularly and talks to every one around you politely, but you can not control your temper when someone offends you, can I shock you? You are not still a gentle man, but a person who is pretending to be.

The definition of a perfect gentleman is he who knows how to put the needs of others first before his own. A gentleman is not he who opens the cars’ door for a lady because it’s expected of him. No, he’s a person who does this because he wants to help.

Tips On How To Be A Perfect Gentleman

The benefits of being a perfect gentleman and of being perceived as one can never be over emphasized. Hence, if you want to be a perfect gentleman in this 21 century, all that is required of you is to simply follow these tips below, and you should be good.

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In no order of importance, gets let started:


Many years back, the definition of a gentleman used to be a man who is dressed in the Western ways…New suits, clean tie, nice haircut, a good cap and all those other external features. However, just like most things, there has been a paradigm shift on this.

In this 21st century, emphasis have changed from what you wear to the attitude you have. Its a conscious lifestyle which you must develop for yourself. A very simple trick to apply here is to always ask yourself this question before taking any action, ” Does a gentleman do this?” or ” is it fitting for a gentleman to be in this kind of place?” answers to these questions should guide you develop the attitude of a gentleman.


While a lot of things that used to characterize a gentleman have changed, some unfortunately cannot change. And in this case, your personal hygiene. You must always iron your cloths and appear neat at all time, as there is no 2 ways around this.

If you want to be perceived as a gentleman and be accorded such respect, then you must pay more attention to your personal hygiene. Brush your teeth regularly and wear good body spray to smell good always.

Be A Grown Man

A gentleman don’t behave like a kid. Once you have made up your mind to live like a gentleman, then its time you eschew every form of Juvenal behavior and grow. The growing starts from your social media handle. Never post the kind of things that are not fitting for a gentleman. By this I mean that you should stop posting those things that dont have any social acceptance.

Also know that its time change that email address that does not sound corporate like and the likes of it. Your email, just like every other aspect of your life must be professional and corporate. Rather than having you can go for It looks more mature and professional.

Moderate Your Language Use

Nothing could be as unprofessional as the use of words carelessly. You must learn to censor the words you use, and try as much as possible to avoid using the F-word. The use of F-word does not only make you look like a street boy, but also reduces your credibility as someone any rational being would want to mingle with.

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Learning new and socially acceptable vocabularies can better position you into being a better communicator, as well as giving you the social respect and acceptability that comes with being a gentleman. Tailor your words intentionally and professionally, and avoid the use of casual words, be it in the private or public setting.

Always Open The Door For Others

It is an intrinsic part of a gentleman to always hold the door open for people, when ever he is close to a door. Yes, this may sound too basic, but believe me, its one of the defining factors of a gentleman. Most gentlemen in the making tends to hold the door open for only their ladies.

Yes, but doing that alone will not bring out the whole gentility in you. Remember, being a gentleman is not a thing of show, it is a lifestyle. Embrace it totally and see yourself reaping its fruits therein.

Honor Your Word

Even if you have carefully followed all the tips that has been discoursed at length above, the final test that determines whether you are a gentleman is on the degree to which you respect the words you say. People will not accord you any reasonable respect when you don’t respect your own words and promises.

If you promise to give somebody a kind of assistance, by all means provide that assistance at the agreed time, even if it may not be too comfortable for you to do that. The simple reason you may want to do that is because you have giving your word for it, and there is no going back. That’s why a gentleman don’t give promises casually because he’s bound by his own words.

The Things A Perfect Gentleman Can’t Do Before A Lady

Whether you agree with this point or not, most men decides to be gentlemen just because of ladies. That is a fact that you will find difficult to reject. Hence, there are certain things a gentleman can never do while in the presence of any lady, be it his lady or not. Let’s look at how to behave like a perfect gentleman;

We all understand that yawning is a natural condition open to all men. However, when you are having a conversation with a lady as a gentleman, you don’t yawn without covering your mouth, and making it as silent as possible.

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When you yawn before a lady just like that, the implication is that you are already tired of the conversation or you are hungry and cannot feed yourself. Believe me, that is one thing you don’t want to do or the one impression you don’t want to create as a gentleman with a reputation to protect.

Closely related to the above is on the issue of chewing. A gentleman cannot chew with his mouth open. That can only show how uncivilized and uncultured you are. The impression that this will create is one that you really don’t want to have, because this can spoil the relationship that you have been struggling for so long to build.

You neither belch nor fart while in the presence of a lady. While these are too natural to all human, your gentlemanship is tested to the degree you are able to handle them. If you must belch before her presence, you must politely apologize for doing that. It doesn’t take out anything from you.

If you want to fart, please excuse her for a short while to release those things before coming back to her again. You can give her any form of excuse as to why you left for a short while. There is no harm in that.

And lastly, a gentleman do not noticeably look at other ladies intently when he is with another lady. No matter how beautiful the other ladies passing by may look, you must control your emotion at that point, don’t look. Looking at other ladies intently like that shows your lady how disrespectful you are. Gentlemen are not known to be a disrespectful people.

We believe that by putting these few tips into practice, the will soon become a lifestyle which will be so admired by a lot of persons.

That’s who far we can go with this piece of article. If you know of any other tips of how to be a perfect gentleman that we forgot to include in this article, kindly use the comment section below to let us know, and we shall look into that. Thanks for doing that, and do well to share this article with your friends.


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