This is a detailed guide in the top 10 careers in physics that are marketable. Are you a graduate of physics looking out to pick a marketable career?

Or do you want to pursue a career in physics?

This post is put together for you to see that there are many careers you can choose for yourself as a physicist.

The careers in physics cut across many science fields, engineering, and mathematics.

In this post, I will show you the top 10 careers in your field of study.

These careers are marketable and profitable all over the world.

Why A Career In Physics?

Physics is a branch of science that deals with the study of matter and energy and their interactions.

Our daily experience and the universe at large are made up of matter, energy, and the interactions between them.

The in-depth study of physics gives students an understanding of the underlying and the elementary blocks in which the universe lies.

On a broader note, the study of physics stretches to fields like gravitation, electricity, and magnetism.

The knowledge of these three fields is important and useful for the invention of many technologies that we enjoy today.

Inventions that rely on the knowledge of physics includes:

  • Airplane
  • Computers
  • Light Bulbs
  • Cars
  • X-rays
  • Lasers
  • Solar panels and so on.

What Kind of Jobs Does Physics Majors Get?

You would have already seen how vital physics is to our world.

However if you still need to know the kind of jobs that are available for physicists, read on.

Physicists have vast abilities, and this is why they are highly demanded in industries across many fields.

There are various kinds of jobs available for physicists. I have mentioned that it cut across Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Some of the jobs physicists can get includes jobs in Business analysis, Data analysis, Engineering, Physics researching, Physics teaching, Programming, and more.

10 Careers In Physics That Are Marketable

It is an already established point that there are many careers you can venture into as a physicist.

However, I have put together the 10 best out of this list of careers for physics majors. This list contains reputable, marketable, and very rewarding careers.

Below is the list of jobs you can get with a physics degree.

1. Nuclear physicist

Nuclear physicist is one is the top careers in physics that are marketable. It is definitely one of the highest-paying careers you can find in physics.

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Who is a nuclear physicist?

First, Nuclear physics is one of the major fields of physics.

It involves the study of atomic nuclei, their constituents, and their interactions.

It also deals with the study of other forms of nuclear matter.

Hence, a nuclear physicist is a scientist who studies the structure and properties of nuclei in atoms. They also study the forces that cause the nuclei in these atoms to react.

Nuclear physicists work in big industries where their roles include using their acquired knowledge to operate power plants.

Also, they create light beams for X-ray machines, and also nuclear weapons.

The role of a nuclear physicist may extend to accommodate the following:

  • Conducting laboratory research
  • Evaluation of safety procedures at nuclear power plant
  • Development of medical equipment, eg x-ray machine.
  • Developing equipment for the military.

Gaining a job opportunity as a nuclear physicist requires a master’s degree, and a nuclear physicist can earn a salary of about $111,000.

2. Astronomer

Another reputable and marketable career in physics is becoming an astronomer.

Astronomers are scientist who studies astronomy.

Astronomy is a branch is physics that deals with the study of objects and matter that are outside the earth’s atmosphere. It also deals with the study of the physical and chemical properties of such objects.

An astronomer uses satellites, optical and space-based telescopes in the study of stars, planets, and galaxies.

Astronomers are charged with the methods of developing and exploring theories about how stars form as well as how planets evolve.

To become an astronomer, you must possess a minimum of master’s degree. A doctoral degree too is a plus and will give you a better opportunity.

Astronomers earn a salary of about $122,000.

3. Materials Scientist

Becoming a material scientist is another top marketable career in physics.

The responsibility of a material scientist involves the investigation of the structure and properties of natural and synthetic materials.

Material scientist studies the structure of these materials (natural and synthetic), and they also generate new ways of improving these materials for better uses.

Material scientists can work in universities, oil and gas companies, computer manufacturing companies.

Their job roles may include:

  • Designing prosthetic devices
  • Generating new types of paints
  • Detecting hidden defects in railway tracks using ultrasound.
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The post of a material scientist requires a minimum of a master’s degree or a doctoral degree.

Although, Physicists with a bachelor’s degree can work as assistants in the field.

Material scientists earn about $100,000 as salary.

4. Meteorologist

One of the most rewarding and marketable careers in physics is in the field of metrology.

This career is greatly regarded, and their services are required at the top level of the industries and organizations they work with.

But what is meteorology?

What is it about?

Meteorology is a branch of atmospheric science that that deals with the study of the atmosphere and its sensation most especially with weather and weather forecasting.

Meteorology goes way more than physics as it includes both atmospheric chemistry and atmospheric physics.

Meteorologists analyze the conditions of the atmosphere, and they also detect and give weather forecasts.

A meteorologist can work in a broadcasting firm, or in the agricultural industry. Also, they can work with an aviation institute as well as in aerospace industries.

Unlike the afforementioned careers, the position of a meteorologist is easily segmented.

This gives access to bachelor holders in some jobs. But, a master’s degree is required in some areas that involve in-depth researches.

Meteorologists earn a salary of about $97,000.

5. Data Scientist

Becoming a Data scientist is one other marketable career in physics that Physicists can consider.

Data science is a field that comprises more than one discipline.

Data scientists have a very advanced quantitative ability. They are vast in scientific methods, processes, and algorithms.

Data scientists apply their skills to collect, blend, arrange and analyze very large sets of data.

Other times, they work on discovering new methods and tools for collecting data.

The service of data scientists is vital in every business, as they are used in business forecasts to improve the performance and sales of such businesses.

The role of a data scientist requires a soft qualification. Bachelor’s Degree holders are good to go into becoming one.

Data scientists can earn a salary of about $96,000.

6. Laser engineer

This is another top marketable career in physics. It is a high-tech career with sublime rewards.

A laser engineer is a professional that works on developing, designing, operating, and maintain laser equipment.

Laser engineering is a vital and technical part of optical engineering.

Laser engineers practically develop and design laser cutting systems for manufacturing firms. They also produce intricate equipment for medicine and surgery.

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In addition, they build navigational systems used by the military and other security personnels.

This career opportunity requires a minimum of Master’s degree. A doctorate degree is very good.

Laser engineers can earn a salary well above $90,000.

7. Optical Engineer

Optical engineering is another top best marketable career in physics.

Optical engineering deals with optics – light, the control, and the use of light.

Optics is a branch of physics that deals with the sources, increase, and movement of light.

Optical engineers sometimes invent optical equipment or build upon those that have been invented.

This equipment includes cameras, scanners, telescopes, and so on.

The career require a master’s degree and the salary range is well above $80,000.

8. Technical Writer

You may be wondering what a physicist has to do with writing.

Of course writers are needed in almost every field you could think of.

Therefore becoming a technical writer is another marketable career in physics.

The role of technical writers includes the documentation of technical processes and products.

Technical writers function by helping the users of technical equipment to understand the message of the inventors.

Technical writers can work with every other career in physics.

A minimum requirement is the bachelor’s degree plus a certificate in writing.

Technical writers earns about $76,000.

9. Accelerator Operator

Becoming an accelerator operator is also one of the best marketable careers in physics.

An acelerator operator controls particle accelerators.

A particle accelerator is a machine that is used to speed up charged particles. The Maci also channels the particles into a beam.

Accelerator operators work by monitoring and adjusting scientific machines and equipment.

Bachelor’s degree are enough to begin a career as an accelerator operator, and the salary range is about $70,000.

10. Teaching/Lecturing

Teaching is a very marketable career in every field.

Information and knowledge that is not passed to the next generation will likely perish and become obsolete.

Physics teachers and lecturers pass the knowledge they have acquired to younger minds to help provide other physicists who can take up other careers in physics.

A bachelor’s degree holder in physics can teach in high schools, while a master’s degree will help you gain a lecturing position in colleges and universities.

That is all on the top careers in physics that are marketable.

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