This is a detailed guide on the best career opportunities in Philosophy in Nigeria.

Philosophy is one of the courses people refuse to study in school.

Some people believe it’s a very difficult course of study while others believe there are no career opportunities in philosophy in Nigeria.

No matter what your claim is about philosophy, Philosophy is one of the best courses to study in the University and there are career opportunities in philosophy in Nigeria.

However, if you do not know the career opportunities in Philosophy in Nigeria, this article on the best career opportunities in Philosophy in Nigeria is for you, read to the end to gain more insight.

What Is Philosophy

Philosophy is the study of all-around and essential questions, such as those about existence, reason, knowledge, values, sense, and language.

However, questions studied in Philosophy are often considered problems to be examined or fixed.

Students who offer philosophy are trained to think logically. Philosophy sharpens the mind and gives people the ability to reason adequately and intelligently.

Furthermore, in Nigerian Universities, Philosophy as a course in the Faculty of Arts runs for four years.

Branches Of Philosophy

There are many components of philosophy and they are:

  • Aesthetics
  • Epistemology
  • Mind and Language
  • Political philosophy
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Metaphilosophy
  • Logic
  • Philosophy of the mind
  • Metaphysics
  • Ethic­s
  • Philosophy of science
  • Political reasoning

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Importance Of Philosophy

The importance of philosophy in society cannot be underestimated, the knowledge of philosophy is needed in all spheres of life.

However, below is the importance of studying philosophy in the University.

Philosophy asks the critical questions

Philosophy is obsessed with asking vital questions that need logical answers. Whether it’s explaining human rights, the meaning of existence, or reasoning out the best form of government, philosophy has always provoked human curiosity.

However, from inception, philosophers have always sought to answer the most critical questions with thorough explanation, especially questions that revolve around the existence and according to them, no question is too big or too small.

Philosophy helps with critical thinking and reason

Philosophy aside from asking critical questions is a thought process, it broadens your mind and makes you think beyond the ordinary.

However, critical thinking and reasoning are what define philosophy and philosophers are debating on how to assess and categorize different styles of thinking, and how to identify sound reasoning.

Interestingly, when you have a philosophical mindset and learn to analyze statements and ideas with a critical eye, you become a better thinker.

Philosophy helps direct the research process

Philosophy and its emphasis on analytical thinking and sound arguments help people sort through everything.

You will be able to know when an idea or argument is not consonant with what you have, so you can focus your attention elsewhere.

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Philosophy also helps you have a clear position using sound reasoning based on the research you have done.

Philosophy teaches persuasiveness

Philosophy does not only teach critical thinking and reasoning, it also teaches people how to be persuasive in their discourse.

However, you can have the best argument in the world with lots of evidence, but if you cannot convince people to believe you then you have lost it.

Persuasive skill is an extremely valuable skill no matter what your objectives are, it is important to everybody.

When you study philosophy and rhetoric, you will learn how to persuade your audience with your argument.

Philosophy teaches problem-solving

The ability to solve problems is one of the sought-after skills. Philosophy helps you solve problems by teaching you techniques such as observation, intuition, and logic.

However, utilizing critical thinking and effective research, you can break down the huge problems to their barest form.

Philosophy is essential to every discipline

No matter your course of study, there is an iota of philosophy in it. However,  philosophy makes you ask questions like “What?” and “Why?”.

It makes you inquire to know the essence of the course you are studying and its importance.

Philosophy has to do with critical thinking and reasoning, which are important elements in every discipline, and they make learning more organized and rewarding.

Philosophy forms a good foundation for many careers

Philosophy is very vital in many career fields and the business world.

To excel in business, you must be able to think critically, make logical decisions, possess the art of persuasiveness, and research effectively and fast.

Also, a science-related career requires mastery of philosophical ideas and analytical thinking.

Philosophy influences the world today

Philosophy has a huge impact on the world’s growth. Democracy came into existence because of philosophers and many issues people combat daily are philosophical.

However, most things that have come to exist in the world today have a root in philosophy, you will know this when you refer to the history of certain things.

Philosophy can stimulate change and progress

Most of the biggest changes that occurred in the world started as intellectual debates, whether they are cultural or political.

Philosophy stimulates critical thinking and encourages people to ponder on what will make the world a better place and also implement it.

Best Career Opportunities In Philosophy In Nigeria

Contrary to popular belief, Philosophy is one of the best courses to study in school with numerous career opportunities.

Careers in Philosophy cut across many fields such as Journalism, politics, government, health, education, business, etc.

However, below are the best career opportunities in Philosophy in Nigeria, read on to debunk all negative talks about philosophy.

1. Law

Law is one of the best career opportunities in Philosophy in Nigeria for philosophy majors.

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Studying Philosophy trains you in all kinds of logical reasoning, conceptual analysis, ethical and political reasoning, which enables you to work in the legal field.

Philosophers are sought for in the legal field because the law requires a lot of research, examination of arguments, and logical reasoning.

Interestingly, Philosophy majors consistently score higher on the LSAT than students majoring in other courses.

2. Teaching

Teaching is one of the best career opportunities in Philosophy in Nigeria. Having a degree in Philosophy opens you to opportunities in the teaching field.

You can teach general humanities courses in primary, and secondary school and with an extra postgraduate degree in Philosophy, you can teach in the tertiary institution.

3. Public Relations

The language and analytic skills you have from studying philosophy are essential for working in different kinds of public relations fields.

Philosophers can venture into journalism; however, courses in ethics, political philosophy, history of ideas, and other Philosophical training will help you to communicate complex ideas to target audiences and to tackle questions well.

4. Public Services

A philosophy major can be considered for positions in the federal civil service, policy research institutions, government agencies, etc.

As a Philosophy major, you can take an advanced degree in international affairs, public administration, or policy development. A degree in Philosophy gives you all of the essential characteristics to work in any public organization.

5. Religion and Ministry

Some students taking advanced degrees in theology or seminary training for the ministry often begin with an undergraduate degree in Philosophy.

However, it is good to have some philosophical training before venturing into areas involving theology.

Philosophy minor or double major along with religious studies can be a powerful combination to make you excel in ministry.

6. Business and Management

Business is one of the best career opportunities in Philosophy in Nigeria. Many Philosophers go on to successful careers in business and management.

Multinational firms recruiting executives are always on the lookout for people with great potential and critical thinking ability.

The key skills they are seeking which are analysis, communication, problem-solving, and people skills are skills possessed by Philosophers.

7. Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is one of the career opportunities in Philosophy in Nigeria.

Philosophers are much in demand in Psychotherapy. This discipline involves the treatment of mental illness by having a personal interaction with a patient to help change behavior, increase happiness, and overcome problems.

Philosophy concerns mental reasoning, and so Philosophers are expected to have relational abilities and satisfactory information on mental issues so as to help people with mental illness.

8. Writing

A writer needs critical thinking skills to be able to write compelling content, and philosophers are equipped with these skills so they can function in that aspect.

Philosophers who have writing skills can make a living as copywriters, editors, storytellers, content creators, etc.

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However, critical thinking and analytical skills are essential skills demanded by recruiters.

9. Entrepreneurship/Analysis

Philosophers excel as entrepreneurs more than people who possess degrees in Business Administration because they ask rational questions, reason widely, and carry out extensive research.

Also, philosophers are good analysts, they gather and interpret information, and use complex data to bring about change and improvement in their organization.

Philosophers love debating and they are assets every employer wouldn’t want to lose.

10. Human Resources Management

Philosophy majors can function properly as Human Resources Managers in a company. Human Resources professionals are liaisons between workers, heads of departments, CEO.

They manage information and documents, like employment contracts in physical and digital forms.

Human Resource personnel relates with people on a daily basis in-person, over the phone, and by email.

HR professionals convey company standards clearly, and with good communication skills calms issues before they escalate.

Human Resources personnel have critical thinking and listening skill which enable employees to be flexible with their thoughts.

11. Counselling/Mediation

Philosophy and counseling or mediation are also a good pair and one of the best career opportunities in Philosophy in Nigeria.

Philosophy helps you to think critically, analyze and communicate ideas clearly and logically.

A career in counseling or mediation requires you to be a good listener and be able to think fast and critically about problems.

Many philosophers venture into the profession of counseling or mediation with strong foundational knowledge on how to relate with people.

Moreover, high morals and ethics qualities are essential to working in a field that requires a high degree of confidentiality and tact, and philosophers have them.

12. Banks/Companies

There are career opportunities for Philosophy majors in banks and companies because they possess skills such as Communication skills, Problem-solving skills, Customer service, Emotional intelligence, Organization, time management, Leadership, and team management.

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Important Skills Of Philosophy Majors

There are skills that stand people out in every profession and make them unique. However below are the skills required of a philosopher.

  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Communication skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Argumentative skills
  • Research skills
  • Information Management skills
  • Design and Planning Skills
  • Research and Investigation Skills
  • Management and Administration Skills
  • General Problem Solving Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Development of Sound Methods of Research and Analysis skills

That’s all on the best career opportunities in Philosophy in Nigeria, I hope it helps you make the right decisions.