Are you looking for the best sites to download Nigeria movies? We got you covered.

The Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood, is one of the largest Movie Industries in the world, producing an average of 50 Nigerian movies weekly.

With the adventure of the internet, the days when you get these movies on discs are almost completely phased out.

Now you want to dance to the trend and download these Nigerian movies comfortably and safely into your device for more convenient viewing.

Going to the cinema could be very romantic. However, not every time you go to the cinema just to watch Nigerian movies.

You could easily have access, and download the latest Nollywood movies straight into your device.

The question therefore would be, which site is the best to download Nigerian movies from?

Though, there seem to be many Nigerian movie download sites on the internet.

However, not all of them are worth your time and data.

There are a few top sites where you can safely and legally download Nigerian movies into your mobile devices or laptop computer.

In this article, I have carefully compiled some 12 best websites to download Nigerian movies.

The top 12 best Nigeria movie download sites are:

  1. Iroko Tv
  2. Ibaka Tv
  3. Nollyland
  4. BuzzNigeria
  5. 123Movies
  6. Naijapals
  7. RealnollyTv
  8. WapBaze
  9. CodedWAP
  10. Naijaonpoint
  11. Netnaija
  12. Video Moja

Now, let us take each of the above Nigerian movies download sites and understand more about them.

Top 12 Nollywood Movies Download Site

12 Top sites to download Nollywood movies from include:

1. Iroko Tv

Although launched on the 1st of December 2011, Iroko TV has gained remarkable ground in African movie distribution. Iroko TV was founded by Jason Njoku.

Iroko TV is one of the largest film hosts in Africa. As a matter of fact, they are the largest legal distributor of African movies around the world. They have been regarded as the Netflix of Africa.

This film platform provides both free and paid-for film services. It is the highest African movie streaming platform, having in their resources base over 5000 Nollywood film titles.

Visit their website to tap from their immense resources:

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2. Ibaka Tv

Ibaka TV is also one of the top platforms on which you can download high-quality Nigerian movies. It is a video on demand platform housing over 15,000 hours of Nigerian movies and TV shows.

You can also benefit from Ibaka TV by streaming at your convenience great resources deposited in those videos they have.

Ibaka TV is owned by Blessed Idornigie and this Nigeria movie site can be reached via their website at

You can also have quick and mobile access to these movies through their official mobile apps available for android, iPhone and Blackberry.

3. Nollyland

Nollyland is another site where you can download Nigerian movies safely and easily.

Nollyland does not just give you the chance to download these great Nigerian movies; you can as well stream these movies on your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and just any device that can access the internet.

Nollyland does not only have Nigerian movies; they also have in their bank of movies Ghanaian movies and other African movies.

Like Iroko TV they offer both free and subscription-based services. Visit Nollyland at

4. BuzzNigeria

Buzz Nigeria is a general entertainment site through which you can have access to tons of Nollywood movies, be it classical ones and recent ones.

You can safely and comfortably download Nigeria movies via this portal at

Nigeria movie hosting is one of the many features of this portal. So navigate to the point where you will get the Nigerian movies download option.

5. 123Movies

123Movies is one of the fastest-growing movie download websites and one of the best websites to download Nigerian movies.

123Movies is a platform where you can download movies in HD. The platform.

The website is technically not a Nigerian website, but you can download the latest Nigerian movies from there.

123Movies offers both foreign and local movies. You can select any country from the Menu and download movies from their country.

Hence, whether you wish to download the latest Nollywood movies, foreign movies, or Tv series, 123Movies is a good platform for that.

You can access 123Movies download site here.

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6. Naijapals

Following Iroko TV on the list of the top sites to download Nigerian movies is Naijapals. Naijapals is an entertainment community hosting many interesting Nollywood movies and Nigeria Hip-Hop videos.

Aside from that, you can download high-quality Nigerian movies on Naijapals, you can also gain a wealth of knowledge from many intellectuals in the community.

To tap into this movie and social base, visit Naijapals at

7. RealNollyTv

Realnolly TV is also one of the top sites or platforms from which one can download Nigerian movies.

However, access to the resources available on Realnolly TV is only given to registered subscribers on Realnolly TV.

Aside from the fact that you must be registered to tap from Realnolly TV, it also offers free downloading of Nigerian movies.

There are options too to upgrade to premium versions. Nevertheless, Realnolly TV is where you can download high-quality Nigerian movies. It is real!

Visit Realnollytv website to register and begin to watch your favorite Nollywood movies.

8. Wapbaze

WapBaze is a multi-content site where you cannot only download Nigerian movies but also download musics, music videos, and other types of videos.

WapBaze is also a site for Chinese, Indian and Nigerian movies.

Also available on WapBaze are interesting channels like National Geographic Wild, sports channels and many others.

Through chat features, users can be able to share their views about videos and trending issues.

You are just a tap away from accessing WapBaze.

Visit Wapbase site here.

9. CodedWap

CodedWap is a site with a lot of Nigerian movie resources. It has tons of high-quality Nollywood movies on which you can lay your hands to give your leisure time a colorful outlook.

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You can stream these movies or download them on your device.

CodedWap also has music and funny skits that you can download and have the best time out of them.

Also discussed in the CodedWap community are issues regarding politics and celebrities.

Thus, to download Nigeria movies from CodedWap, you have to navigate simply to the ‘Nollywood’ on the menu.

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Visit the Codedwap website to download Nigerian movies.

10. Naijaonpoint

Naijaonpoint is a platform that houses the latest Nollywood movies.

It also holds many entertainment gists and you can also download Nigeria, South African, and Tanzanian music.

This is another top site where you can download high-quality Nigerian movies safely and legally.

You can also download Hollywood movies on this site.

Visit the Naijaonpoint site and begin to download your favorite Nigerian movies.

11. Netnaija

Netnaija is another top best sites to download Nigerian movies.

Netnaija is not just a movie download site alone, but also a Nigerian website for the latest news and entertainment.

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The site houses both the latest foreign and Nigerian movies.

Also, you can download Yoruba movies, comedies, and lots more from Netnaija.

Visit Netnaija website here.

12. Video Moja

Video Moja is another best platform to watch Nigerian movies.

Video Moja is not a website, but an app. This means you will have to first download the app before you can access all the movies Vide Moja has to offer.

The Video Moja app gives you access to trending Nigerian movies.

These are the top sites from where you can download the latest Nigerian movies, safely, easily, and conveniently.

You can also download Yoruba movies from some of the listed websites above.

That’s all for the top 12 Site to download nollywood movies.

I hope this guide on the top best site to download Nigerian movies was helpful?

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Do you know any other best websites to download Nollywood movies?

Kindly let us know via the comment box below and I’ll be happy to check it out and add it to the list.