Best Online DNP Programs In 2023

This is a detailed guide on the best online DNP programs, read to the end to gain more insight.

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is a professional degree in nursing. The DNP is one of three doctorate degrees in nursing in the United States.

Nurses who have Doctor of Nursing Practice degrees are sought after for positions in nursing leadership and are seen as the key players in the future of healthcare in the United States.

Advanced practice nurses who are willing to expand their knowledge and advance their careers may consider enrolling in an online Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program.

However, if you want to obtain the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, read this article to the end to know the best online DNP programs to enroll in.

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Best Online DNP Programs

The online DNP Program equips nurses who desire to work in leadership and administration to do their work effectively by creating innovative care programs that are sustainable, and economical as well.

The healthcare field always needs medical personnel, and high-rated nursing professionals are needed to help meet those demands.

However, Nurses who enroll in the online DNP Program may become Nurse Midwives, Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA), and Nurse Practitioners (NP).

However, below are the best online DNP Programs you can enroll in to earn a certificate.

1. Otterbein University

The Doctor of Nursing Practice at Otterbein University is a practice-focused doctorate developed for competent advanced practice nurses and for nurse executives.

The program develops advanced practice nurses and nurse executives committed to scholarly evidence-based practice, innovation, testing of care delivery models, and evaluation of health outcomes for the good of all members of society.

The curriculum focuses on a clinical project related to the student’s area of interest and expertise.

However, there are two doctorate tracks to choose between in this online DNP program which are the family nursing practice and the other in psychiatry and mental health nursing.

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The good thing about this program is that the online classes are offered in a format with lots of classroom collaboration and participation as well as specific class times.

2. Upstate Medical University

Upstate Medical University offers one of the best online DNP Programs.

This online DNP program is for family, psychiatric, and pediatric nurse practitioners or clinical nurse specialists who aspire to deliver optimal patient care, and become an expert in their field.

The DNP degree equips nurse professionals for the highest level of advanced practice, widening the APRN role in leadership, health policy, and advocacy, interprofessional practice, and information technology.

Classes for this program are taken on a part-time basis, and all courses are offered online in a synchronous format.

3. University of Cincinnati-Main Campus

The University of Cincinnati offers one of the best Online DNP Programs. The Doctor of Nursing Practice programs in the school equips nurses to use evidence-based practice in patient care delivery.

After the program, graduates would be ready to serve as practice leaders within health systems or academic settings in roles involving organizational and system leadership.

All courses in this program are offered online in a synchronous format. However, although it is an online program, the practicums might still need to be taken in person and some campus visits might be required depending on the specialization.

However, you can apply for this program as a nurse if you have work experience and either a master’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing.

4. University of Iowa

The University of Iowa offers one of the best Online DNP Programs. The DNP program of this school train nurse practitioners who are quick, adaptable, and ready to face various challenges in the workplace.

The program is designed for those who have previous work and educational experience in the nursing field.

However, students are eligible to choose between a fully online program with synchronous and collaborative classes or a hybrid program where some classes are on campus and others are online.

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However, no matter the program students select, both are created to fit around a working professional’s schedule.

5. South Dakota State University

South Dakota State University offers one of the best online DNP programs. It enables Advanced Practice Registered Nurses to gain more knowledge and become expert clinicians and leaders.

However, apart from graduates of this program being able to deliver evidence-based direct patient care at an advanced practice level to individuals in primary care settings, they also learn valuable skills that will be essential in their nursing career.

Although this program is offered online, some courses might require a few visits to campus.

The online courses are offered synchronously and it’s essential to show up to scheduled class sessions as in-class participation is required.

6. Briar Cliff University

Briar Cliff University offers the best online DNP programs. The DNP program is for certified nurse practitioners.

The school runs convenient and flexible online classes using a cutting-edge online learning platform.

The practicums of this program focus on elements of the DNP role, such as leadership, cultural competency, ethics, population health, informatics, finance management, and evidence-based practice.

However, the instructors of this program have years of teaching and professional experience. They assist students in all ramifications.

7. The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga

The University of Tennessee offers one of the best online DNP programs.

The program curriculum is designed to accommodate students who have completed their BSN or have a non-advanced practice Master’s Degree or a Master’s in another field.

However, coursework can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis. Students in the concentration are required to take a minimum of 57 credits to achieve the DNP.

Students are required to complete 1,000 clinical hours, including a clinical residency during which the student completes a Translational Project under the guidance of a chair and committee.

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8. Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions

Rocky Mountain University offers one of the best online DNP Programs. The mission of this program is to provide a student-centered education that prepares graduates for the healthcare system.

By enrolling in the online DNP program of this school, you will build the leadership and scholarship skills to stay ahead of ongoing changes in healthcare.

You will grow your clinical knowledge, skills, and marketability, and you will better serve your patients through the evaluation and application of evidence-based practice.

This program is designed for working nurses because everything is done online. The DNP program in this school is intended for experienced nurses who are ready to take further steps in their nursing education.

9. Gonzaga University

Gonzaga University offers one of the best online DNP Programs. Remote learners can pursue its online doctor of nursing practice.

This program is fully an online program that features specialized tracks such as a BSN-to-DNP family nurse practitioner, MSN-to-DNP nurse practitioner, and MSN-to-DNP executive leader.

However, to enroll in DNP program in this school, you must submit a statement of purpose, resume, and contact information for three references, and you should also possess at least 1,800 hours of recent nursing practice.

10. Brandman University

Brandman is a private institution established in 1958, it offers one of the best online DNP Programs.

Students can select from concentrations in psychopharmacology and psychotherapeutic treatments. On-campus commitments include only a four-day immersion program.

This 73-credit BSN-to-DNP psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioner program requires specialty classes, such as management in lifespan psychiatric care and psychopharmacology across the lifespan.



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