10 Best NYSC CDS Groups To Join As A Corps Member

This is a detailed guide on the best NYSC CDS groups to join as a corps member.

Community Development Service (CDS) is a very important program of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

It is mandatory for every corps member to partake in the program and there is a punishment for every defaulter.

It is a program that enables corps members to contribute positively to the development of their host community and through the process, the corps members also become familiar with the culture and practices of the community.

Corps members are expected to identify the various needs or want of the community and embark on the project to address the needs.

This is a program that started since the inception of NYSC and has in no doubt helped in the economic, health, socio-cultural, and political conditions of the communities toward sustainable development.

Their vision is to galvanize the great potentials of the youths and generate community interest towards national development.

Community Development Service is one of the four cardinal programs of the National Youth Service Corps. The other three are:

  • Mobilization and orientation
  • Primary Assignment
  • Winding up and Passing out ceremony

Community Development Service is divided into:

  • Group Community Development Service and
  • Individual/Personal Development Service

1. GROUP Community Development Service

It is Mandatory for every corps member to belong to a CDS group. In each CDS group, they plan and execute projects and programs that will improve the living condition of their host community.

CDS meetings are held once a week, till the end of the service year. On this day, corps members do not report to their place of primary assignment because attendance is compulsory.

2. INDIVIDUAL/PERSONAL Community Development Service

These are projects executed by individual corps members to help improve their host community. It is a way of impacting their community positively.

They look out for needs they can help provide for the community and execute the project.

There are many Community Development Services Group but not all may be present in your place of service.

You may be confused about which one to join because all are interesting. However, it is advisable you go for the one you have passion for, qualified, skilled or knowledgeable and best suit you.

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Some corps members may love to explore a group that they are naive about, it is also a good decision. You will get to know more about it and learn new things.

Looking for the best NYSC groups to join during your service year, this guide will help.

Best NYSC CDS Groups To Join

Below are some of the best NYSC CDS group to join as a corps member.

1. Anti-corruption Group (EFCC and ICPC)

Corps members in this group help eradicate negative and unethical behavior. Corps members visit schools to create awareness and sensitize them about the negative impact of corruption.

They also get to establish anti-corruption corps members in schools. This is one of the best community service groups to join because corps members get to learn a lot from it.

It is also called the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) CDS Group.

2. Medical and Health Services Group (Red Cross, Polio plus, Breast without spot, etc.)

This is a health-driven group that promotes and provides health-related services. Corps members activities involve services like Health outreaches, First aid administration, setting up of clinic for the communities, and NYSC Secretariat.

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Corps members that studied a medical-related course are usually found in this group. Medical and Health Service group is one of the best groups to join because it has to do with the health of the people, corps members get to partake in life-saving activities.

It is also educative and informing. It is also known as Red Cross CDS group.

3. Drug-Free and Quality Control Group (NDLA, NAFDAC, etc.)

This group is not just one of the best but also very important because it educates the host communities about the negative impact or consequence of hard drugs, fake drugs, and expired drug consumption.

It also encourages people to stop or avoid self-medication and use only prescribed drugs. Activities in this group include:

  • Awareness Campaign and Sensitization on the danger of drug abuse
  • Establishment of drug clubs in schools
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There are a lot of fun and interesting activities to do in this group. It is also known as Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency CDS Group.

4. Editorial/Publicity Group

This group handles Television, Radio, and Publication. They disseminate information to the community. Activities in this group include:

  • Publishing of corps members monthly magazines
  • Publishing of corps members end of year service book
  • Mass media presentation to enlightened the people

If you have a passion for writing or presenting, this group is best for you. Corps members get to improve on their skills and acquire new ones.

5. Road Safety Group

Road Safety Group is also another best NYSC CDS groups to join. This CDS group ensures safety on the road. It deals with everything that helps prevent and control road accidents.

Temporary treatments are also provided to accident victims. They ensure road safety measures are strictly followed.

  • Activities carried out in this CDS group includes:
  • Rendering first aid treatment to road accident Victims
  • Control of traffic
  • Establishment of road safety clubs in schools
  • Sensitization and Creation of road safety awareness in schools

6. Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS Group

With this group, host communities get to be enlightened about HIV/AIDS virus, sexually transmitted infections, and their reproductive health.

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They teach them about how it is contracted, how it can be prevented and controlled, the signs and symptoms, and how it can be managed.

They sensitize the people and create awareness through campaigns about HIV and AIDS and their reproductive health. They also train and mentor students in school.


This is also known as Disaster Management Community Development Service Group. They help in disaster management.

They create awareness and disseminate information on how to manage disasters.

Some of the activities done by corps members in this group include:

  • Establishment of emergency vanguard clubs in schools
  • Aid in disaster management and assist during emergency
  • Enlightenment on disaster and control
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This is also one of the best NYSC CDS groups to join, and corps members learn and experience a lot from this group.

8. Cultural and Tourism Group

This group help promote the arts and culture of Nigeria. Corps members also get to know more about the history of their host communities and are expected to help lighten it up.

Corps members entertain, identify talents, and set up theatre groups in schools. It is one of the best NYSC CDS groups to join as a corps member.

9. Environmental Protection and Sanitation Group

Corp members in this group promote and ensure a clean environment that is fit habitation. They dedicate themselves to cleaning the environments, a routine sanitation is conducted at different places to sustain a clean environment.

They also promote Erosion control, Dinage control, Tree planting and Reforestation, etc.

10. Charity Services and Gender Group

This is also one of the best NYSC CDS groups to join as a corps member. Members in this group help the less privileged and reach out to the needy.

They help improve their standard of living by:

  • Donating materials, Funds, and other resources to the poor and less privilege
  • Visiting Orphanages

Joining this group as a corps members helps you put smiles on the needy face. This is one major impact that will forever be in the heart of the host communities.

Other best NYSC CDS groups to join as a corps member includes:

  • Corps Legal Aid Group (CLAG)
  • Sport CDS Group
  • Education Development Group
  • Service Delivery CDS Group
  • Agro Allied Group
  • Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) CDS Group

That’s all on the best NYSC CDS groups to join as a corps member.

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