May 21, 2024
10 Best Generator Brands In Nigeria

This is a detailed guide on the 10 best generator brands in Nigeria and their prices

Generators are of different kinds, if you are not conversant with the different brands available, you might end up buying a substandard generator brand.

It is advisable to research the best generator brands before purchasing any generator.

In case you are confused about the generator to buy, read this article on the 10 best generator brands in Nigeria and their prices to avoid buying substandard products.

Things To Know Before Buying A Generator

Before you purchase a generator, you need to know the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD and Clean Power), fuel type, starting, noise level, EFI, Carbon Monoxide Detection, wheel kit, lift Hook Bar, fuel tank capacity, liters per hour of usage and other important things explained below.

Know Your Power Requirement

When you know your power requirement, you would know the type and size of the generator to buy.

Make sure your generator can provide extra power so that large items do not overload the system if they startup.

However, it is always advisable to engage a specialist to help calculate your minimum and maximum electricity need to know your power requirement.

Get The Right Person To Install The Generator

It is advisable to buy your generator from authorized dealers because they always provide guidelines on how to install the generator properly.

Moreover, poor installation can cause damages to the generator, so it is recommended to get a licensed or certified electrician to install it for you.

Know Where To Install Your Generator

People die every day from carbon monoxide that emits from generators because they kept their generators close to their windows or where they could inhale the fumes.

Before you buy a new generator, make sure you have a well-prepared place for the generator.

The generator place should be outside, a minimum of 20 feet from your home, with the exhaust turned away from the house.

Also, make sure your house is equipped with working carbon monoxide alarms outside bedrooms and any other places people are before you fire up the generator.

However, if it’s indoor installations, enough space for fuel supply, ventilation, exhaust ducting, and closeness to flammable materials are vital considerations.

Typically the generator should be located as close as possible to the transfer switch and fuel supply.

Know the voltage requirement

Knowing your voltage requirement is very important. Although single-phase power is more common today, three-phase is still preferred as the power for many types of applications.

However, common voltages for Nigeria are 230/240 volts for a single-phase, and 230/415 volts for a three-phase, If you are confused, seek help from a licensed electrician.

Know The Type Of Transfer Switch You Need

The type and size of the transfer switch (amperage rating) and installation location should be decided by your electrician.

Your transfer switch depends on the loads your generator is carrying, you should know if it is carrying the load of the entire building or just emergency loads.

If the generator is meant to carry the whole building, the transfer switch may need to be a service entrance rated which has a utility disconnect within the transfer switch cabinet.

Know The Warranty duration

The normal warranty for generators typically ranges from one year to five years depending on the generator type.

It’s a good idea to understand the warranty duration and coverage of your generator, and request upgrade costs if you like increased coverage.

Know Who will maintain Your Generator

A generator needs to be properly maintained to ensure smooth running. If you ignore your generator for too long, it might develop problems that will cost you a huge amount of money.

You might sign up for regular maintenance with a reputable organization, or look for a competent electrician that will be servicing your generator.

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Top 10 Best Generator Brands & Prices in Nigeria

Many Nigerians have opted for generators because of inconsistent power supply. As a Nigerian, you might use your generator frequently, so you need a good generator and not the one that would stress you or consume your money.

However, below are the top 10 best generator brands and prices in Nigeria.

1. Sumec Firman Generators

Sumec Firman Generators are one of the best generator brands in Nigeria. The generators are long-lasting and efficient, have moderately low fuel consumption, and are easy to maintain.

The generators have quality features with power capacity ranging from  0.9KVA to 9KVA.

Sumec Firman Generator is of different sizes and they run on either gasoline or diesel.

Prices of some Sumec Firman generators

Below are the prices of the Sumec Fireman generator.

1. Sumec Navigator 5.5kva Key Start Generator With TimerSwitch NG3990 price is157,650.

2. Sumec Navigator 10Kva Key Start Generator With TimerSwitch-NG8990E price is ₦ 330,000.

3. Sumec Firman 4.5kva Key Start Generator price is ₦ 180,000.

4. Sumec Navigator 5.5kva Key Start Generator With TimerSwitch-NG3990 price is ₦ 170,000.

5. Sumec Firman Rugged 5.5kva RD3910 100% Copper With Key Starter With One Free Oil price is ₦ 181,999.

6. Sumec Firman Generator SPG 2200 1.8KVA -100%COPPER price is ₦ 92,500.

7. Sumec Firman Rugged RD3910 100% Copper With Key Starter 5.5kva With One Free Oil price is ₦ 180,999.

8. Sumec Firman Generator price is ₦145,000

9. Sumec Firman 4.5KVA Key Start Generator – SPG3000E2 100% Copper price is  ₦170,000

10. Sumec Firman Generator 1.8KVA Eco 1990S, Copper price is ₦89,899

11. Sumec Firman Generator SPG 1800 Yellow Tank price is ₦86,999

12. Sumec Navigator 1.1kva NG2200 Generator price is ₦69,800

13. Sumec Navigator 10Kva Key Start Generator With TimerSwitch-NG8990E price is ₦320,000

2. Mikano Generators

Mikano generators are one of the best generator brands in Nigeria although there are heavy-duty generators that run in diesel.

The generators are of quality and they range from 9 kVa to 3,500 kVa for residential, commercial, or industrial use.

They are factory fitted and tested under high-quality standards to withstand all types of weather conditions, especially, the tropical climate in keeping with international standards.

The diesel generators are available in UK Yorc, UK Perkins, or German MTU Engines coupled with UK Yorc alternators.

All Mikano diesel generators are water-cooled with radiators and a comprehensive AC/DC control panel, built to strict quality standards.

Prices of Mikano generators

Below are the prices of Mikano generators.

1. Mikano gas generators are available in UK Perkins or German MTU Engines.

2. Mikano 9KVA  ranges from ₦1,900,000 – ₦2,900,000

3. Mikano 10KVA  ranges from ₦2,550,000 – ₦3,100,000

4. Mikano 13KVA  ranges from ₦2,400,000 – ₦2,950,000

5. Mikano 30KVA  ranges from  ₦5,900,000 – ₦8,100,000

6. Mikano 40KVA  ranges from ₦7,000,000 – ₦9,500,000

7. Mikano 50KVA   ranges from 7,200,000 Naira – 10,000,000 Naira

8. Mikano 60KVA  ranges from 8,500,000 Naira – 11,270,000 Naira

9. Mikano 80KVA  ranges from  ₦12,900,000 – ₦15,150,000

10. Mikano 100KVA  ranges from ₦15,900,000 – ₦20,400,000

11. 150KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc] ranges from  ₦9m – ₦9.3m

12. 180KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1106C-E66TAG4]  ranges from ₦12.9m – ₦13.3m

13. 200KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1106-TAG4] ranges from ₦13.6m – ₦14m

14. 200KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc] ranges from ₦11.5m – ₦11.9m

3. Elepaq Generators

Elepaq generators are one of the best generator brands in Nigeria. they are cost-effective and suitable for homes or small businesses.

The generators offer great value for money with their amazing features like key start, recoil start, in-built AVR, and overload protection.

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Elepaq Generators are lightweight, portable, and compact and they produce between 450 and 9000 watts of electric power.

They are cost-economical, durable, and easy to maintain, and they do not consume too much fuel.

Prices of some Elepaq generators

Below are the prices of Elepaq generators.

1. Elepaq Constant 3.5KVA Manual Start Generator (Yaofeng) EC5800CX 100% Copper price is  ₦117,999.

2. Elepaq 3.5KVA Manual Start Generator -EC6800CX price is  ₦ 165,000.

3. Elepaq Generator Sv7800E2 4.5kva 100% Copper Wire price is ₦ 155,000.

4. Elepaq 4.5KVA Hp Elepaq Manual Starter Sv6800 4.5kva price is ₦ 110,000.

5. Elepaq 12kva Key Start Generator SV22000E2 100% Copper price is ₦ 320,000.

6. Elepaq 5.5KVA Key Start Generator – SV8500E2 100% Copper price is ₦ 160,000.

7. Elepaq Constant Generator 3.5 KVA Key Starter SV5800E2 Copper (Yaofeng) price is ₦ 148,000.

8. Elepaq Constant SV2500 100% Copper Manual Start Generator price is ₦ 115,000.

9. Elepaq 3.5 KVA Full Copper Coil Manual Start Generator – SV6800 price is ₦ 107,000.

4. Honda Generators

Honda generators are one of the best generator brands in Nigeria. They are portable, reliable, and convenient to use.

Honda generators are the ideal backup power source for homes and businesses alike. They are equipped with easy starting Honda four-stroke engines, and they are known for smooth, quiet operation, and outstanding fuel efficiency.

Honda generators are of different models including EU series super quiet generators, deluxe EM series, the industrial EB series, and economy EG generators.

Prices of Honda generators

Below are the prices of Honda generators.

1. Honda 4.8Hp GX160 Manual Multipurpose Engine price is ₦ 115,530.

2. Honda WL30XH 3-inches Manual Water Pump (PREPAID ONLY) price is ₦ 167,105.

3. Honda 5.6HP GP200 Manual Multipurpose Engine price is ₦ 115,530. 

4. Honda 4.8HP GP160 Manual Multipurpose Engine price is ₦ 103,950.

5. Honda 2.5KVA EZ3000CX Manual Generator (PREPAID ONLY) price is ₦ 250,000.

5. Elemax Generators

Elemax generators are one of the top-quality and trusted best generator brands in Nigeria.

They come in different sizes, ranging from portable petrol generators to standard-size petrol generators and heavy-duty diesel generators.

Elemax Generators are popular in homes, offices, and small businesses and are known for their reliability.

Prices of Elemax generators

Below are the prices of Elemax generators.

1. Elemax Generator Sh11000 price is ₦1,956,600.

2. Elemax 3.3kva Sh 3900 Ex Generator – Manual Starter.

3. 3.3kva Sh 3900  price is ₦370,600.

4. Elemax Diesel Generator 7.5kva Shx8000di price is ₦2,350,000.

5. Elemax 10kva Sh 11000 Generator – Key Starter price is ₦2,390,000.

6. Elemax 6.5KVA Key Starter With Wheels Generator price is ₦850,500.

7. Elemax 4.8kva Sh 5300 Ex With 4 Wheels – Manual Starter price is ₦849,600.

8. Elemax 2.6kva Generator Sh3200 – Manual Starter price is ₦370,000.

9. Elemax 6.5kva Key Starter With Wheel Generator-sh7600 price is ₦1,798,500.

6. Tiger Generators

Tiger generators are one of the best generator brands in Nigeria. They are generally good for home and office use.

They are portable, reliable, affordable, easy to use, fuel-efficient, and can last for several hours.

Prices of Tiger generators

Below are the prices of Tiger generator.

1. Tiger Balm 0-9kv Generator – Tg1500 price is ₦62,000.

2. Tiger Generator price is ₦49,000.

3. Tiger Generator Tg1200/1550 price is ₦55,000.

4. Tiger Petrol Generator Tg2700 price is ₦125,000.

5. Tiger Generator Tg 1550 100% copper price is ₦40,000.

6. Tiger Generator Tg950 100% copper price is ₦40,000.

7. Tiger Generator Tg1550 price is ₦40,000.

8. Tiger Generator Tg2700 100% copper 3.5kva price is ₦128,000.

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9. Tiger Generator set price is ₦2700.

10. Tiger Generator 2.5kva price is ₦105,000.

7. Perkins Generators

Perkins generators are one of the best generator brands in Nigeria. They are known for low operating costs and lasting performance.

They are mostly heavy-duty and industrial generators and are ideal for hardcore operations like powering of  factories, large hotels, large office complexes, etc.

They are low in fuel consumption, soundproof, and relatively eco-friendly.

Prices of Perkins generators

Below are the prices of perkins generators.

1. Perkins 250kva Generator price is ₦ 15,500,000.

2. Perkins 200kva Generator price is ₦ 12,500,000.

3. Perkins 80kva Generator price is ₦ 5,320,000.

4. Perkins 30kva Generator price is ₦ 3,650,000.

5. Perkins 15kva Generator price is ₦ 2,850,000.

6. Perkins 60kva Generator price is ₦ 4,850,000.

7. Perkins 50kva Generator price is ₦ 4,300,000.

8. Perkins 20kva Generator price is ₦ 3,250,000.

9. Perkins 150kva Generator price is ₦ 9,450,000.

10. Perkins 100kva Generator price is ₦ 7,450,000.

8. Kipor Generators

Although Kipor is not a well-known generator brand in Nigeria, they are gradually taking over the Nigerian markets.

Kipor generators are of good quality and are reliable, durable, efficient, and soundproof. Their prices range from N400,000-N3,000,000 depending on the capacity.

However, they are one of the best generator brands in Nigeria.

Prices of Kipor generators

Below are the prices of Kipor generators.

1. Kipor 10kva Diesel Generator 2 Cylinder With Radiator price is 2, 500,000.

2. 20kva Kipor DIESEL Generator 100%Coppa Wire is 2,300,000.

3. Brand New Kipor Diesel Generator Heavy Duty 10KVA price is 1,500, 000.

4. 15kva Kipor DIESEL Generator 100% Coppa price is 2,400,000.

5. 6.5akva Kipor DIESEL Generator 100% price is 550,000.

6. Brand New Kipor 12kva Soundproof Diesel Generator price is 1,700,000.

7. Brand New Kipor Super Silent DIESEL Generator 12 Kva price is 1380,000.

8. New 10kva Kipor Diesel Generator Set, Model KDE12000T price is 850,000.

9. 5k.V.A Kipor Diesel Generator is 420,000.

10. Kipor Three Phase Mobile Diesel Soundproof Generator price is 70,000.

9. Haier Thermocool Generators

Haier Thermocool Generators are one of the best generator brands in Nigeria. The generators are affordable, reliable, have high power output and quality, and low fuel consumption.

Prices of Haier Thermocool generators

Belor are the prices of Haier Thermocool generators.

1. Haier Thermocool Generator Tec 2.5kva/2.2kw price is ₦ 220,000.

2. Haier Thermocool 7.5Kva Haier Thermocool Tec Generator price is ₦ 485,000.

3. Haier Thermocool 1.25KVA/1KW 100% Copper Generator – TEC PTR SML JUNR 1500MS price is ₦ 139,000.

4. Haier Thermocool Thermocool 10kva Tec Generator price is ₦ 650,000.

5. Haier Thermocool GEN MED HUSTLER 40000ES 3.75KVA/3KW PTR price is ₦ 215,250.

6. Thermocool Generator 6kva price is ₦350,000.

7. Thermocool Generators 3800ES price is ₦215,000.

8. Haier Thermocool 4800ES Electric Generator price is ₦239,600.

9. Thermocool Generator Set price is ₦470,000.

10. Haier Thermocool Generator Model Opt3500key) 4kva price is ₦165000.

10. Lutian Generators

Lutian generators are still new in the Nigerian market, but they are one of the best generator brands in Nigeria.

It is very affordable, high quality, durable, fuel-efficient, and cost-effective in maintenance.

Prices of Lutian generators

Below are the prices of Lutian generators.

1. 10kvav Lutian DIESEL Generator 100%Coppa Wire price is 650,000.

2. Lutian Lt3990e 3.5kva Generator price is 140,000.

3. Yellow 10kva Lutian DIESEL Generator 100%Coppa price is 560,000.

4. Lutian Ecological Generator 3.5KVA – LT3990E – Key Start price is 135,000.

5. Lutian Generator LT2500 price is 130, 000.

Thats all on the 10 best generator brands in Nigeria and their prices, I hope it helps you make the right choice.

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