6 Best Scrabble Games for Android and iOS in 2023

With an innumerable number of games available on the web, it can’t be easy making a choice but scrabble thins down your option and this article on the 6 best scrabble games for Android and iOS devices is what you need to get one that is absolutely fun.

If you are a huge fan of scrabble games already, then you are not new to the thrills it brings, and you can have that on your smartphone just so you do not miss out on the fun away from your physical scrabble board. Sounds good?

Having one of the most sought games in the mobile gaming world on your smartphone is a different level of cool. Scrabble is a game that is played internationally by professionals.

It is a competitive international indoor game, that attracts prizes of up to $10,000 cash prize money in the main tournaments. This mind word game requires sharp thinking and decision-making if you are to emerge the winner from 2 or 4 opponents.

With scrabble, you need to be smart when rearranging and creating new words, which makes it a sort of puzzle.

As interesting as scrabble games basically are, there are a number of different kinds of scrabble games for different demography of people, age groups, etc.

Scrabble games are supported by different devices including Android and iOS devices, as such, it is necessary to refer you to the best scrabble games for Android and iOS.

One unique thing about our list of scrabble games is the fact that they are free, do not necessarily require an internet connection to function, and are low in size. Let’s get cracking on them without further ado!

List of the Best Scrabble Games for Android and iOS

With our list of the best scrabble games for Android and iOS to play on mobile below, you can be certain that you and your friends are in for a treat.

1. Wordfeud

Wordfeud is a word board multiplayer puzzle game and also one of the best scrabble games for Android and iOS where friends can be put to a duel as well as random opponents.

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The amazing feature of Wordfeud is its ability to have varieties. You are exposed to about 30 separate games that you can play simultaneously.

Wordfeud allows you the privilege to earn points as you play by creating and placing words on the 15 by 15 tile board and letters on the high-scoring Double Word, Double Letter, Triple word, and Triple Letter tiles.

Wordfeud also allows you to pitch the game you love to play with friends who share the same interest and match you up with an opponent.

Also, as a multiplayer game, you can chat with both friends and opponents alike. You can also randomize the board and change up the tiles’ placements if you get bored.

‎Wordfeud is free for download and play, it was developed by Bertheussen IT

2. Classic Words Solo

Classic Words Solo is a game that promises instant fun and is also one of the best scrabble games for Android and iOS.

This game gives speed and cut off long waits that may give room for cheating before your opponent makes the next move on.

Classic Words Solo is also great for prepping beginners to understand the nitty-gritty of crossword games and is also great for tournament players.

This game works nicely and is a great time killer for fans of board and strategy games fans.

Classic Words Solo game helps enormously with improving the spelling and vocabulary of gamers.

In addition, the platform has a fast reactivity and variable skill of the computer with quality word lists, which is most usually used by many enthusiasts to organize and participate in quick training matches as well as learn new words from the computer’s moves.

Classic Words (solo word game) is Developed by Lulo Apps and it is free for download.

3. Words With Friends

Words With Friends game is a popular name and one that ranks as one of the best scrabble games for Android and iOS devices. It comes with a multiplayer mode that is better, smarter, and faster than some crossword games.

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Word with Friends urges you and exercise your brain mechanics to quickly indulge in assembling a jumble of scrambled letters.

It is considered very effective in training one’s brain and helping them expand their vocabulary and flaunt confidently their spelling skills as they search for difficult words.

The game sets goals for you and unlocks rewards as you complete them to earn keys and exclusive collectibles.

Also, it is designed to automatically resume a new theme every six weeks, making your experience feel refreshing and far from boring as you are excited to play with renewed zeal.

Words with Friends allow you to beat a word hunt, accelerate on the rewards track, put your spelling skills to the test, and amass exclusive collectibles.

Words with Friends 2 Classic was developed by Zynga and it is Free for download.

4. Word Wiz

Word Wiz is one of the best scrabble games for Android and iOS and it indulges a plethora of word board games and crossword puzzles that combines the best of word searches and anagrams.

The game is structured to feed on the language and word-finding parts of your brain and continually bring it alive, which will indirectly improve your problem-solving skills just by searching for words, connecting letters, and solving puzzles.

The game interface is inviting and quite simple to navigate, and here you have to swipe letters to make words.

In addition, Word Wiz offers extra points as a rewarding perk for collecting golden letters. To access this, you will have to participate in daily challenges.

Word Wiz is also an excellent crossword game, here you can find the best crossword puzzles, anagrams, and word searches, for all players.

Word Wiz – Connect Words Game was developed by MobilityWare and its price is free.

5. Scrabble GO

The best scrabble games for Android and iOS will be far from realistic or complete without Scrabble GO. As the name implies this is a classic Scrabble game that is exclusive for scrabble lovers.

The game provides an official board, tiles, and word dictionaries exclusively for scrabble, and Scrabble GO delivers the authentic crossword game experience craved by many scrabble gamers.

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With Scrabble GO you can play classic Scrabble game the exact way it was meant to be played, that means, with multiple opponents. This makes it one of the best scrabble game choices for mobile devices.

This game is a four fast-paced competitive mode that moves you beyond the board, as you get matched up against players of similar skills while playing five turns each on a timer to ensure there is no room for cheating.

Scrabble® GO-Classic Word Game was developed by Scopely and it is Free for download.

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6. Wordox

Wordox is one of the best scrabble games for Android and iOS that puts you on a discovery journey as you face the opponents of your choice or opt to play solo to train.

This game has a language swap feature that allows you to play in several languages.

It is supported by both Android and iOS devices.

Wordox is a word game where you will have to compose words using the 6 letters in the box displayed below you and your opponent share on a board of 81 boxes and the first to mark 25 points wins.

Wordox – Multiplayer word game is developed by IsCool Entertainment and the price is free.


Scrabble games are thrilling game choices for anyone who is a puzzle cracker and we provide you with only the best scrabble games for Android and iOS you can find.

Some of these may require an internet connection to play with your friends in multiplayer mode, but some do not. Basically, have fun!

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