How To Plan A Wedding In Nigeria

This is a detailed guide on how to plan a wedding in Nigeria, read to the end to gain more insight.

Wedding day is one of the best days of people’s lives and so it needs adequate preparation to make sure everything falls in the right places.

The groom and the bride are happy when their wedding day is fantastic and memorable.

Moreover, wedding planning needs time and resources, nobody just wakes up to fix a wedding, it’s always a well-planned event.

Many people do not know how to plan their weddings without setting up a planning committee that may not still know how to go about it.

However, this article on how to plan a wedding in Nigeria will help you know the procedures of planning a successful wedding in Nigeria.

Whether you are an event planner, a couple, or among those given the task to plan a friend’s wedding, this article will help you carry out the process smoothly and successfully.

What You Need To Plan A Wedding In Nigeria

Before you embark on wedding plans, you must make sure you are ready so you do not end your journey halfway.

Many people in Nigeria start wedding plans but halt on the way because of insufficient resources, make sure you have the things listed below before you plan a wedding in Nigeria.

1. Good health to go through the process

2. Adequate fund

3. Planning strategies

4. A checklist to keep you focused and organized.

5. People to partner with to fasten the process.

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How To Plan A Wedding In Nigeria

If you want a beautiful wedding, then you need to take your time to plan a wedding in Nigeria. However, the planning duration depends on the type of wedding you want.

If you want a moderate wedding or a small wedding, the planning won’t be tedious, and it might not take a longer duration but if you want an elaborate wedding, then you would need to extend your planning duration.

However, in Nigeria, we have different types of marriages which are statutory, customary, religious, and traditional, despite the one you opt for, you still need to plan.

Moreover, below are the steps to take to plan a wedding in Nigeria after you or your clients are done with the engagement party and official introduction.

1. Pick The Wedding Date

It is very important to pick a date that is convenient for your parents and other people playing an important role in your wedding.

Also after picking your wedding date, do not sit and watch it frizzle away without taking any action.

The essence of choosing a wedding date on time is not just to get people ready alone, but to start the necessary planning.

Do not allow procrastination to set in especially if you have the finances to start planning immediately to avoid stress, tension and a poorly organised wedding ceremony.

2. Visualise Your Wedding

The next thing to do when you want to plan a wedding in Nigeria is to visualise what you want your wedding to be like, if you do not have any concept in mind, then it will be difficult to plan anything.

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Moreover, many people search Pinterest and Instagram for wedding inspiration.

They make sure they get models of everything they want for their weddings, from the bride’s wedding dress to the groom’s suit, wedding cake, venue, makeup, hairstyle, groomsmen and bridesmaid uniform, etc.

You will be able to plan a successful wedding when you have a model to follow.

3. Set A Budget

It is very important to set your budget before planning any wedding. Setting your budget will enable you to know how to plan your wedding with the resources you have.

Your budget will enable you to know whether to plan for a small, moderate, or elaborate wedding.

If you want an elaborate wedding, then you need adequate funding to carry out the tasks. However, setting your budget will help you not to overspend your money and become poor later especially if you are not wealthy.

The quality of things you will purchase for your wedding will also depend on your budget, so set your budget, so you do not run out of money.

4. Make A Wedding Checklist

This is very important when planning your wedding. It is advisable to have a list of tasks to be completed, people to call, and other things you need to accomplish.

If you do not have a checklist, you might end up forgetting what you wanted to do at a particular time thereby retrogressing instead of progressing.

A checklist will help you accomplish every plan you had thereby making your wedding to be successful.

5. Have A Wedding Jotter

Having a wedding jotter is very important because it will help you jot your ideas as you visualize them.

It is when you are busy that you forget most of the ideas that came through your mind, but with a jotter, you can jot them down immediately they come and refer to your jotter when you need them.

In the jotter, you can write down the contacts and addresses of the vendors you want to engage, or any other things you want to write down so you do not forget.

Having a jotter will simplify the process of planning your wedding, it will relieve you of the stress of racking your brain to remember anything.

6. Decide On The Number Of Guests To Invite

This is very important when planning your wedding, if you miss this, so many things will go wrong on the wedding day.

Deciding on the number of guests to invite on time will help you know the number of wedding invitation cards to print, number of souvenirs to purchase, the type of venue to rent, the quantity of food to cook, the number of drinks to buy and so many other things.

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7. Choose Wedding Colors

This is also very important when planning a wedding because the bride and the groom’s accessories will revolve around the wedding colors.

Choosing a wedding color will enable you to know the color of materials to recommend to your guests, bridesmaids, groomsmen, friends, and other people in attendance.

Also, you will know the color to use for the decoration of the venue, cake, and other things.

Choosing colors for a wedding is not an easy task, so you need to do this immediately after you fixed your wedding date to avoid choosing odd colors.

8. Source Your Wedding Vendors

It is very important to source your wedding vendors earlier to avoid the last-hour rush. Source the caterer, baker, makeup artist, photographer, venue decorator, Masters of Ceremony, disc jockey, couples outfit designer, wedding accessories store, etc.

After sourcing them, make sure they will be available to discharge their duties, make sure you ring your wedding date in their ears and call them often to remind them so they do not feign forgetfulness after disappointing you.

9. Purchase Things On Time

There is a proverb that says ‘a stitch in time saves nine,’ meaning you need to do whatever you have to do on time to avoid last-minute rush and mistakes in the future.

Purchasing all the things you need for the wedding on time will help you make a good buying decision that will save you from lots of troubles.

10. Choose a suitable venue

The wedding venue is one of the crucial factors of a good wedding because that is where the ceremony will take place.

It is important to book a wedding venue early to avoid disappointment and a last-minute rush.

However, when you source a wedding venue on time, you would be able to make a good choice.

However, so many factors contribute to choosing a venue for your wedding ceremony, and you must put those factors into consideration to avoid regret or disappointment on your wedding day.

When you are choosing a venue for your wedding, consider the number of guests that would be available, the distance between the venue and the couple’s lodge, the ability of guests to locate the place with no difficulty, and the safety of the location, etc.

Moreover, if you are planning an outdoor wedding, you must consider the times and seasons to make sure you and your guests do not get drenched by rain or scourged by intense sun, you must make sure the venue is palatable for you and your guests.

11. Purchase The  Wedding Rings

This is one thing that people forget to do when planning their weddings because of too many activities. It is important to purchase your wedding rings on time to avoid buying the wrong ones.

The earlier you start sourcing your wedding rings, the more you avoid buying fake ones because you are not in a rush.

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Endeavor to buy comfortable, durable, quality, and beautiful rings.

12. Choose the bridesmaids and the best men

Almost every wedding in Nigeria adopts bridesmaids and groomsmen although it is not compulsory to have them.

It is important you choose your groomsmen and bridesmaids on time so they would start preparing earlier for the wedding.

Money is not easy to come by so you have to inform them so they can start saving for the wedding.

13. Write Down Your  Wedding Vows

Many people see this as unimportant but stutter on the wedding day when it’s time to exchange the marriage vows.

The marriage vows should be personally written by each of the couples, it should come from their heart and the way they feel towards their partner.

It would be disheartening to rush online and memorize any marriage vow on your wedding day, so it is mandatory you have a well-prepaid one to avoid embarrassment.

14. Send Out The Wedding Invitations

Do not wait until it is two weeks to your wedding before you start sending out your wedding invitations, make sure you send them out early so that people will plan towards it.

You can send out the invitation online, by chatting with the invited guests especially if they are far away or send them physical invitation cards.

Apart from sending out invitations, make sure you personally contact those that are playing key roles on your wedding day to invite them and also remind them of the roles they are playing because human beings have the tendency to forget.


It is very important to devout time and energy to plan a wedding because a wedding day is one of the memorable moments in many people’s lives especially if it was well planned.

It is advisable to plan a wedding according to your budget, and do not try to impress anybody to avoid problems, embarrassments, and huge debts.

If you follow the above steps on how to plan a wedding in Nigeria, you will have a successful wedding ceremony.

It is not compulsory that you must plan your wedding alone, you can work with an event planner or anybody that can do the planning with you because it is rigorous work.

Importantly, make sure you rest a day before your wedding, eat good food and rest so you will look good on your wedding day and also function properly.

That’s all on how to plan a wedding in Nigeria, I hope it helps you create a memorable wedding.

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