Top 11 Best Film Schools In Nigeria In 2023

The movie industry is widening and booming due to the influx of people seeking to build careers in this field.

The 21st century has a huge number of actors but only a few are exceptional and privileged to make it to the screen

It is the survival of the fittest!

You need the best experience and tutoring to excel in the movie industry or remain insignificant with minor roles.

It is to this that we have come up with the top best film schools that will thoroughly train you and fasten your growth in the movie industry.

Do not relent in reading this article to the end if you want to become the next superstar in the film industry.

11 Top Film Schools In Nigeria

A film school is an educational establishment that teaches film making such as film production, film theory, acting, screenwriting, digital media production, etc.

Moreover, film schools teach you the intricacies of filmmaking, they mold and sharpen you for the movie industry.

Attending the best film school is an added advantage just as attending the best schools because opportunities would always come looking for you.

You can say it’s all about talent, yes, but it is also about the film school that discovered and molded you and that’s why we have meticulously selected the top film schools in Nigeria for you to make your choice.

1. Magnus Film Academy

Magnus film school is an active training space for filmmakers and creative individuals who want to hone their skills and explore the opportunities embedded in the film industry.

It is located in Enugu, Nigeria.

Magnus film school is well equipped with all the technical equipment required to create digital content.

Moreover, their tutors are knowledgeable in their different fields of endeavor and would thoroughly walk you through the part of success in your movie career.

Their winning of the best movie academy of the year 2019 is an indication of sound teaching with no academic compromise on their side.

The courses offered in the film academy are film making, video editing, rudiments of acting, digital photography, cinematography, etc.

Admission into Magnus Film Academy Media and Film Production Training is ongoing. To enroll Click Here to fill their Online Form or download The Form.

Magnus Film Academy Website

2. Royal Art Film School

Royal art film school is one of the top film schools in Nigeria that has successfully produced the best and outstanding people in the film industry.

Their hands-on training is a catalyst for the growth of students as they are exposed to the real movie world.

The benefit of training at royal art film academy is undeniably great, you will get to feature in Royal Arts Student Series Film, stand a chance to qualify to feature in Royal Arts film creation, and you will get the whole right to participate in their student-led short film project before graduation and also get tutored by Nollywood fortified filmmakers.

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They offer a diploma course for those interested in managing film and TV production.

They also offer three months courses such as acting, directing, editing, cinematography, screenwriting.

Royal Film Academy has its campuses in Uyo and Lagos.

Royal Art Film School Website

3. Del-York Creative Academy

Since its inception in 2010, Del-York Creative Academy has steadied itself as one of the best filmmaking and media studies institutions in Nigeria.

Its outstanding capabilities have attracted students not only from around Nigeria but also across Africa, Europe, and America.

At Del-York Creative Academy, raw talents are discovered and coached to become outstanding.

Their hands-on training spans four weeks and before their certification by the National Board for Technical Education, their students are awarded an NBTE-backed certificate on their completion.

Del-York has trained over 3000 students and has over 25 top Hollywood instructors, and a growing impact in more than ten African countries.

The courses they offer are

  • Screenwriting
  • 3D Animation
  • Cinematography & Set Lighting
  • Digital Content Creation and Social Media Influencing
  • Public Relations & Media Communications
  • Colouring & Grading
  • VFX
  • Digital Marketing
  • Photography
  • Fashion, Arts & Craft
  • Directing
  • Drones
  • Film Editing
  • Intro To Theatre Production
  • Music Video Production
  • Costume & Set Design
  • Producing & The Business of Film-Making.

Del-York creative Academy Website

4. Lufodo Academy of Performing Arts (LAPA)

Lufodo Academy of Performing Arts is one of the top film schools in Nigeria approved by the Federal Ministry of Education to operate as an Innovative Enterprise Institution.

Lufodo Academy is a superb educational institution that provides world-class hands-on training in acting and performing arts vocations.

Since their emergence in 2009, they’ve vigorously produce accomplished creative professionals who are soaring in their different endeavors.

Their courses run over a period of six months encompassing elocution, movement, presentation for radio & camera, and other facets of the actor’s craft.

Moreover, with formal accreditation by the National Board of Technical Education of Nigeria (NBTE), they also offer a full-time, 2-Year program that awards the graduating students with a National Innovative Diploma in Performing and Media Arts.

Lufodo Academy accommodates secondary school leavers and growing industry practitioners seeking to pursue a career in stage and screen acting.

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Moreover, the courses they offer are

  • Dance
  • Stage management
  • Improvisation
  • Script analysis
  • Vocal production
  • Stage
  • Street makeup
  • Audition technique
  • Acting, etc.

LAPA Website

5. High Definition Film Academy

The high-definition film academy is situated in the heart of Abuja.

It is one of the top film schools that offer intensive, hands-on training that brings out the best in you.

However, staying true to their philosophy of practice makes perfect, they subject their students to an intense schedule of classroom lectures and hands-on workshops.

They do not assume you know it all as they are always eager and ready to answer any question you ask them.

They offer short-term programs, long-term programs, and weekend programs.

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By attending HDFA, you would get acquainted with a wide range of professional film equipment, relate with  A-list actors and film practitioners, and earn paid roles in their film production while training.

The list of courses they offer are

  • Acting
  • Film-making
  • Directing
  • Cinematography Screenwriting
  • Editing
  • Photography
  • Producing & The Business of Film-making.

High Definition Film Academy Website

6. Disciples Film And Television Institute

DFTI focuses on practical film training as opposed to theoretical training.

They have numerous professional tutors who teach with a passion to produce a new generation of filmmakers who are multi-skilled, collaborative, and innovative.

Their standard of education furnishes their students with the skills and the necessary skills needed for professional employment.

Their graduates are high flyers as they have successfully entered the film and television industry with adequate experience and specialized knowledge.
Moreover, their courses are not static as they are reviewed daily as new technologies are established.

There are numerous benefits of getting trained with DFTI, you would get a complimentary membership to DIFTI FILMMAKERS CLUB.

The activities of the club aim to provide members with extensive knowledge, contacts, production support, and discounted equipment and facilities hire, to help them make independent films.

Additionally, the Institute accommodates people of different kinds and that’s why they offer full-time, part-time, weekend, correspondence, and online programs.

Disciples Film And Television Institute 

7. J-World Music And Film School

JWFS is one of the top film schools in Nigeria that incorporate advanced technology and a world-class hands-on practical teaching curriculum.

They are specialists in coaching their students to stand out and competes globally with top multimedia institutions around the world.

JWFS offers you the opportunity to work with professionals in the movie industry.

Moreover, by taking you out on fieldwork, you are not only equipped with the required skills for employment but also have a worthwhile working experience.

The courses they conveniently offer are

  • Script And Screenwriting Course Cinematography And Set Lightning
  • Photography,
  • Acting For Film
  • Sound Design And Scoring For Film
  • Producing And The Business Of Film Making
  • Costume And Set Design
  • Music Video Production
  • Make-Up & Effects
  • Film Editing, Directing.

J-World Music And Film School Website

8. Lagos Film School

Lagos film school is not just a school but entirely integrated within the Entertainment industry.

They offer short-term courses
on acting, Producing, Editing, and 2D Cartoon Animation.

Each course is prepared to give students extensive training in the Media and Creative Arts, and prepare them for a career in the TV, Motion picture, and entertainment industries.

One of the numerous advantages of enrolling in Lagos film school is that you are given the opportunity to feature, write, shoot, edit two films before graduation.

Lagos Film School Website

9. Yul Edochie Film School

This is one of the fast-rising film schools in Nigeria since its creation in 2015.

The film-making class, acting, and media programs are organized for young storytellers who are passionate about visual and performing arts.

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The program offers its students hands-on and intensive training in all the courses to be the best filmmakers, visual artists, and performers they ought to be.

The school offers higher education qualifications and short courses in acting, directing, cinematography, scriptwriting, and sound production.

The enrollment process covers students from all across West Africa who seek a life-changing experience using spectacular facilities.

Moreover, supported and mentored by experienced and compassionate tutors, their students receive an outstanding education, internationally recognized qualifications, and industry-relevant skills.

Additionally, all their graduates possess a competitive edge.

Yul Edochie Film School Website

10. Mount Zion Drama Institute

Mount Zion Drama Institute is also one of the top film schools in Nigeria. Mount zion drama institute is the foremost Christian film school that has gained quickness in Nigeria.

The Christian film school unites and spiritually equips drama ministers with the necessary skills to spread the gospel of Christ through film.

Furthermore, they tutor and influence those who have a passion for Christian drama and film production worldwide by pointing them in the right direction.

Mount Zion drama institute boasts over 3000 graduates from Nigeria, London United kingdom, Arlington, Dallas, Winnipeg, and Canada.

Moreover, a huge percentage of Christian movies producers and actors in Nigeria are alumni of Mount Zion Institute.

Interestingly to know, four of the six members of trustees of all Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama and four erstwhile presidents of ANCEDRAM are alumni of Mount Zion Institute.

Mount Zion Institute offers:

  • Refresher Class
  • CERTIFICATE Academic Diploma in Performing Arts
  • 3rd Professional Certificate Course in Christian Drama Arts (PCDA)
  • 54 Basic Certificate Course in Christian Drama Arts (BCCDA)

Mount Zion Drama Institute Website

11. Praxis Studio

Praxis Studio is one of the best film schools in Nigeria. Praxis studio does not only teach their students how to shoot and edit videos, they also bring together Creative Aspiring Filmmakers by teaching them to collaborate with their colleagues to get the best out of their skills.

They do not dwell in the theory aspect of film making but adopt a Practical Approach to Learning.

Praxis studio takes their students on fieldwork and gives them first-hand practical knowledge in film making ranging from concept development to Scriptwriting to production and finally back to the studio for editing.

They have practical classes and fieldwork raging community of filmmakers, industry standard equipment, and amassed over 100 Five Star Rating.

The courses they offer are script writing, drone piloting, videography, and video editing.

Praxis Studio Website

That is all on the top best film schools in Nigeria.

I hope this guide on the top film schools in Nigeria helps?

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