Blogger Vs WordPress: Which is the Best?

So many bloggers at some point have to decide on which blogging platform they should build their website or blogs on or move their blogs.

The comparison between blogger vs WordPress site, as to which one is better than the other has been going on for years. Over the years we’ve seen some improvements on some factors.

The two platforms have added some factors to their list in the past few years to that make the argument on who is better more challenging.

You should know that this comparison is between the blogger Blogspot platform vs a self-hosted WordPress site.

Blogger Vs WordPress Comparison

Below are the factors we will consider:

  1. Ownership
  2. Setting Up
  3. Template (Appearance)
  4. Content Management
  5. Security
  6. Support
  7. Migration
  8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let’s see more details.

1. Ownership

To have full control of your website you need to have full ownership.

Blogger: Having a blogger blog means that you have agreed to store your data free of charge on Google’s server. Google has the right to do what so ever with your data.

It is possible that in the future the blogger platform will be no more even though that’s very unlikely.

WordPress: Owning a self-hosted WordPress site demand that you buy a hosting plan from a hosting company and also register a unique domain name.

After doing these, you will have full control and ownership of your site which is more safer and puts your mind to rest while you build your content.

2. Set-Up

For someone that’s new to setting up websites, the thought of doing that can really be scary.

Blogger: Blogger is far more easy to set up compared to WordPress and even other platforms. Just with few clicks and you are done with setting up your blogger blog then you start building your content.

WordPress: Before setting up a WordPress site you must read on procedures required to do this or have someone to guide you. It shouldn’t scare anyone but you sure need a guide to safe time and from making mistakes.

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3. Appearance

The appearance of a website is very important as it has an impact on visitors. A beautiful and well-organized interface show professionalism which can influence how visitors see your site.

Blogger: Before now bloggers under the Blogger platform had only the default templates made available by the Blogger platform to use.

This really made it difficult to have a unique appearance. In recent years there are more beautiful blogger templates made available by third parties, some of this template are free and some are premium. You can also edit your XML file to get your desired look.

WordPress: WordPress provides thousands of free WordPress themes to its users. When you are not satisfied with what the free themes offer, you can go for premium themes with more features according to what you want.

WordPress clearly has more themes and offers better appearance compared to Blogger but Blogger isn’t bad and you can still use it.

4. Content Management System (CMS)

Of course, building a website or blog is all about creating and managing content. So what type of content and how you want to store them is what should guide you in making that decision.

Blogger: Blogger platform provides a simple bar where you find all the tools you will want to use to format your text and media files. It is quite easy to start using the platform blogger to store content.

WordPress: It is also easy to add content on the WordPress platform especially when you become familiar to the interface.

You can use visual or text editor depending on what you want to add. WordPress has numerous extensions that can help you create content with more ease.

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5. Security

This is very important to the existence of your blog. Of course, you want to put your content where it is safe.

Blogger: It is safe to say that as far as your content remains with Google it is safe, that is, with you keeping your confidential data like username and password hidden from others.

Google has the security ability to protect your content for as long as you leave it with them.

WordPress: Getting a self-hosted website or blog puts you in full control and you are responsible for how you protect your data. You can use plugins to protect your content, backing up is one of the ways you can use in protecting your content in case of an issue.

Clearly, Blogger provides more protection against attack and other security issues than a WordPress blog.

6. Support

Sometimes during your blogging career, you can run into problems and you may need help to fix it, this is where support comes in.

Blogger: The support for Blogger blogs is not really much but you can find forums that will really be helpful in any case.


WordPress: There are a lot of supports for WordPress sites. On the internet, you will find a lot of materials and websites meant entirely to solve and answer any WordPress-related issues. You can also make use of forums which are really helpful.

7. Migration

If for any reason you want to migrate from your current host to another host you would want a seamless process.

Blogger: Say you want to move your Blogger blog to another platform, you will pass through a long procedure. You may want to hire a professional to help you do this but at least it is good you know that it can be done.

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But it is not difficult and with a little knowledge of how these things work, you can just do it.

WordPress: Moving your WordPress site from one host to another is quite easy and it can be done with a few clicks. All you will have to do is export your data from your present host to your new host.

8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is very important in today’s online business as the struggle to rank on search engines has become more serious. So, you need the best platform to compete if you must rank well on search engines.

Blogger: SEO for Blogger blogs are rigorous since you have to do so many things manually without the help of plugins for automation.

WordPress: Plugins in WordPress platform make it super easy to improve your SEO. A lot of SEO tools can be installed to make on-page SEO easier.

That’s all for blogger vs WordPress. A lot of people use these two platforms for their blogging need and on both sides, we have a lot of satisfied users.

My thought would be, if you are just starting out, it won’t be bad to test the waters with Blogger then when things become bigger you can think of migrating to a self-host WordPress site.

But if you have a good amount of budget, you can start with WordPress at once. I think it will save you from stress in the long run.

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